What products are easy to make on cnc machining wood?

September 12, 2021

What can be made on a CNC machining wood?

If you are thinking about your own business with a cnc machining wood, first you need to understand what products are easy to produce using this unit. This article will discuss the most popular categories of products that is easy to make on a machine outside of an industrial environment.

cnc machining wood

Establish a successful marketing in your region of residence. To bring the ideas from the article to life, it is enough to have the skills to handle the machine, the means to buy it and the willingness to spend some time looking for promotion channels.

What products are produced on CNC machines?

The range of products that can be produced on a CNC machine depends on the tools with which the unit is equipped:

  1. In furniture

In furniture, cnc machining wood is common for fittings, plat bands, toys, floor and ceiling panels, interior decorations, dishes are made on woodworking devices. There are wide range of products made from cnc machining wood.

  1. In metal processing

Metal processing devices are common to produce printed circuit boards, precision bearing parts, high-power gas and steam turbines, pipeline. And housing components for nuclear power plants, engine impellers for the aviation and energy industries, and car parts.

  1. In plastic materials

from plastic and composite materials, they create molds, cases for various devices, architectural models, imitation of stucco moldings, columns, podiums, toys.

An overview of cnc machining wood capabilities

The capabilities of CNC machines are much wider than similar devices of the traditional type. If you have non-standard ideas for production, you are highly likely to be able to implement them. Cnc machining wood is a highly versatile and broadly applicable working area.

What wood products are produced on a CNC milling machine?

CNC-machines for wood processing are most often common to produce furniture, interior objects, and artworks. The demand for such items is stable and does not depend on the season. And most importantly, such products are easy to produce in any price category with the needs of the target audience.

Furniture made from cnc machining wood

You can make any cabinet type. The unit equally successfully copes with MDF boards and wood of valuable species. However, the demand for MDF is more stable, since this material is cheaper, but its composition only slightly differs from natural wood. Cnc machining wood is most often common to produce:

  • First, countertops
  • Second, sliding wardrobes
  • Also, elements of cabinet furniture
  • Moreover, wall panels for interior decoration
  • Enclosures for speaker systems
  • Additionally, lining for metal armored doors
  • Finished products are then covered with a film on vacuum presses

CNC machines are actively common to create parametric furniture. That is, one that considers the peculiarities of the structure of the body of a particular person.

Décor objects made from cnc machining wood

cnc machining wood 2021

Decor objects made of wood never go out of fashion. They are graceful, environmentally friendly, safe for human health, create a feeling of warmth and comfort in the house. Cnc machining wood is one of the most versatile materials which, depending on the style of the sketch and the quality of processing.

This material is optimal for making the following items:

  • First, dishes
  • Second, artistic parquet
  • Benches
  • Moreover, stairs
  • Moreover, blinds
  • Apart from this, frames for windows
  • Frames for mirrors, photographs, and paintings
  • Additionally, hot coasters
  • Above all, holders for glasses, smartphones, office supplies



Precautionary measures for cnc machining wood

This is not a complete list, but only rough guidelines for your production creative. But keep in mind that you can only make decorative items from very well-dried blanks. The material in cnc machining wood must be allowed to rest for at least 7 days so that its humidity does not exceed the humidity level of room.

Expanded polystyrene is widely common as an alternative to wood. On CNC machines, you can make stained glass windows in the traditional technique of drawing on glass, if you install specialized equipment instead of a spindle.

Works of art by cnc machining wood

Artists will be able to monetize their creativity with the help of a CNC-machine, organizing the sale of works to specialized stores and distributing them independently via the Internet. The range of cost of products can be very different.

Someone will want to make original key rings, while someone will make carved panels from valuable wood species. Cnc machining products are sold for tens of thousands of rubles. For creative individuals without permanent employment, such a business can become a stable source of income.

How to avail maximum benefit of cnc machining wood

For the sake of maximum self-expression, it is desirable to master the processing of not only wood, but also metal, glass, and plastic. Along with the production of flat images, it is convenient to make three-dimensional figurines and three-dimensional panels on CNC machines. For burning, you can purchase a pyro printer.

On CNC machines equipped with engraving attachments for metal, you can make wonderful rings, earrings, brooches, bracelets, and other jewelry. Also, with the help of such attachments, they perform laser engraving-cutting of soft metals, create volumetric reliefs on metal common in Cnc machining wood

Aluminum products made on cnc machining wood

Aluminum products made on CNC machines are in stable demand. Four-axis machines allow the production of parts that are more expensive than the machine itself. Orders for such parts often come from auto repair shops. If plasma cutting is required, you should buy a CNC plasma cutter.

A profitable investment will be a machine capable of processing marble, granite, and other hard materials. With the help of such units, memorial monuments, bas-reliefs, souvenirs, and jewelry are produced. In this case, it is important to use exactly those cutters that are designed for processing a particular material.

The advantages of wood products on a CNC machine

Cnc machining wood is good, first, because production is easy to set up with minimal costs. Maintenance of machines during operation is relatively simple: you need to ensure, first of all, that the cutter does not wear out. It is wear that is the most common cause of defects. Ideally, new cutters should be purchased for each new order.

Due to the low production costs, you can afford to practice on the rough before making the final version of the product. When roughing, it is permissible to remove large layers of material from the workpiece using cylindrical cutters.  It is necessary to act more delicately, using cone-shaped cutters.

Significance of cnc machining wood

Cnc machining wood lend themselves to flexible customization and modification. They can be easily optimized for the individual needs of a specific production. For example, if speed is a priority for you and you engage in serial production of the same type of products, equip machine with cutting tools.