From Raw Material to Product: How do CNC parts shop work?

September 12, 2021

CNC parts shop
There are different processes in plastic manufacturing that help in the process of obtaining the materials common in CNC parts shop. Also, this serves both for the initial creation process and for the recycling of plastic, which is very important for the economy and the care for the environment.

We will present for you the main processes by which the material must be submitted, so that it is possible to present plastic products that have the necessary quality according to their purpose.

CNC parts shop; From raw material to plastic

For the process of transforming raw material into plastic, is done in CNC parts shop. It is necessary to use machines that are specific for this purpose.  It’s common extrusion process that requires the use of high-tech machines from CNC parts shop.

Main processes in CNC parts shop

The main processes that manage to transform the raw material into plastic under CNC parts shop are:

1-Injection molding

Example of products obtained: pots of different models with plastic lids.

2-Extrusion molding 

Moreover, in extrusion molding, we have three different modalities for this process, which can be blow molding, films, and sheets.

3-Vacuum thermoforming molding

Examples of products obtained: cups and disposable lunchbox.

4-Rotational molding or rotational molding –

Examples of products obtained: Children’s entertainment center, large-capacity tanks, and gallons.

Significance of CNC parts shop

Each of these processes in the CNC parts shop consists of transforming the material from its initial composition into new products that will be distributed and marketed in each market segment. Different machines are common in each of these molding processes, resulting in other materials, as shown above.

Promoting step in CNC parts shop

Since plastic is made of a malleable material, it is possible to use this same material in the manufacturing process of new products. Promoting the process of reusing and recycling plastic will undoubtedly bring great benefits if we think about a project carried out in the medium to long term.

An overview on plastic transformation.

Generally, for a plastic object in a CNC parts shop comes on the product packaging through a symbol, identifying whether it is easy to reuse.  For the plastic transformation to happen, it is necessary to carry out three very important steps, namely.

  • First, collection and separation
  • Second, revaluation
  • Above all, Transformation

Stages in transforming plastic; CNC parts shop

In the initial stage, where the collection and separation of the material carries out, it will be directed according to the type of plastic that was common for its manufacture. This process is important so that different materials do not happen to be placed together in the CNC parts shop

3 other processes involved in recycling

There are different processes that can help in recycling, such as

  1. Firstly, mechanical recycling
  2. Secondly, chemical recycling
  3. Lastly, energy recycling

From processes involved in CNC parts shop like the ones we present today, it is possible to produce materials that will be common for different purposes. Thinking about a routine or even carrying out different activities without elements.

Elements that have plastic in their composition are no longer possible. Therefore, large companies continue to work daily so that the transformation of plastic is carried out increasingly with quality and safety, using excellent machines that help in this process.
CNC parts shop 2021

Classification of CNC parts shop

Depends on the type of machine and control system. CNC machines are divided into the following types. If classified by machine type. CNC machines in CNC parts shop are divided into:

  1. Besides, CNC drilling machines
  2. Furthermore, CNC milling machines
  3. Above, ACNC lathe

CNC-specialized facilities can receive machining on many different surfaces and materials.


CNC machines by the control system


The CNC machine by the control system is divided into 3 main parts. These are as follows.

1-Point control system

Drilling, boring, welding, and punching machines are all types of machines that work on a certain point. These points are points as in mathematical concepts.

2-Linear control machines

A machine capable of processing products in a straight line. Users can cut arbitrarily according to the outlined straight line. CNC parts shop involves different shapes.

3-Line control machine

CNC machines of this type can process according to pre-specified lines. This type of line control machine includes machines: 2D, 3D, 2D1/2 control, 4D control, 5D, …

A comprehensive outlook on CNC cutting in CNC parts shop

If you have time, learn more about the following types of CNC cutting:

  1. Firstly, the CNC statue sculpting machine
  2. Secondly, CNC Metal Cutting Machine
  3. Thirdly, CNC Wood Engraving Machine
  4. Above all, Advantages of CNC machines

Compared with the traditional technology usually made by hand. The most important requirement of CNC technology is that the program content is put into the machine, not the machine operator. CNC parts shop involves various machines for different purposes.

The most important task of the operator is to monitor and monitor the operation of the machine. Increasingly modern technology helps people see the machine stronger, but still, need to focus on monitoring activities to avoid damage.

Why are CNC machines important?

Extremely high precision. The practice has proven that the percentage of errors on CNC machines is very small. All types of CNC machines have precise cut very meticulously with an accuracy of “thousandth of an mm.” High cutting speed is present here.

Thanks to the durable structure and very strong operating capacity of the machines present in the CNC parts shop. Moreover, all kinds of processing materials can be made in a very fast time. Hard metals such as iron or stainless steel can be cut.

Advantages of CNC parts shop

CNC machines have high flexibility in programming and operation. The adjustment time is not too long. Achieve high efficiency in terms of product quality and completion time. Highly advanced and upgraded technology is available here for the attainment of desired purposes.

Expected damages happen due to CNC parts shop

Very little damage due to technical reasons can be due to low production costs. Moreover, some other problems of CNC parts shop are:

  1. First, less warranty for repair
  2. Second, short adjustment time.
  3. Additionally, it can process products in batch
  4. Moreover, disadvantages of CNC machines
  5. High cost of machine manufacturing and import
  6. Very little damage, but the repair cost is high each time
  7. Every time the machine operator takes a break, it is difficult to find a replacement immediately

The technology of CNC machines is developing day by day

The ever-evolving CNC technology makes the quality and processing speed faster than before due to the continued development and application of new technologies on microprocessors. Today’s CNC parts shop has also been common for many different purposes, not simply one task.

Embedding and installing the computer system directly into the CNC machine system makes them applicable to small businesses.

CNC parts shop; machine screens

CNC machine screens in the first generations were all black and white screens. There are now integrated screens with better color images and graphics effects. Additionally, it helps to make work more convenient and the computer operator to monitor the machine’s operation.