5 Practical Reasons to buy cnc rc parts Machine

September 12, 2021

Different shapes for cnc rc parts are common. Such as round hole, square hole, elliptical hole, oval hole. Compared to the application of traditional ones, these brings more convenience and higher efficiency. It becomes an indispensable machining tool in any sheet metal production process.


cnc rc parts Machine

What is CNC rc parts and CNC punching machine?

A cnc punching machine is a punching machine that is common to create holes according to predefined standards. To ensure that the metal surface has holes, technical holes according to the requirements of metal products. It’s common  for cnc rc parts.

The operating principle of this cnc punching machine will basically rely on programming to perform the operation of moving metal sheets in the x and y directions. Then will accurately locate the perforated ram mesh of the device. It allows us to easily punch holes with different shapes or create convenient shapes.

Applications of  cnc rc parts

Currently, this cnc punching machine has a popular range of applications in many different industries and fields. Especially the industries of metal mechanical processing, stainless steel, mechanical workshops. It is mainly common  in the cars designing and manufacturing

Components and components of the basic punching machine

Depending on the type of punching machine, there will be different structures and designs of cnc rc parts are common. However, basically all types of cnc punching machines will be composed of the following parts:

  • Firsts, punching head
  • Second, electric hydraulic pump (hydraulic punch)
  • Mold set
  • Also, conductor
  • Moreover, the source
  • Square slider, round slider with the effect of being common as a device for precise guidance of axes. To ensure smooth, smooth, low-friction movements.
  • Automatic control unit
  • Machine body
  • Servo motor
  • Machine table for manipulation

Specific accessories and components for cnc punching machines such as bearings, bearings, conductors. And all kinds of mechanical shaft couplings, external threaded knobs, internal threaded knobs.

The benefits of using CNC rc parts

The high-end industrial punching machine series will allow many holes to be made at the same time. At the same time, it is possible to process a wide variety of hole types with cnc rc parts. Along with different shapes and sizes such as round holes, square holes, oval holes, elliptical holes, rectangles, etc.

Especially, with today’s modern automatic sheet metal punching technology. The CNC punching machine also allows easy punching of 3D shapes. As well as pressing threads, folding small tabs, and chiseling cut edges at corners.

Why CNC punching machines are important?


This type of mechanical processing machine will allow to work efficiently with sheet metal materials. Such as steel, stainless steel, stainless steel. Thanks to the ability to operate at high acceleration. Application of cnc rc parts creates exceptional productivity and efficiency.

Operations done in cnc rc parts

Not demanding or demanding, high level for the operator. Most of the operations will be done on the computer system. Currently, the operator is mainly responsible for monitoring the operating functions of the machine.

Some other advantages of CNC rc parts

Easy to operate, easy to manipulate and allows to adjust the dimensional parameters. As well as the hole shape in a simple and quick way, minimizing risks. The application of cnc punching machine is considered the most optimal solution to save production costs.

Guaranteed fast with high precision of cnc rc parts to every detail. It is suitable for products requiring high precision and large productivity. Especially, it brings aesthetic value to highly processed products. Solid structure thanks to being made from high hardness steel and carbides.

5 reasons to choose cnc rc parts

Given ahead are the five main reasons based on which you should be going for cnc parts.

1-Take charge of multi-function

Today’s modern CNC machines are equipped with automatic tool changers (drive capacity can be up to 100 or more), machining centers (Machining Centers) that can perform milling, tools, drilling, turning, etc. and other machining methods on the same machine, modern CNC machines also use many spindles and cross-sections to take on many different functions.

2-Higher speed, higher accuracy

Speed as well as accuracy are always the most important criteria for cnc rc parts because they directly affect the quality of products processed by that CNC machine. The processing speed of the CNC machine control system helps the machine have a faster brain.

Thus it is giving more precise hardware control commands. For people who stand a lot, the cases where the machine slows down to wait to read the command line, causing quite a lot of inconvenience as well as leaving traces on the product, which is not new.

3-Speed and accuracy are one of the criteria for choosing a CNC machine

A CNC control system that can communicate data between CNC machines will support direct control of multiple CNC machines. Today’s cnc rc parts tend to take on multiple functions. Regarding the hardware of the CNC machine.
cnc rc parts Machine 2021

The drive system uses a linear motor that converts the control signal directly into the movement of the table with the best dynamic control high-speed response. Combining a powerful processor and best-in-class hardware minimizes defects that can occur because of lag in machine movement especially when the tool runs into corners.

4-Improved “intelligent” in cnc rc parts

Modern CNC machines are also increasingly “intelligent” with the software upgrade for the controller to help the machine adjust the machining parameters during operation as well as automatically generate Show errors to quickly fix.

In the event of a problem, the machine can recognize the problem to stop immediately and broadcast a message about the fault details and automatically replace the faulty module or notify the operator of cnc rc parts for the fastest intervention.

Example on how CNC machines are getting more intelligent

An example that is most easily visualized is detecting tool wear or breakage during machining. CNC machines with the new control system integrate the Tool Breakage Detection command to quickly change another tool

And continue running to avoid affecting product accuracy because of tool wear. Uneven precision results in re-runs taking a long time – especially with small diameter tools that are difficult to detect and wear out faster than large diameter tools.

5-Automation in cnc rc parts

With the development of computer technology, machining programming with CAD / CAM software right on the interface of CNC machines (cnc rc parts) widely applies is a development direction of CNC machine manufacturers.

The way it works is quite simple, you can provide the machine with a drawing of the product with 2D lines and the software on the CNC machine will automatically create the appropriate machining cycle. Cnc parts have added productivity on the industrial production lines.