11 Steps to Maintain CNC Lathe Machining in 2021

September 12, 2021

Cleaning the cnc lathe machining is very important. Keep machine free from dirt, dust, and shavings. The machine should be cleaned when it is not working. With cotton ends dipped in kerosene, dirt and dried oil are washed off the machine, and then wiped with dry ends.

Cleaning of cnc lathe machining

Under no circumstances is it good to use metal objects and sandpaper to clean the cnc lathe machining. If cast iron was processed on the machine, it is necessary to brush away all the chips that have accumulated on the machine table and hammered the table slots.

CNC Lathe Machining

Cleaning hard-to-reach parts and corners should be done with a brush or a wooden pointed stick wrapped in a rag. Wipe the entire machine with a rag with kerosene, even the untreated parts of it. After cleaning the machine, all common rags and ends should be put in a special box.

Safety precautions for rails in cnc lathe machining

To prevent chips of under no circumstances is it good to use metal objects and sandpaper to clean the cnc lathe machining from entering the guide rails and consoles, it has protective guards with felt pads. These gaskets should be flushed periodically. Cnc machining is a computer operated.

The guards prevent chips from flying away, but do not collect them on the table. Therefore, at the end of the work, it is important to collect the shavings and carefully pour them into the box. Methods of mechanical chip removal develop for large workshops of modern machine-building plants.

Steps for cnc lathe machining working

  1. First, before handing over the shift, the worker must remove the machine, lubricate it
  2. Second, put his workplace in order, so that cnc lathe machiningworks well
  3. Then, table bearings are lubricated daily from rotary lid grease nipples.
  4. The ball bearings of the electric motor are lubricated with grease every six months.
  5. Also, coolant change must be there. The coolant must be clean.
  6. If the liquid is contaminated, stop the machine, remove the liquid from the reservoir, clean the reservoir
  7. Besides, lubrication of gear wheels and bearings in cnc lathe machining work on too.
  8. Above all, to remove dirt, flush the pipeline and then refill the machine reservoir with fresh coolant.

Recommendations for cnc lathe machining


  1. Change the coolant at least once a week.
  2. Before starting work, it is necessary to carefully inspect the machine, remove all
  3. Also, foreign objects and manually check all movements of the table, slide, and console
  4. After that, check the operation of the speed and feed mechanisms at idle speed
  5. Above all, the supply of lubricant in sufficient quantities to the corresponding friction point

 Rules for monitoring cnc lathe machining

The rules for monitoring and caring for individual units and mechanisms of the machine are as follows:

  1. First focus on machine drive
  2. Moreover, do not allow water or oil to enter the motor of cnc lathe machining
  3. Also, observe the correct tension of the belt connecting the motor pulley to the machine pulley.
  4. Above all, regularly lubricate the machine motor according to the instructions.

Boxes of speeds and feeds

When switching the levers of the gearbox or feed, you must make sure that they reach the desired position. The levers can only swith when the machine is off. When installing replaceable wheels, it is necessary to maintain a normal gap between the teeth.

With a large clearance at the wheels, the machine box will rattle, and if it is insufficient, it will work with excessive load. In no case should the machine (cnc lathe machining) turn on under load, as this can break the teeth of the wheels and crumble the teeth of the cutter.

Machine table in cnc lathe machining

Before placing a vise, jig or workpiece on the machine table, the table surface must be clean. The milling cutter must always remember that keeping the table in good working order is the main condition for obtaining the necessary accuracy during work.

Therefore, do not put any tools or foreign objects on the table, as well as on its guides. To fasten a device or part, you must use strips, clamps, shims, bolts, etc. When working with longitudinal feed, the console and slide should be secured (locked). When working with cross feed, the console must be locked.

Spindle of cnc lathe machining

Spindle of cnc lathe machining should properly tighten, not hit when rotating; the weakening of the spindle should be reported to the master. Before installing the arbor or cutter, the conical seat of the spindle must thoroughly wipe dry.

Drive a mandrel or cutter out of the spindle with a brass or copper bar; it is not important to do this with a steel bar, as this deteriorates the spindle seat and breaks the end of the mandrel or the shank of the cutter.

Determination of machine defects

The general condition of the machine and the degree of serviceability of its individual mechanisms affect its operation. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to identify the defects of the cnc lathe machining. Thereby contribute to the achievement of the highest productivity.

Tightening of the wedges usually comes by a repair fitter.

Vibration. Vibration is a great evil for work. During the processing of a part on milling machines, under certain unfavorable conditions, vibrations can occur, as a result of which the surface finish is noticeably deteriorated (waviness appears) and the durability of the cutter significantly reduces.
CNC Lathe Machining 2021

Vibration causses in cnc lathe machining

Here are the main causes of vibration in milling machines:

  1. First, shortcomings of the machine gears (wear and loosening of bearings, wear, and
  2. Second, careless stitching of belts, improper installation of the electric motor, etc.
  3. Intermittent nature of cutting when milling with cutters with straight, sparsely spaced teeth
  4. Moreover, overload or insufficient rigidity of the lathe machining
  5. More importantly, insufficient stability of the machine on the foundation.

Main requirement for cnc lathe machining installation

The main requirements for the base on which the machine install are its massiveness and rigidity. It is necessary to install the cnc lathe machining horizontally in level. Add cement mortar under it to ensure a snug fit of the machine’s cast iron plate to the base at all points of the supporting surface.