How to buy CNC turning parts China? Best Guide 2021

September 15, 2021

What are CNC turning parts China?

CNC turning parts China

In the precision mechanical processing industry, in addition to laser processing technology, CNC turning parts China is also a commonly common method today. What is CNC turning technology? What are the advantages of this method and how does it work? If you need answers lets learn about this tech.

Learn about CNC turning parts China

CNC turning parts China, is a method of cutting materials based on the circular motion of the workpiece combined with the movement of the tool that can run vertically or horizontally. CNC technology helps the lathe operate stably, without making a lot of noise, and the operation is extremely simple.

Applications of CNC

CNC turning parts China, makes rounding, chamfering, taper turning, face turning, and grooving all easier. Cutting tools in CNC lathes include: Curved knife, shoulder knife, straight head knife, profile knife, face cutter, hole turning knife, and turning tool piece.

Some advantages of CNC turning method:

  • First   and foremost, the lathe has good optimization ability, increasing the tool life
  • Also, it minimizes the amount of waste during processing.
  • Moreover, team of technicians operating the machine does not need professional qualifications
  • Also, it could involve high professional skills.
  • CNC lathes can operate continuously for many hours without affecting the production process.

What is CNC lathe? Why should I equip CNC lathe?

In the mechanical processing process, CNC lathe under CNC turning parts China, is one of the most important devices. So, what is the CNC lathe and why businesses and factories should equip this line? Let’s learn through the information in the article below.

What is CNC lathe? Overview of lathe

CNC lathe is a material cutting equipment (usually wood and metal) that is commonly common in factories and mechanical factories. The machine is common to process both round, shaft or tapered materials, for example some details such as axis, wheels, lace, holes, circles.

The active principle of the machine is quite simple, the material will be removed from the shaft workpiece, and the lathe system will process the outer surface of the details. With the CNC turning parts China controller, the device can operate automatically based on the design and programming files available on the computer.

CNC turning parts China applications

In addition, with multi-function lines, in addition to rounding, convenient holes, CNC lathes are also common to drill, cut lace, slotted, polish … depending on the user’s settings, the device can Processing with many different regimes: machining with chucks, barbed, between minds.

In addition, the design of CNC lathes can install many different processing tools such as classification, mills, dynamic shafts, axis. And, of course, traditional lathe does not have these features. With the development of technology, CNC turning parts China lathes on the market today are constantly improved.

Classification of Lathes in CNC turning parts China

Lathes are classified based on the number of axes and functions:

According to the amount of axis

2-axis Lathe: These are vertical and horizontal lines designed with 2 main axes.

Lathes 3 – 6 axes: In addition to the spindle, these lathe lines will be adding many extra axes to increase flexibility when processing. Moreover, the machine uses multiple axes and knife systems at the same time, capable of processing details with complex shapes, maximizing machining time.

Structure and operation of CNC turning parts China

CNC turning parts China 2021

The stand is the department to decide on the cutting speed of the lathe, which is usually inserted by steps and spindles. Chucks for ingot materials are inserted into the main axis, the rear is a hydraulic or pneumatic system in CNC turning parts China.

Spindle transmission

The motor of the spindle can move one-way or angle. Inside:

  1. One-way engine: adjust the speed by sealing.
  2. Moreover, AC motor: adjust the speed by frequency change.

Chucks in CNC turning parts China

This department contains hydraulic systems, fast operation speeds, ensuring safety. Usually, when metal processing, the spindle can rotate 8000 rpm. Centrifugal forces in this process are huge; hydraulic systems will hold chucks in the operation process.


The dynamic of CNC lathes includes Details of centering, jigs, detailed adjustments.


Basically, it is Holding a knife drive helps cut the movement to move in parallel or perpendicular to the spindle.


It can contain 8-12 cutters. The tool can convert cutting knives in a short time.

Dashboard of CNC turning parts China

This is one of the parts that play the most important role of CNC lathes (CNC turning parts China), which are considered as the “brain” of the device. Furthermore, the control panel will process data from the design file and the specifications installed, thereby controlling the cutter to process according to the needs of the user.

High automation capability features of the CNC turning parts China

The ability to automate the production process is the most prominent feature of CNC machines compared to traditional machining equipment. Previously, the lathe machine must have a control technician for processing. Furthermore, this makes the processing speed and productivity depend great on human factors.

In contrast, with automatic operating controllers, CNC lathes can operate continuously for a long time, without the need for workers to operate. In addition, as a result, the processing process of enterprises will be automated, increasing production capacity.

Flexible operation in CNC turning parts China

Normally, a business must process details, products in different forms and sizes. This requires the specifications of the lathe must be changed continuously to match each product. More importantly, CNC turning parts China is useful and highly effective.

With a CNC lathe, you don’t need to worry about this issue. Just enter the design file into the computer and perform a few simple steps. Besides, the device will perform the remaining stages to produce the final product to meet the requirements.

High accuracy, quality assurance products

Moreover, CNC lathes have detailed machining capabilities with maximum accuracy of up to 100%. Whether operating in many different conditions, the device still provides products with high homogeneity, beautiful cuts, shiny surfaces, ensuring aesthetics.

What is the reason for using CNC lathes?

It is helpful in saving operating costs. CNC lathes apply modern technology, so there are relatively high prices. However, investing in this device, CNC turning parts China is worthy; they will help your business save operation costs during use.

Why are modern CNC turning parts of China preferred?

Specifically, modern CNC lathes consume lower energy sources than lathe machines; you will save electricity bills every month. Besides, the equipment for CNC lathes will minimize the presence of people; businesses will save the salary every month.

In addition, the cost of health examination, holidays, maternity, in addition, CNC lathes are very rarely damaged; businesses do not need to cost a lot of money for maintenance, maintenance, or repair services, replacing accessories for the device.