How to develop object on CAD for mazak cnc parts?

May 24, 2021

Mazak cnc parts
Mazak cnc parts
 are applied in industrial processing and in the field of mechanics. It is to build different types of objects starting from the raw material, working it to remove the superfluous part until the finished object is obtained.

Their ability to work various types of material and to create multiple types of objects in a versatile and fast way has also made them popular in other sectors such as:

  • Carpentry
  • Tailoring
  • Upholstery
  • Motorsport
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • automatic machines and packaging.

There are CNC machines that can shape, mark, cut, weld, sew, position and many other activities. It works for a variety of materials, such as wood, iron, plastics, light metals, conventional and hardened materials and more.

Some examples of mazak cnc parts are:

  • turning centers
  • milling centers
  • grinding machines
  • machines for the ‘ erosion and laser
  • measuring machines
  • punching machines
  • bending machines
  • welding machines
  • still others

Compared to their manual predecessors, today CNCs allow control direct numeric through software , as the CNC acronym suggests: “Computer Numerical Control”. This allows for greater precision, speed and the scalability of production costs. V.

They are also more commonly called mazak cnc parts. Similarly, they indicate various parts.

The main connotation is the “tool” that gives shape to the material, such as the milling machine or the lathe for example.

But how is the CNC machine tool made?

It clearly has a few more elements than its manual counterpart, such as:

  • electric motors, which control the movement of the axes
  • the  drives: ad hoc units that control and power the motors
  • The  control computer, which acquires the indications of the operator and of the program
  • Ecoder and optical lines, which give information to the computer on movement.

The movement of the machine tools comes by the software.  It instructs the tool on the movements it must perform in space. Moreover, it indicates its trajectory within the dimensions provided by the machine.

How to develop object on CAD for mazak cnc parts?

To develop an object, before arriving at its construction using the CNC machine, it is essential to rely on CAD software. It allows you to generate the technical files of the finished product. Once you have the drawings developed to realize the path of the machine tool, you need to use CAM software.

It converts the drawings into code and numbers that the machine tool is able to recognize as movement coordinates. As a last step, the machine executes the program, processing the raw material and following the instructions of the software. It is to create the final object with micron precision.

In defining the movements that the machine tool can perform, we speak of degrees of How to develop object on CAD for mazak cnc parts freedom. This indicates how many axes the machine tools can move.

  • If on  2 dimensions itmeans that the movement axes of the machine are only X and Z for machining on even surfaces.
  • We are talking about  2 and a half axeswhen the movement of the machine develops freely on 2 axes and the third in a limited way,
  • on  3 axesmeans that the movement of the machine is developed on the X, Y and Z axes
  • and on  4 or 5 axes, it is a machine that adds inclination and / or rotation to the 3 axes.

How to ensure greater cnc parts precision?

To ensure greater precision and adequate efficiency of the machine tool and also reduce production costs, it is possible to perform tool presetting. Doing this allows for example that tools are set and measured without having to turn off the machine, which is left to produce chips.


A very important final element in the world of How to develop objects on CAD for mazak cnc parts is the human factor. If you have a group of extremely qualified technicians, capable of providing technical support both during the installation phase and subsequently, providing assistance, training and expertise.

Which are the best cnc machining tools?

The best tools available were chisel, hammer and very simple lathes. But if these great artists were able to create masterpieces with similar tools, imagine what they would have done with today’s tools. And above all which masterpieces you could make with your technical creativity and the opportunities of this historical moment.

You have absolutely a lot more options that you can take advantage of to suit your crafting needs. And if you’re looking to develop a metal or plastic masterpiece, then taking advantage of state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machining equipment is the best way to start.

What is 5-axis CNC machining?

When it comes to 5-axis machining, we are talking about a more advanced technology than the traditional 3-axis, or 3 + 2, or 5-axis positioned version. It has been around for decades. This particular mode is capable of moving in five different directions allowing machinists to have a five-sided approach to the workpiece.

Most CNC manufacturers define the movements of their machine using the three points of the main axis: X, Y and Z (Z is the parallel to the tool spindle).

Continuous 5-axis CNC machining in progress for a stainless steel piece

For reference, the 3 axes can the workpiece in two directions (X and Y). Similarly, the 5 axes can rotate thanks to the two additional rotary axes (A and B) to support the approach to the cut from all directions.

This means that where 5-axis CNC machining shines is in its ability to create complex shapes within a single set up. It also reduces the machinist’s working. Moreover, it also increases production rates and allowing for more precise parts.
Mazak cnc parts 2021

Schematic representation of 5-axis continuous machining

Let’s go into a little more detail on what 5-axis CNC actually entails. It is to begin with, 5-axis is paths along which tools or parts can move simultaneously. The main ones are X, Y and Y and are part of the basic coordinate system.

The last two axes, A and B, are a little more difficult to visualize. They rotate around the main X and Y. These additional points allow mazak cnc parts machining to achieve advanced levels of operational optimization compared to other machining technologies.