How to start cnc machine parts business with minimum investment?

December 17, 2020

Why can a CNC machine business be profitable?

Investments in cnc machine parts are usually considerable. But if you study what is in demand in the market, find your niche and test the demand. Moreover, the decision to start your business using a numerical control machine will quickly pay off and bring good profits.

Why investing in a cnc machine parts business?

A CNC milling machine as a business will allow you to work with a wide range of materials. That is, if the demand for wood products disappears, you can safely switch to working with metal and plastic. Therefore, with a competent organization and drawing up a good business plan, a novice entrepreneur will not be left without work.

In addition, the choice of a niche using these devices is also large enough. So, try to realize one in several directions and only then choose the most profitable one.

In fact, to buying high-quality equipment, you should attend to a powerful advertising campaign.  In this way, you can attract the attention of the first customers – to work with the mass media. Moreover, you should also use post advertising on the network and many other marketing techniques.

With a reasonable combination of promotion methods, you can actually get a best return on your investments. Furthermore, you can also achieve best profit as soon as possible after starting a business.

cnc machine parts

What can be made with CNC machine for sale?

Milling machines open up a wide range of possibilities for the cnc machine parts operator. They support a variety of technological operations and are able to replace several highly specialized devices. The simplest and most inexpensive models can cut various materials.

But the accuracy will be very high, which guarantees high-quality production of elements in one plane. Four-axis equipment is capable of working with volumetric objects.

Earnings on a CNC laser machine can consist in the implementation of a full cycle of manufacturing any products, or in the production of individual parts for industrial customers.

Considering the process of making money on more specific options, we can give an example of the manufacture of furniture products for individual orders.

These will be interesting design solutions with carved facades, chiseled elements and other non-standard details. In addition, to working with,

  • Wood
  • Plywood
  • Chipboard
  • MDF and other materials based on solid wood or shavings.

Such CNC laser machines for wood can process polymer and composite materials, metals, etc.

In general, CNC as a business can be:

  • cutting of cnc machine parts materials of various hardness and origin;
  • engraving work on souvenirs, personal belongings, advertising, corporate products;
  • production from scratch of souvenir goods, unusual products, accessories for the image and interior;
  • manufacturing of billboards and advertising signs;
  • production of designer furniture, children’s toys and educational games, packaging material, etc.

Furthermore, there are many ideas for additional income on CNC machines. The main thing is,

  • to correctly calculate the niche and determine the target audience
  • develop an advertising campaign to attract clients and partners
  • and determine the sales market.

In addition, working with such a technique is rightfully considered creative. Therefore, the performer and organizer should like it. Only then will it bring not only good money, but also pleasure from the process.

How to choose a cnc machine parts Laser Machine?

Laser engraving is used not only for decorating consumer souvenirs, but also for creating serious and complex works.

When deciding to buy an engraver, you should,

  • carefully weigh all the nuances
  • consider various options in order to find a really worthy high-quality tool
  • in accordance with the estimated budget and requirements for technical properties.

Hence, all this will allow you to accurately determine which cnc machine parts laser machine to choose in this particular case.

Main selection criteria:

Before looking for models that are cheaper or more expensive, you should decide on the main criteria by which the choice is made. To understand how to choose a laser machine, and which one is better, consider the basic parameters.


This criterion includes, first of all, an activity plan – how intensively and large-scale you plan to expand your activity. Moreover, if you are thinking about which laser machine to buy for a small business engraving small souvenir and jewelry:

  • Watches
  • Rings
  • Locks, etc.

It is better to choose a less expensive option, since the acquisition will not pay off quickly. In the case of a more global production of engraved products and more budget available for spending on equipment. Actually, you can select more models with high performance, durability and exceptional accuracy.

Types of cnc machine parts materials:

The fundamental point in selection is precisely range of materials with which you are going to work with a laser. Despite the fact that this equipment has considered almost universal in terms of processing various surfaces.

However, it still has its own characteristics. For example, you can handle wood products by a special laser machine for woodworking.

On the other hand, the situation with cnc machine parts metals is more complex. Carbon dioxide devices are categorically unable to enter the metal to apply the image. Because the beam is simply reflected from the surface.

For metal work, opt for fiber optic equipment with a wavelength of 1.06 microns. Such devices have very powerful and intense radiation and have characterized by the surgical precision of the process. The service life of such models is also impressive.

However, the price of such devices is very high. In case of breakage of individual parts, you have to pay more. Additionally, you will have to pay an amount commensurate with the cost of a new engraver, for example, the emitter.

You can get by with the classic gas-discharge models for engraving work on softer materials:

  • tree;
  • plywood;
  • stone;
  • fabrics and leather;
  • organic analogs of glass, etc.

They will quite cope with the task at hand, while they differ in an affordable price offer and beam stability. Compared to fiber optic, gas discharge requires much less energy to operate, which will save on resources.

Economic factor in cnc machine parts business

The cost of the device directly depends not only on the set of technical characteristics, but also on, the brand. In fact, the more famous will be the more expensive.

Here it is worth adhering to the “golden mean”, since choosing very expensive cnc machine parts equipment, you can overpay solely for the name of the manufacturer. A too cheap device may turn out to be of poor quality or not meet the declared characteristics.

Machining CNC Milling Parts


The first thing to pay attention to is the power of the device. Performance directly depends on this indicator – the speed of work. High power is important in large-scale production, if you plan to continuously produce large quantities of engraved products.

In this case, you can buy an engraver with a power of 50 or 100 watts. For small-scale production, there is no need to purchase such a powerful device – 20 W is enough.

When choosing a power, they also look at the indicators of cutting and engraving speed. Because the faster will be the speed the higher will be the productivity.


Next, you should take into account the focusing accuracy. It determines how accurately the programmed pattern will be transmitted on the surface of the material being processed.

The dimensions and weight of the device are equally important parameters. These characteristics are taken into account when planning a workplace.