Hot-melt copper nut used on car battery compartment:

April 12, 2021

Application of hot-melt copper nuts in new energy vehicles

The hot-melt copper nut has the advantages of high strength, high torsion resistance, tensile resistance, easy installation and improved production efficiency. This is a fastener that is very suitable for industrialized mass production.


xx New Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with new energy industry as its core. In 2018, xx New Energy responded that the original injection nut was not suitable for the current production environment.

1. In the injection molding process, the mold temperature will be reduced during the process of placing the nuts in mass production, which greatly affects the production efficiency and reduces the output per unit time.

2. In the event of poor injection molding, the entire plastic shell and hardware will be scrapped as a whole.

Our job is to solve these problems.

Solution: After much research, we decided to use hot melt to replace the injection molding process.

Product advantages:

  • High strength: Our products have always maintained the advantages of high strength.
  • High efficiency: The automation of embedded nuts is realized, the production efficiency is increased by 2 to 3 times, and the production efficiency is greatly improved
  • Cost saving: different from the injection molding process, if the hot-melt process produces defects and is scrapped, it is only plastic scrap and will not affect the hardware.

Subsequent results: According to the customer's needs, we recommended two products for them. The customer gave a high evaluation after manual fusion and small batch production, and the transaction was concluded. Later, the customer bought two automatic hot-melt implanting machines, which realized the full automation of nut hot-melt embedding.