4 best Features of Aluminum Custom CNC Parts Milling Machines

December 17, 2020

How to choose a spindle for a milling machine?

The operation of custom CNC parts machines which manufacturers use in the production of wood and metal products directly depends on the performance of the mechanisms that have involved in the processing of blanks. In milling machine, this role has played by a spindle – a motor that receives instructions from the CNC of the machine.

Custom CNC router spindle

The performance of the machine and the quality of the processed workpieces depend on the parameters of the spindle. Therefore, before choosing a spindle for a CNC machine, it is necessary to delve into the specifics of this mechanism and understand how the productivity factor of a machine cutter has determined.

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The spindle has attached with special brackets to the head of a custom CNC parts machine and is a key component in the operation of all milling equipment. Almost all spindles have a similar design, and additional mechanisms are used as differences.

Spindle for milling cutter: custom CNC parts

The rotor shaft is the central mechanism of the spindle. It has located in the housing using rolling bearings. Basically, electric motor is responsible for the rotational movements, which is built into the device and provides an asynchronous action.

The cutting tools have fixed to the shaft using collet clamps. Moreover, they provide fixation of tools with different shank diameters.

To install the spindle at the head of the machine, a special carriage is used, which ensures movement along the X, Y and Z axes.

Depending on the tool used (end / cantilever cutter, engraver, drills), a collet with a different nut type can be used. Information about this is usually published in the passport or guide to the use of the spindle.


Without a cooling system, it is impossible to use the spindle on custom CNC parts machines in industrial volumes. An intensive operating mode leads to overheating of parts and their rapid wear. A well-integrated cooling system almost completely corrects this problem, guaranteeing high performance of the device and its safety in use.

Most spindles use an air or liquid cooling system. Furthermore, each of these systems is inherently a built-in mechanism that provides,

  • heat exchange of the structure
  • Carrying out circular circulation of the liquid.

In addition, manufacturers also use a special kind of cooling jacket.

Air cooling of the spindle has done through special air intakes, which contribute to the injection of air masses inside the device body. Of the minuses, it is quite noisy, but it is a cheap option.

Water cooling is naturally quieter and cools better, which adds power to the spindle. For example, on a spindle with a capacity of 3.5 kW with water cooling. It is already possible to engrave steel, with an air-cooled spindle of the same power; it will not cope with the material.


The spindles have divided according to the intended power.

Low-power spindles– operate in the 800-1000 W ranges. Basically, these devices are suitable for working with thin plywood, particle board composites and any other non-solid wood mass.

Medium Wattage – Spindles have classified in ranges from 1500/2200 watts and up. Hence, with such a spindle, the custom CNC parts machine can handle harder wood.

High power – the spindle has classified in ranges from 3500-6500 W and above. Actually, these spindles can handle hardwoods and soft metals such as aluminum.

Spindles for metal – they have a separate motor spindle, which is why they have a more powerful torque for the same spindle power. In this case, the capacity of the spindle will also depend on the desired metal processing speed and metal stiffness.

It is important to note that the spindle manufacturer, regardless of the requested power, can give recommendations on the type of use. Some spindles have recommended for nesting and engraving, while others can handle all types of work, including milling.

Also, the spindles have divided into two groups according to power – from the rotation speed and from the torque.

That is, a spindle with a power of 1.5 kW can be different in torque or rotation speed. For hard materials, the torque is more important, for soft materials, the rotational speed of the cutter is more important.


Often, the spindle must be selected for a machine that performs a certain type of work, so the required power parameter can tell which type of device to buy.

Each type of custom CNC parts machine tool requires different equipment power.

Drilling and engraving requires 1.5 kW of spindle power.

Cutting (and the whole range of milling works) in wood – from 2.2 kW to 4.5 kW.

Hardwood processing requires at least 3.5 kW of device power.


Today, the service market for machine tool equipment is overflowing with offers. The most popular among them are spindles from Europe (most often – Italy) and from China. It is no secret that European equipment has considered more expensive. However, Chinese equipment is now considering the most budgetary and unpretentious.

Basically, American spindles for custom CNC parts machine tools are no different from Chinese spindles. In American spindles, of course, the risk of running into a low-quality product is extremely small.

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But if you know trusted Chinese manufacturers, you cannot tell them from American ones. Moreover, the disadvantage of American spindles is the expensive service.

All parts, most often, are original; therefore, to replace them for the subsequent repair of the spindle, you must contact an official dealer center. Not all have in stock patented parts from American factories.

CNC milling machine for aluminum

Aluminum processing is a complex process that requires careful exposure, since, despite the plasticity of the material, if the technology is not followed, defects may form. To achieve the exact shape of cutting metal without the risk of damaging it, special milling machines with numerical control are used.

Working in automatic mode and the ability to fine-tune it allows you to create elements of the desired size. Moreover, the configuration of the relief and the necessary

  • recesses
  • protrusions
  • grooves
  • threads and other elements of the workpiece.

In fact, the manufacturers use 3D Aluminum CNC Router to make three-dimensional parts like,

  • letters
  • logos
  • molds for use as a stamp and other elements.


The processing of aluminum blanks with a milling machine makes use to give a metal part the desired shape. Furthermore, this has done by using various cutters working at different angles.

Automatic equipment controls all working operations in different modes, ensuring their quality and compliance with technical documentation. Basically, custom CNC parts machines have special cutters.

And these cutters minimize waste and guarantee high quality cutting without the risk of,

  • unevenness
  • Scoring and many other defects.


Generally, to buy a CNC milling machine for aluminum means,

  • making a choice in favor of high-precision
  • functional and productive equipment of European quality.

Milling grooves for helical rails provides the ultimate cutting accuracy. Moreover, it also allows you to use the device immediately after commissioning. Since, there is no need for workers to screw rails, as is the case with most analogues from other custom CNC parts manufacturers.