• hot-melt-copper-nut

    Hot-melt copper nut used on car battery compartment:

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    Application of hot-melt copper nuts in new energy vehicles The hot-melt copper nut has the advantages of high strength, high torsion resistance, tensile resistance, easy installation and improved production efficiency. This is a fastener that is very suitable for industrialized mass production. Introduction: xx New Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with new energy …

  • m4-aluminum-nut-press-riveting

    Improvement of the shrinkage of thread inner diameter after M4 aluminum nut press riveting

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    Project Name: Improvement of the reduction of thread inner diameter after M4 aluminum nut pressure riveting Customer requirements: material requirements-2024 aviation aluminum Dimension requirements-in line with drawing tolerances (unmarked dimensions must be designed and processed by yourself) Functional requirements-increase the adaptability of the internal thread after riveting At the same time meet the pressure riveting …