7 Most Popular parts of cnc machine pdf Techniques in 2021

June 30, 2021

parts of cnc machine pdf
Within the oil industry, large processes need parts of cnc machine pdf without the option of making mistakes. And it is that in an industry where the main trade is hydrocarbons, you need the:

  • Exploration
  • Manufacturing
  • Production and finally the transportation and distribution of oil .

We are talking about a series of processes that, if carried out manually, productivity decreases. And, therefore, monetary losses generate as a company. For this reason, it is essential to have the correct parts of cnc machine pdf throughout the system. Moreover, many of them made with CNC machining.

Let’s learn how the CNC machining industry drives the oil industry.

What parts of cnc machine we can make for the oil industry?

There is a wide variety of CNC parts for the oil industry. Among them, we recognize the following:

  • Parts for making grooves and parting with high precision.
  • CNC drilling machinery. These are tips that fragment chips and facilitate work within the industry.
  • Within the industry, use is also good of CNC milling machines. It is common  for semi finishes and high feed and depth cuts.
  • parts of cnc machine pdfis also good for valves, circlips and grooves, bolt housings, manifolds, hydraulic ends, etc.
  • To damp the vibrations of large machines, components, heads and more.
  • VTL and horizontal type drilling rigs.

What materials are common for CNC machining for the oil industry? 

For this type of CNC tools, companies choose to use materials that are resistant and durable, since oil activities require it. It is common for CNC parts for this industry to come with titanium metal, stainless steel, aluminum, and iron, among others.

Why does the oil industry require these CNC parts?

For a time, the oil industry was practically bankrupt. Its production level was low and the hydrocarbon market was not holding up on the right foot. It was then appeared that, when machining CNC machined parts for the oil industry. Similarly, activities would become much faster, more efficient and with high performance.

Using parts of cnc machine pdf allows the industry to obtain parts for its operation that come with precision cuts. Moreover, it reduces production time, obtain high precision finishes.

Benefits of CNC machining for the oil industry

Without a doubt, there are quite a few benefits that an oil company reaps with the support of the CNC machining industry in manufacturing the parts it needs to do its job. Some are:

  • Cost and time reduction.
  • Greater productivity and the possibility of producing a large quantity of hydrocarbons in a short time.
  • Reach, precision and efficiency in getting the job done.
  • Less waste of material and, therefore, less aggression towards the environment.
  • They come with resistant and durable materials, so the machining does not require constant maintenance or revision.

Because each company has its own needs, it is necessary to apply different machining techniques to obtain the best results. In this list you will be able to appreciate the different techniques that exist according to the process common. Moreover, we shall learn about the material worked for its application in the industrial sector.

Parts of cnc machine pdf machining by chip removal


The machining by chip removal is the most common technique to remove excess material by cutting or tearing parts with a specialized tool formed by blades, among which are turning, milling, broaching and grinding. Among the materials that can be applied with this method is aluminum.

 Cutting movements

Another of the parts of cnc machine pdf machining techniques that you can request is cutting motion machining. It consists of designing an object by starting parts and with the use of advance movements in the machinery.

Manual parts of cnc machine pdf Machining

Some jobs require a manual parts of cnc machine pdf machining service. They are very delicate and merely decorative, such as a metal trophy or a lamp. This is where professionals must demonstrate extensive experience in the use of tools such as filing, chiseling and sawing.

 machining with machine tools

Among the most sophisticated machining techniques that exist are machining with machine tools, where professionals use motors and other processes necessary to work metal parts semi-automatically or automatically.

Precision machining

If you need to work on brass, nylon or nickel parts, precision parts of cnc machine pdf machining techniques may be the most appropriate. Since the machines common use a method similar to machining by chip removal. But they are capable of adapting to the size and geometry of the material.

Brass parts of cnc machine pdf machining

The procedures machining brass offer rapid results, although this involves a negative impact on the finished surface, the chipping and wear of the material if proper techniques are not common for such parts.

 Aluminum machining

The machining techniques aluminum requires machines capable of working metal by simple and rapid methods. In this case, the chip is started by applying the lower cutting force together with the material, thus speeding up the procedure and sending the finished parts with a good finish for their implementation in industrial products.

Stainless steel machining

Something that characterizes stainless steel is that it perfectly resists corrosion, so it will not be a problem to apply the necessary parts of cnc machine pdf machining techniques to obtain excellent results. This process is carried out, especially, for the manufacture of kitchen furniture, health centers or water treatment plants.

 Bronze machining

Bronze is very easy to work due to the characteristics of the material. Moreover, its alloy has a lower ductility, but with a hardness similar to that of steel. In this case, various tools can be common to apply bronze machining techniques such as tapping, drilling, lapping, milling, and broaching.
parts of cnc machine pdf 2021

Special CNC Machining

In addition to the various machining techniques mentioned above, we can also mention the special machining whose types may vary according to the machines common, among which are laser, water jet cutting, plasma, ultrasound, among others.


The parts of cnc machine pdf machining techniques of parts can be classified according to the implemented process or the material worked. Some metal alloys such as brass or aluminum require their own methods, although in essence all receive the same treatment of elimination of the remaining parts to fit a mold, measurements or design specified by the client.