5 Steps to Operate CNC Router Parts Spoil Board

September 15, 2021

What is a CNC router?

CNC router parts spoil board is a mechanism for automatic routing, cutting, polishing, etc., for CNC (Computer Numerical Control). The router is made up of CNC, CNC software, CNC operating system, CNC controller. It makes long and time-consuming processes simpler and quicker.

CNC Router Parts Spoil Board

Types of CNC router parts spoil board

  • Custom CNC machine series
  • Industrial CNC machine series
  • And the axis. series

How much does a CNC router cost?

Different models and specifications of the machine have different prices. Machines from different brands offer different utilities and aids, resulting in different prices. Machines from different countries have different taxes, customs, and shipping costs. The final price of CNC router parts spoil board will be around $2,580 to $150,000 to

How to choose a CNC router parts spoil board in 2021?


The low-power router is only suitable for dual-color routing plates, model building, small signs, three-dimensional handicrafts, and other materials. This process was popular for a while, but its capabilities were too limited, significantly affecting the range of applications.

The machine is divided into two types of high-power motor mounting –

  1. The large-format board is one type, the size is usually over 1 meter, but the accuracy is often low.
  2. A medium format board is commonly used; this type is often used for making organic signs.

This is how machines in CNC router parts spoil board is divided.

Spindle motor in CNC router parts spoil board

In addition, it is very important that the spindle motor is usually not covered and the long service life if the spindle motor has any problem may affect the use of the machine. Adjustable speed range of spindle motor. 1 to 30 thousand rpm is the generally adjustable velocity.

The machine’s operating range is limited if the speed cannot be adapted, or the speed adjustment range is limited because different materials must be played at different speeds.

Body manufacturing process in CNC router parts spoil board

High power machines require the body to work accurately and stably. Therefore, a die-cast body should be used to ensure its accuracy and reliability through long-term high-capacity machining. Remote control types in CNC router parts spoil board:

  1. One type of controller is only controlled, and all computer operations are performed. The computer is idle and cannot do typing work while it is running.
  2. Another type of controller is controlled by the computer of a single board or chip. This controller is a computer because as soon as the machine starts working, it can do other typing work immediately, especially if it is permanent.

Ball screw and guide bar

In addition, the important components are ball screws and guide rails. When the machine is used for a long time, high quality ball and guide rails ensure the accuracy and performance of the workpiece.

How to operate a CNC Router machine?

Listed ahead are steps, with which you can operate CNC router parts spoil board

CNC Router Parts Spoil Board 2021

Step 1 | Turn on to Get Started

  • Turn on the device and monitor the control source and run the CNC routing program
  • Turn on the coolant crankshaft motor and check the coolant flow.
  • When the unit is turned on for the first time until the handle is pressed down
  • Implement the software’s mechanical return process and prevent potential collisions prior to operation.
  • Move all feed shafts manually in a complete 1-2 stroke back and forth.
  • Moreover, in CNC router parts spoil boardhandle is oiled the lubricating part.

Step 2 | Workpiece clamp

  • In the center of the desk, place the cushioning material in the center.
  • Moreover, placing the piece on the rug will be complete.
  • To patch the workpiece on the workbench, use at least 4 sets of pressure plates.
  • Above all, check the solid fixation of the workpiece.

Set the edge and origin of the piece

  1. Drive the spindle along the feed shaft, which precisely determines the source, before the tool approaches the piece.
  2. Let the spindle start in the system
  3. Switch to 0.01mm or 0.05mm one-step movement in step scale.
  4. Besides, set the tool to hit the workpiece in one move. Small noise is being heard now.
  5. Apart from this, empty the coordinates of this axis in the CNC router parts spoil board
  6. Drive the shaft away from the workpiece to ensure that the direction of motion is correct.

Step 3 | Change CNC router parts spoil board tool

  • First, turn off the machine’s power to make sure the spindle motor stops.
  • Move the spindle to a place where it is easy to change the cutter and place the soft material
  • Moreover, it is directly below the cutter so that the cutter does not damage the edge.
  • Remove the spindle from top to bottom, turn the chuck nut clockwise with a large awl
  • And make sure that the edges are not stuck with the clamp.
  • If the router chuck must be replaced, unscrew the chuck nut and replace it with a router chuck to remove foreign objects.
  • See if the tightening router bit’s cutting edge is intact in the CNC router parts spoil board.
  • Moreover, insert as far as possible depending on the actual situation
  • This step cannot be reversed from the previous step: before mounting the nozzle to the spindle, do not install the bit.
  • Tighten the nuts using two wrenches, so that too little force is not applied
  • Also, ensure that the blade is not touched by the clamp.
  • Confirm that the spindle is removed and turn on the power.
  • Lastly, restore the router bit and set the Z coordinate of the workpiece source.

Step-4 | Start CNC programming

  • Confirm the following work –
  1. The router bit is set tight in the CNC router parts spoil board
  2. The workpiece’s origin is set properly (Z-coordinate) of its origin after the workpiece’s displacement.
  3. Moreover, the workpieces are tightly attached.
  4. Furthermore, The NC program is loaded correctly.
  • Set the control feed rate in the CNC software to about 30% and launch the CNC program.
  • After confirming the feed rate override, adjust it to the standard value
  • Above all, during this process, someone must be on duty.

Step-5 | Shut down to stop

  • Firstly, back to mechanical roots.
  • Second, remove the router bit and leave the spindle still on the nozzle.
  • Moreover, in addition, CNC machine switches.
  • Lastly, turn off the computer.