How to make affordable cnc parts with cold rolling process?

June 30, 2021

affordable cnc parts
One of the most common processes in the metal industry is rolling affordable cnc parts. With the aim of enhancing the mechanical properties of the materials used in the process, such as steel.


  • 1 What is the hot and cold lamination process?
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    • 2 Cold rolling affordable cnc partsprocess
  • 2 Applications of hot and cold rolling
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What is the hot and cold lamination process?

It is an industrial process by means of which it is possible to reduce the thickness of metallic materials such as steel.

Therefore, metals or similar materials common in a rolling process must have good malleability. They can deform by compression without breaking.

On the other hand, cold and hot rolling is easy to perform. The main difference lies in the temperature used to work the metal. We tell you more about each type of laminate below.

Hot rolled affordable cnc parts

In the hot rolling process, the metal subjects to a temperature higher than that of its recrystallization. For example, higher than 926 degrees Celsius in the case of steel.


With this, it is possible to shape the affordable cnc parts more easily. It is being able to start from ingots or large pieces and achieve a wide variety of shapes. Another advantage is that it is a cheaper process compared to cold rolling. And during its shaping there are usually no problems that cause manufacturing delays.

Cold rolling affordable cnc parts process

For its part, cold rolling consists of shaping the metal at room temperature so that it recrystallizes. As a result, much finer laminated parts obtain with better mechanical properties , such as greater hardness and resistance in the case of steel.

Although it is important to subject the pieces to a subsequent annealing process, in order to preserve these properties. In addition, unlike what happens with hot rolling, in this case the materials do not change in shape or size.

It is therefore the best process for obtaining affordable cnc parts that require low tolerances and precise shapes. However, this implies that the cost is higher than that of hot rolling.

Cold and hot rolling affordable cnc parts applications

Taking into account the characteristics of hot and cold rolling, each of these processes is more suitable. It depends on the type of application that the material is going to have:

  • Hot rolling is common, for example: as part of buildings and in building structures, for heavy parts or parts of a vehicle, such as frames or tires, anchors, etc.
  • Cold rolling finds its application in parts that require more demanding finishes.

On the other hand, if it is necessary to obtain precise pieces with greater resistance, it is best to opt for cold rolling.

What types of laser engraving are there?

The various gases and pressures that is easy to apply during cutting will influence the affordable cnc parts machining process and the result. When we talk about types of laser engraving we refer to the way in which the laser beam influences the material and gas that is common.

The existing types of laser engraving are the following:

Sublimation laser engraving

In this type of laser engraving, the material evaporates, as a consequence of the high intensity that the beam reaches. Likewise, after cutting a high pressure gas, such as nitrogen or helium, must be good to apply. It serves to isolate the cutting surface and prevent, for example, that it oxidizes.

The resulting finishes are of high quality and precision, but sublimation affordable cnc parts laser engraving requires much more energy than fusing. And also more time than other procedures.

What parameters influence laser engraving for affordable cnc parts?

There are many factors that influence the procedures of the different types of laser engraving. We have already mentioned gases and cut-off pressure, but in this section we explain everything in greater detail.

Gases and different cut-off pressures

The gases expels through the cutting groove at different pressures.  We measure it with the pressure unit bar. Some of those commonly common are oxygen, nitrogen, helium or argon. And your choice will depend on how you want them to react on the molten material.

On the other hand, the pressure will determine the depth of the cut. It is being able to achieve superficial engravings and others much more accentuated.

While it is true that affordable cnc parts machining allows the production of parts in the shortest possible time. These processes depend very well on the quality of the equipment and its operating condition.

Guaranteeing quality and excellent results brought about by CNC machineries, gives companies a feeling of tranquility and satisfaction.  They are sure that the production of each part will go out properly and as planned.

What is the importance of quality in each piece? 

The importance of quality in the parts is vital. So that it fulfills its operation perfectly and avoids accidents due to malfunction or mishaps in the action of an activity.

Improvement in the company’s prestige

By having quality CNC machining within a company, you provide a high prestige production, just as your customers expected.
affordable cnc parts 2021


We know that by offering a quality service, we create a pleasant bond of trust with our clients.

Greater efficiency and productivity of affordable cnc parts

The processes that carry with quality affordable cnc parts machining are much more efficient and productive, giving excellent results. In addition, these teams act with greater precision in their functions, either during cutting, turning, milling, drilling, among others.


It is to receive orders and do the work by itself as many times as requested, without the need for human intervention, except for an operator who can dictate the tasks that the equipment will perform.

Decrease in errors

The idea of ​​ affordable cnc parts machining is to avoid errors at all costs and loss of raw material. There are processes that require strict precision. And it is something that a quality CNC machining can offer you without problems and without errors, with the demands that you request.

What if you don’t have quality CNC machining?

As we have already mentioned, quality is a key point when making parts with CNC machining. It depends on the machined equipment, the results of each piece and that it is resistant and durable.