ZHANG BANG and Fanuc CNC Parts — What To Choose

March 12, 2021

FANUC CNC Parts are popular for their high-precision, accuracy, and reliability. However, they are not the only ones leading ahead in the world or CNC innovation. ZHANG BANG Hardware & Plastics Co. Ltd is there right next to FANUC with their CNC machining parts and tools.

CNC machining is a process that has redefined simple and complex parts manufacturing. Blending computer controls with traditional manufacturing processes. CNC machining has made part designing, milling, drilling, and turning not only precise and accurate. But quick and simple as well.

In this article, we will talk about some of FANUC’s top products and some of ZHANG BANG’s popular sellers. Let’s see who wins the race.

Since we are comparing CNC parts from two of the top CNC parts manufacturers. Hence we think both of these companies deserve an introduction. So, here goes.


ZHANG BANG Hardware and Plastics have been in the parts manufacturing industry for the last ten years. They are popular for their amalgamation of innovation with CNC parts manufacturing and low-volume production.

With their experience in processing precision metal cutting tools, they offer services in prototype manufacturing, assembling, and tooling.

ZHANG BANG is leading the Chinese CNC parts market with their seasoned services in CNC lathe, CNC milling, CNC turning, and Facing. Moreover, they apply their technological expertise to create internal and external markings on the workpiece. They use CNC turning and their top-notch lathe machines to make taper heads and other complex shapes.

Whether you are looking for a workpiece with a nice finish. Or you want to manufacture controlled-length parts. Or if you are looking to make grooves, threads, or holes on your workpiece. ZHANG BANG has a CNC-supported machining operation for each of these requirements.

Fanuc CNC Parts

FANUC is a group of Japanese companies that are known for automizing CNC machining operations. They have developed numerous computer numeric controls that guide the movement of the machines, their spindles, tooling, work holding device, and all movable parts.

FANUC CNC parts promise to provide a simple solution to complex CNC problems. They are empowering modern CNC machines to work on multiple axes and path applications.

FANUC CNC parts, with their smart technology, promises extreme precision and a short cycle time. Moreover, carrying complex technology at its backend, FANUC CNC parts appear to be fairly simple and easy to operate.

Top CNC Products from ZHANG BANG

Being in the industry for the past ten years, Zhongband features a variety of CNC parts in their products catalog. These high-quality mechanical parts find use in all types of CNC machining, be it turning, milling or drilling. And are made of top-notch material.

Following is a brief review of some of the top products found on ZHANG BANG’s website

CNC Milled Parts

ZHANG BANG’s CNC milled parts are ISO certified so they promise top-notch quality and have passed stringent quality control tests. Moreover, aiming to align perfectly with your requirement, ZHANG BANG CNC parts are custom-made according to each client’s unique requirements and specifications.

The CNC milled parts we are talking about here feature a very tight tolerance that hovers around +/- 0.002 mm. All of these parts come with a proper surface finish. And are treated with various post-processing treatments so there is no compromise on quality.

ZHANG BANG’s propriety CNC turning machines contribute to the production of CNC milled parts. With only a PDF, CAD, or STP as the basic requirement. And delivers the products within ten to fifteen days.

CNC Machining Machinery Parts

The CNC machining machinery parts from ZHANG BANG have a minimum order requirement of a hundred pieces. However, being ISO certified the promise of top-notch quality. Moreover, these parts are made-to-order and customized to fit your unique requirements. Hence, you get an opportunity to dictate the dimensions of the parts as well as the material of manufacturing. When it comes to material, you can choose from Aluminum, zinc, copper, brass, stainless steel, and many other products.

Knowing the tight tolerance requirements of the CNC process, ZHANG BANG manufactures these parts with a tolerance ranging close to +/- 0.01 mm. And requires only a CAD, PDF, or STP file to begin with.

These parts, with their top-notch surface finish, find use in drones, the medicine industry, financial machinery, and a variety of other applications. And deliver within 10-15 working days.

CNC Machine Tool Parts

The custom-built CNC machine tool parts aid with the CNC machine tooling process and provide you with the uncompromising quality of tool parts that are ISO-certified and made to fit your application like a glove.

These parts, just like all other parts from ZHANG BANG feature a tight +/-0.01 mm tolerance and find application in military, aerospace, petroleum, medicine, and a host of other industries.

Fanuc CNC Parts

The CNC machine tool parts come with a great quality surface finish with post-process treatments like anodizing, wire drawing, sandblasting, and other surface treatments.

CNC Milled Stainless Steel

There is no denying the reliability, durability, and strength that is inherent to stainless steel. Making the most out of these qualities of stainless steel, ZHANG BANG manufactures CNC milled stainless steel parts and customizing them to match your specifications.

They also feature ZHANG BANG’s tight tolerance and have their tolerance ranging not above 0.01 mm.

Fanuc CNC Parts

Using mirror polishing, sandblasting, and other post-treatment processes, these parts are finished off and packed with top-notch surface quality for a promising performance.

With a minimum order requirement of a hundred pieces, these stainless steel CNC parts find use in a wide variety of applications.


FANUC CNC parts enjoy immense popularity courtesy of their intelligent control systems that have made it possible to manufacture extremely complex parts with great ease.

Following are some of the FANUC CNC parts that compete in the modern CNC market, promising to revolutionize the 21st century CNC process:

The 30i/31i/32i Model B CNC Series

This CNC controller series from the FANUC CNC parts manufacturer promise to support up to 96 machining axes with 24 spindles for tooling and 15 paths for axial movements. These parts seem to be the next generation of high-precision tools with their ability to efficiently control the CNC machining process.

This series of the FANUC CNC parts offer 5-axes machining on one work holding device, hence claiming the capability to create highly precise parts in a sufficiently small period.

The applications of this series of FANUC CNC parts include milling, punching, turning, grinding, and gearing.

The Fanuc 0i F CNC Parts

The 0i F and 0i F plus of the FANUC CNC parts are specially designed for machines that need reliability, performance, connectivity to the IoT, and safety. It allows operation on up to 12 axes with 6 spindles for holding and operating tools and 2 paths.

Using this controller, a machine can perform CNC machining operation on four axes simultaneously and can also perform 3+2 or positional 5-axes CNC machining. However, when used for turning, the FANUC 0i can not run on more than 2 axes.

FANUC Series 35i

The series 35i of FANUC CNC parts is suitable for multiple milling and drilling machines. These CNC parts find use where top-grade precision and multiple path operation are a requirement.

The FANUC 35i series, like all other FANUC CNC parts, offers a simple setup, easy customization, and comes ready to be installed and used.


FANUC CNC parts have undoubtedly redefined the way a CNC process runs today. They have contributed immensely in automizing not only the CNC but many other industries as well. But when it comes to CNC parts, ZHANG BANG seems to take the lead.

FANUC has restricted itself to the ‘soft’ side of CNC and only creates software and program controllers to run and control easy and complex CNC operations. But FANUC CNC parts do not contribute much to the mechanical, the real cutting side of the machining operation.

The mechanical aspects of the CNC operation are what put ZHANG BANG ahead of FANUC. So, if you are looking to equip your CNC machines with ISO-certified, top-notch quality and CNC parts, ZHANG BANG’s CNC must be your way to go.