Why You Need To Keep CNC Spare Parts List

March 13, 2021

CNC Spare Parts List – Why Do You Need It?

The machines like Drilling, Milling, and Lathe are manual machines that require more manpower for their operation. Their perfect counterpart is a CNC machine that is known for precision, accuracy, quick production process, and less manpower. These machines need only one operator who operates the machine through a software program. But, you need to have a list of CNC spare parts ready.

Why? Let’s give you a few important reasons why you should have the list of such parts. We will also have a quick look at the main CNC machine parts for a better understanding.

CNC spare parts

The Importance of Keeping a CNC Spare Parts List

A CNC machine would never breakdown, only if it is a perfect world. And unfortunately, this isn’t the perfect world! It is a bitter truth that every single machine fails at some point in time regardless of its quality. The same goes for the CNC machines. They can malfunction, anytime, even with regular maintenance and expert use. This is why you need to have complete knowledge about the CNC spare parts.

Here are a few typical causes behind the failure of certain parts of a CNC machine:

Routine Wear and Tear

Even though your CNC machine is a high-quality machine, it can still malfunction. CNC machines are the restless machines that work round the clock, producing required prototypes in large quantities. They are only stopped for required maintenance and repairs at times.

Due to this round-the-clock working of the machine, some of its parts may deteriorate at a specific time. Therefore, you can expect them to show some faults at times and have your CNC spare parts list ready. If one of the parts breaks down, you can have the replacement part ready for an uninterrupted production process.

Human Error

It’s a fact that CNC machines require less manpower to operate. But, there is still the need for an operator who runs the machine. No matter how well-trained the operator is, there is always a chance of a human error. And if this happens, the machine may experience some accidents, like turret crashes. In such situations, keeping your machine shut for a long time will be a big loss.

You can quickly recover from such incidents by having the required CNC spare parts in your inventory. Just ask your repair staff to fix the issue by replacing the faulty part without wasting any time. If you do not have the required spare part, then ordering a new one would waste a lot of time. Sometimes, acquiring specific parts may take a lot of time simply because you have ordered them from another country.

Life of Machine Components

CNC machines are typically very strong and they do not breakdown very often. However, the components of any machine come with specific life. After the expected life of a component, it is better to change them rather than waiting for them to breakdown. A sudden breakdown can cause production loss that can become a big hassle. Keeping this in mind, you should have all necessary CNC spare parts handy before time.

You can have an idea about the life of your CNC machine from the manufacturer’s guidelines. Every machine comes with an operator manual and important information about the machine. Therefore, it is important to read such guidelines and information if you want to keep your machine up and ready in the long run.

Neglecting the Importance of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance holds a key importance in ensuring a long and fault-free operation of any machine. A CNC machine also requires regular maintenance. You should have your CNC spare parts on hand keeping in mind that any of them may become faulty at any time. If you do not repair or replace the faulty part or component in time, then it may also affect the other parts of the machine. This will produce severe damage to the machine.

Lubricating the necessary parts of the CNC machine promptly is also important. It ensures a smooth and flawless operation of the machine in the long run. Some common maintenance items include filters, batteries, coolant pins, certain covers, way wipers, and other such things. You can read the preventive maintenance guidelines on the user manual of your machine.

Every operation of a CNC machine has unique requirements. In addition to that, it is also vital to look at the availability of specific CNC spare parts. You should be aware of how quickly and from where you can find these parts. So, find a reliable source from where you can construct your parts inventory. Now, let’s take a look at the different parts of a CNC machine.

Different parts of a CNC Machine

A typical CNC machine consists of several parts. These parts include headstock, bed, tailstock, tailstock quill, chuck, pedal or footswitch, tool turret, and control panel. Let’s have a quick look at these parts:

Headstock: It is the most important part of a CNC machine. This part holds the workpiece for operating. It also has a motor that drives the spindle.

Bed: The bed is the solid part of the CNC machine and the turret moves over it.

Tailstock: The workpiece needs extra grip for optimal operation and the tailstock makes it possible. The tailstock holds the workpiece during the operations, like threading and knurling.

Tailstock Quill: It’s a type of workpiece setting between centers.

Chuck: Chuck is a part that is attached to the spindle. This is where the workpiece is fixed.

Pedal or Footswitch: The operator opens and shuts the chuck for holding the component through a pedal or footswitch, exactly how the tailstock quill gets to reverse or forward position.

Tool Turret: The tool is attached to a tool turret that it uses for the component machining. These parts can differ in their shapes as well as tool numbers you are going to attach.

Control Panel: This is an essential part of every CNC machine. This part is like a CNC machine’s brain that we use for feeding or setting the program operation.

So, above are the main parts of a CNC machine that you need to be aware of. When replacing these parts, make sure that you choose the top-quality parts for flawless operation in a long run.

CNC Machine Elements

Apart from various CNC spare parts, some machine elements are equally important. These elements include program, mini-computer, tape reader, CNC machining tool, and servo system. You enter different codes for controlling the machine via a keyboard in the program. The codes include G code, N code, F code, and XYZ code, etc. The tape reader is the storage device that stores your program for different machining operations.

The mini-computer reads, construe, and converts the input into the required movement. This element does different functions, like turning on and off the spindle, varying spindle speed, changing the needed tools and workpiece, and controlling feed rate, etc. A servo system sets the output by receiving the signals from a feedback device. This system consists of ball screws, feedback devices, and servo motors.

The operator of the machine needs to be highly experienced and skilled to work with all the machine elements. Running the CNC machine appropriately helps you manufacture perfect prototypes with precision and accuracy.

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