Why 5 axis cnc machine parts workshop is must for future projects?

June 30, 2021

5 axis cnc machine parts
There are numerous types of 5 axis cnc machine parts common in the machining industry. Each is serving a series of specific tasks. Its application comes by a series of factors, such as the material that makes up the part and its hardness or complexity.

At our Company we are good in handling different types of machine parts on a daily basis and, therefore, we feel able to explain everything you need to know about these tools.

Next, we explain what a machine parts is, what types of 5 axis cnc machine parts exist for machining parts, what are their characteristics and we also invite you to contact our team if you require service or advice from professionals in the sector.

5 axis cnc machine parts Contents

  • 1 What is a machine parts and what types of machine partss are there?
    • 1 Parallel Machine parts
    • 2 Vertical Machine parts
    • 3 CNC machine parts
    • 4 Revolver Machine parts
    • 5 Copy Machine parts
    • 6 Automatic Machine parts
  • 2 Good use of different types of machine parts
    • 1 At Our company we advise and help you with the machining of parts

What is a machine parts and what types of machine parts are there?

5 axis cnc machine parts have existed since time immemorial. And with industrial development they have evolved to become the valuable machines we know today.

Specifically, a machine parts is a machine that encompasses different types of tools. They facilitate the machining of parts by revolution, as well as their threading, cutting, drilling, grooving and deburring.

Said machine has a head to which the part exist in. Moreover, one or more cutting tools work on the surface of the part in a controlled way.

Where to install machine parts?

Machine parts cutting tools come on a carriage with rails that moves parallel to the axis. Here the part rotates, and there is also another axis in which the tools work radially with respect to the material to maintain. There are even some types of 5 axis cnc machine parts that have a third axis. It allows, for example, making conical shapes.

But, what types of machine parts exist, what are their characteristics?

Parallel Machine parts

The main predecessor of the old machine parts is the parallel. It works in a horizontal plane and, specifically, its carriages can move longitudinally and transversely in said plane.

Numerous operations are easy to carry out on it, such as:

  • Threading
  • Turning
  • boring or grooving, among others.

Although, with the appearance of other more developed types of machine parts, it has become a bit obsolete. And it is increasingly being common to carry out very specific and simple tasks.

Specifically, the carriages of the parallel machine parts can be manual or have motors that are in charge of moving them. Moreover, the precision of these machines is not as effective as that of other more advanced types of machine parts.

Vertical 5 axis cnc machine parts

In this case, the shaft is arranged in a vertical position and the turntable. Here the part rests is in a horizontal plane. The vertical 5 axis cnc machine parts are good for machining large parts, since due to their size it would be difficult to manipulate them on a parallel machine parts.


CNC machine parts

It is the most coveted type of machine parts today, due to its great efficiency, precision and because processes can be automated, among other advantages. The CNC machine parts are useful for producing parts in series and large print runs.

These work by Computerized Numerical Control, a system with which the positioning of the cutting tools can be directed through fully automated orders, which means a reduction in the time to manufacture the parts .

Revolver Machine parts

With this type of machine parts it is also possible to reduce production times. It allows the operation of several cutting tools at the same time. These come in a rotating tool-holder turret.

Therefore, the revolving machine pa5 axis cnc machine parts are very practical for machining parts. They require several operations, with different cutting tools, until the final prototype is achieved.

Copy Machine parts

As its name suggests, this type of machine parts is perfect for replicating parts of previously reproduced models. It is widely common, for example, to handle pieces based on materials such as plastic, in general. They are very useful in the machining of pieces in small runs.

Automatic Machine parts

It refers to that type of machine parts whose handling is completely automatic. Therefore, they are very useful for the production of high quantities of parts. In addition, they can have one or more spindles, so that several cutting tools are easy to use at the same time.

Good use of different types of machine parts

As a general rule, when using any type of machine parts for machining parts, it is necessary to have a trained person in charge of the operation.

Before the 5 axis cnc machine parts make a specific piece, this project must have a previous work plan. Here, all the parameters and guidelines necessary to achieve the final piece are established.

Depending on the type of machine parts, human intervention will be more or less necessary. But even when using a CNC machine parts, there will have to be a professional in charge. It is to control that the quality of the parts is adequate according to the previously established parameters.

5 axis cnc machine parts 2021

At Our Company we advise and help you with the machining of parts

We have a 5 axis cnc machine parts workshop in China. ​​We have been providing high-precision machining services for many years for a wide variety of projects.

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