Which materials are used in china cnc machined parts?

June 30, 2021

cnc machined parts
Before executing a china cnc machined parts project, it is necessary to prepare a process sheet, which will serve as support to properly perform all tasks. In this article, we are going to explain what it is and how to make a machining process sheet, so that you can successfully develop your projects.


  • 1 What is a china cnc machined partsprocess sheet?
  • 2 Basic aspects to know how to make a sheet of machining processes
    • 1 Initial data china cnc machined parts
    • 2 Drawing of the part
    • 3 Phase number and operations
    • 4 Machines – tools to use
    • 5 Cutting condition area
    • 6 Time
  • 3 Where to get advice for a machining process?

What is a china cnc machined parts process sheet?

Before explaining how to make a sheet of machining processes, you must be clear about what this document means. Specifically, it is a form, like a table, where all the useful information must be indicated to carry out the elaboration of a piece.

That is, both the tasks to be developed, such as the necessary machinery and / or tools, moorings, technical calculations, execution time, or the person in charge of each task. Similarly, these are some of the aspects that the process sheet collects, which is sets sequentially .

Difference between planning and production

Thanks to it, it will be easier to differentiate between the planning and china cnc machined parts production processes. Furthermore, it helps the operator to discover if the manufacture of the part is viable and, ultimately, to have everything clear on foot machine.

Also, this form is very useful, especially in series production, or when you want to present a project, or discover its viability.

Basic aspects to know how to make a sheet of china cnc machined parts processes

To know how to make a sheet of machining processes, you must make sure that you include in the document all the basic parameters for it to be effective. And these data are the following:

Initial data

Generally, it comes at the beginning of the page, and that serves to identify the project. Similarly, it provides useful information about it for internal management. These data applies as appropriate, and may be:

  • Project’s name.
  • Customer reference.
  • The authorship.
  • Sheet version.
  • Denominations and encodings.
  • Raw dimensions.

Part drawing

It is about providing a schematic of the china cnc machined parts. Furthermore, it offers all the necessary views of the part , as well as dimensions and tolerance. In addition, we should note it that, later, next to each phase, it is convenient to attach a sketch of the part. Moreover, it should be with the corresponding characteristics for that part of the process.

Phase number and china cnc machined parts operations

Machines – tools to use


It is important that, for each phase, you indicate the machine to use. That for each sub-phase you indicate the change of mooring from one phase to another. And that, for each operation, you indicate the necessary tool to give it the expected finish.

Cutting condition area

In this space you must consider all the necessary guidelines with which the operator must configure the machine for each operation. Specifically, you must indicate data such as:

  • Number of passes and depth.
  • Moreover, cutting speed.
  • Similarly, Revolutions at which the part will rotate.
  • Travel advance.
  • In addition, Measures to verify.


Finally, it is important that you indicate the time necessary to develop each china cnc machined parts operation. Likewise, before developing the machining process sheet, all the data necessary to develop the project must calculate.

In this way, the operator will not waste time and productivity will be promoted. Once the calculations have been carried out, it will be enough to include in the document all the aforementioned data, according to the indications we have given you.

What is cnc machining part about?

We already know what china cnc machined parts is about, but what can we manufacture with a previously programmed tool with computerized numerical control? The answer is open to a myriad of parts cut with high precision and exact finishes.

What materials are used for CNC manufacturing?

The type of material that can be used in the CNC industry are:

  • Iron
  • Wood
  • Moreover, Aluminum
  • Similarly, Plastic
  • In addition, Foam
  • Steel
  • Simultaneously, Zinc
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Magnesium
  • Finally, Nickel

Simply put, CNC manufacturing makes use of a large number of metals and plastics without any hassle.

What objects are eay to make with a CNC mahine?

Lathes that have been programmed using CNC software have a simple execution process, so some variables can be incorporated while the manufacture of the object is in progress. It works through the configuration with alphanumeric data and follows the X, Y, Z axes in an orderly way.

Generally, with a CNC machine, china cnc machined parts such as:

  • Gears,
  • Screws,
  • Springs that run on gas,
  • Moreover, Rollers that are used in the food sector,
  • Hip prostheses, at the medical level,
  • Furthermore, Torque wrenches,
  • Boxes for the automotive industry,
  • Among others.

 What we can do with a CNC milling machine?

As we already know, CNC milling machines are good to perform jobs automatically. Its operation is possible thanks to the removal of the chips, which, due to their movement and the cutting edges, is called a “milling cutter”. The more “strawberries”, the better the performance and production quality of the machine.

With a milling machine or also a CNC router , it is possible to manufacture china cnc machined parts such as:

  • Lettering designs,
  • Designs on wood,
  • Boxes,
  • Screws,
  • Moreover, Electronic components,
  • Plates thin as grates,
  • Among others.

Other objects that we can make with CNC machines

CNC machines can manufacture a wide variety of china cnc machined parts, where the aforementioned stand out. However, various designs and finishes can be made according to the sector or industry needs it.

  • Depending on the material, with CNC can be manufactured:
  • Furniture
  • In addition to prosthetics, surgical implements that are used in medicine
  • Adjustable parts for any industry
  • Compressed air guns
  • Engines that use gas or diesel
  • Parts for ventilation systems
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 In addition, CNC china cnc machined parts manufacturing is good for other sectors such as:

  • Aeronautics
  • DIY
  • electronics
  • Motoring
  • Industrial
  • Among others


Depending on the capacity and function of the tool, when we talk about china cnc machined parts, manufacturing with CNC is quite varied. In addition, we can use materials of any type, since the machine works efficiently and is resistant.