What is the role of grinding in abacorp cnc machined parts?

June 30, 2021

Grinding in the machining of parts: everything you need to know

abacorp cnc machined parts

You are keen to learn everything about the abacorp cnc machined parts process in the machining of parts. In this post we offer you a complete guide with all the relevant information about it.

From Our company, as specialists in machining and turning, we want to help you discover and understand what grinding is in machining parts. What the process consists of, what is achieved with it and all the other aspects to take into account.


  • 1 What is grinding in part machining?
    • 1 Types of abacorp cnc machined parts
      • 1.1 ➡Flat cnc machined parts
      • 1.2 ➡Cylindrical cnc machined parts
      • 1.3 ➡Universal abacorp cnc machined parts
      • 1.4 ➡Grinding machines with CNC control
      • 1.5 ➡Special grinding machines
    • 2 Types of abrasive materials for grinding wheels
  • 2 Leave the grinding in the machining of your parts in the hands of professionals

What is abacorp cnc machined parts?

Grinding abacorp cnc machined parts is a process. It goes out in the final stage of the manufacture of a piece. Moreover, it comes with the aim of improving the final finish of the same, as well as to adjust its dimensional tolerance. Similarly, it highlights that it is a suitable process, above all, for the machining of complex parts that require demanding finishes.

Grinding in the machining of parts comes by abrasion and goes out in a machine called a grinding machine. We do this using tools or, rather, abrasive discs known as “grinding wheels”. Ewe can make it with different abrasive, hard and resistant materials. Similarly, it depends on the part to rectify


What to know before abacorp cnc machined parts grinding?

Before abacorp cnc machined parts grinding, the most common is that the piece is subject to a turning or milling process. Here the bulk of the excess material eliminates. Likewise, during the grinding process in the machining of a part, several passes is easy to make with wheels of different grains (coarse and fine).

Next, we explain what the different types of existing grinding machines are. Moreover, we will discuss the most common materials of which the grinding wheels comes with which the grinding carries out in the machining of parts.

Types of abacorp cnc machined parts grinding machines

There are numerous grinding machines available. And we can classify them into three large groups, which are:

  1. flat or surface grinding machines
  2. cylindrical grinding machines and
  3. universal grinding machines, which in turn offer different types:

 Flat cnc machined parts

They are good and the easiest to use due to the simplicity of the machine. Similarly, they are common in grinding for machining flat and simple abacorp cnc machined parts. Two types are different:

Tangential: the grinding wheel that exerts abrasion on the piece works sideways. And it comes by means of circular and pendular movements.

Fronts: the grinding wheel works flat on the piece and with rectilinear movements, turning on a spindle that comes vertically.

 Cylindrical cnc machined parts

The most characteristic of this type of grinding machines is that the parts require having a center of rotation to be able to manipulate them. And there are the following:


  • Internal: grinding goes out on the internal part of the piece, by means of a grinding wheel whose width must be less than the width of the piece.
  • External: Generally, the grinding comes on the external part of the piece.
  • Center less: Unlike the previous options, the piece comes in the grinding machine without clamping. And the grinding goes out by placing the piece between two grinding wheels. Similarly, it moves in the same direction, thus exerting the necessary abrasion.

 Universal abacorp cnc machined parts

Universal abacorp cnc machined parts grinding machines are the largest. And also those that allow greater possibilities. In addition, they have regulators to control the speed of rotation of the shaft.

 Grinding machines with CNC control

Any of the aforementioned grinding machines are easy to buy with CNC control. Furthermore, it can be a variant that undoubtedly provides numerous benefits for grinding in the machining of parts.

Furthermore, these are able to automate processes, increase the manipulation of the part through more axes. Similarly, they have the possibility of grinding large pieces thanks to the dimensions of the CNC machines.
abacorp cnc machined parts 2021

 Special abacorp cnc machined parts grinding machines

For machining parts with complex geometries there are special grinding machines. Moreover, they comes by having a vertical spindle capable of rotating various types of grinding wheels that rotate and move vertically.

Types of abrasive materials for grinding wheels

On the other hand, in addition to the types of abacorp cnc machined parts grinding machines, there are also different materials for the grinding wheels. They usually come with one of the following materials together with a binder, which is responsible for the grains during the grinding process.

  • Aluminum oxide: to rectify steel parts.
  • Diamond: for grinding carbide and ceramic parts at high speeds.
  • Silicon carbide or carborundum: for the grinding of carbide parts, cast iron, ceramics …
  • Cubic boron nitride: for grinding high-hardness ferrous parts or heat-resistant alloys, among others, at high speeds.

On the other hand, in any CNC program two main groups of information can be distinguished:

  • Geometric data: they refer to the data of the dimensions of the final contour of the part. Moreover, it is the description of the movements of the machine tool, and the position of the part in the work area and the necessary reference points.
  • Technological data: they have to do with information about the tool, auxiliary functions of the machine and about the cutting conditions.

Likewise, the abacorp cnc machined parts process encompasses different computer-controlled operations, such as the mechanical, chemical, electrical or thermal processes necessary to achieve the final part. And you can carry out different methods or types of programming that we explain below.

Summary abacorp cnc machined parts

Once explained what CNC programming is, it is important that you understand the existing types of CNC programming, as well as in which cases it is better to use each one.