What are the different types of cnc router parts machines? (CNC Milling Guide 2021)

December 17, 2020

What is a CNC machine? Its types and characteristics

In the modern world, production automation is not a luxury item, but a perceived necessity. Although in our country the cost of human labor is quite low and there are no prerequisites for an increase in its cost in the short and medium term, cnc router parts even in this situation outperform humans.

The machine does not go on vacation and maternity leave. Moreover, he does not need a weekend, he is not late and does not skip, and his performance does not depend on the mood and yesterday’s party with friends. Each enterprise is interested in the implementation of highly efficient technologies. Therefore, he selects reliable, functional equipment for performing such work as,

  • milling
  • turning
  • cutting metal, wood, plywood using a laser
  • marking and engraving on products and many others.

In this article we will tell you about CNC machines, their types, design, and principle of operation. Additionally, we will provide basic information so that you can decide whether you need such a technique or not.

cnc router parts

CNC machines: what is it?

Let’s figure out what a CNC machine is, and what is the decoding of the abbreviation. CNC is a numerical control program. And it is a computerized system that has aimed at making calculations and automating technical operations. Basically, CNC machine uses some special commands and G-codes to carry out the control. The system can be programmed from external media or connected to a computer.

Consists of the following elements:

  • operator console;
  • display;
  • controller;
  • ROM – long-term storage memory;
  • RAM – temporary storage of programs that are currently in use.

Many people are interested in the question: what does a cnc router parts do? It belongs to the most demanded equipment in the main industries. Moreover, it is considered an expensive, innovative technique. In fact, manufacturers use it to,

  • process metal
  • grind complex workpieces
  • make cabinet furniture, plastic toys, and souvenirs.

The device allows you to perform even the most complex work with high precision. Subsequently, it produces parts that meet the most stringent requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy and tolerances. Furthermore, computerization and automation eliminate human error. If you use the device correctly, the risk of defective products will reduce to zero.

Types of cnc router parts machines

The equipment is divided into several groups, which differ in the ability to perform operations. Types of CNC machines by type of impact on the processed material:

  • milling, drilling, boring – used for cutting blanks, cutting sheets, bending corners, drilling holes;
  • turning – for processing the outer and inner surfaces, perform threading, allow you to create any contours.
  • gear-cutting – allow you to create the necessary geometry of gears and other parts;
  • grinding – they clean and level the surface at the final stage of processing;
  • multipurpose – combine the ability to perform all types of work;
  • electromechanical – include plasma, laser, electrochemical, electro erosive units.

The milling machine has used in production where it is important to observe the accuracy parameters. It happens with a vertical and horizontal spindle works at high speed. There are large and compact models.

The main function of plasma is to design precise and high-quality cutting of metal sheets of any thickness.

Main characteristics of cnc router parts

Those who know what CNC is in modern machine tools have long appreciated its advantages. The cnc router parts significantly increases labor productivity.

Moreover, it reduces the cost of goods. One CNC machine replaces up to 6 conventional units. Because it can work smoothly for many years, perfectly fulfilling the given commands.

In order to process different parts, you just need to change the program. So, the device simply allows you to quickly manufacture a computer-designed product. In addition, it differs in reliability, variety of functions, flexibility of settings, processing accuracy.

Due to these characteristics, today manufacturers are widely using CNC machines in industries that seek to increase the volume of production.

How to find the right CNC machine?

The task of a milling machine is to create highly precise machining of simple and complex shapes. He works with materials such as,

  • metal
  • plastic
  • plexiglass
  • wood and acrylic.

In fact, you will agree that this is necessary equipment in production.

Before making a purchase that will not be so cheap, it is worth understanding which CNC machine to choose? First of all, you need to decide on the scale of work, you are buying for home use or for production. Further, the features of the equipment are considered by type and action.

Basic types of cnc router parts

Choosing a CNC machine begins with understanding its purpose. High-speed models are available, milling and engraving, engravers, narrow-profile machines, portable. Each variety is capable of performing some tasks with varying degrees of difficulty. Actually, the first option is capable of cutting metal, processing wood and paper figures.

Moreover, they can recycle any material, creating parts with high precision. Engravers work with sheets that have designed for 2D and 4D modeling. If you only need to use one material, then you choose a narrow profile machine.

How to choose a CNC machine according to its work technique?

Like a drilling machine, vertical milling rotates the tool in the direction of gravity. A simple router will have three axes in which the tool moves vertically. These machines are common in many machine shops. They are economical, not difficult to program, but they have a variety of capabilities.

Horizontal milling cnc router parts devices perform the same basic function as vertical ones – removing material from a part. Moreover, this model is more expensive than the one described above, but is better suited for production processing.

There are also multi-axis types, where each axle is an additional motor. Going beyond three-axis views greatly expands the capabilities of CNC equipment. Best practice is to match the complexity of the part and the machine. It makes no sense to make a simple workpiece with a small tolerance on a 5-axis.

But the costs will be higher than productivity, which will not positively affect the final work. Which CNC machine to buy for your production is now clearer? Furthermore, it remains to consider the technical characteristics of the models and their cost.

Development features of cnc router parts

How to choose a CNC machine so as not to miscalculate? Basically, it is not always necessary to pay attention to the most expensive professional cnc router parts equipment. If it is enough for you to buy a hand-held apparatus or a portable one, then do not try to look for something complicated.

Generally, you will spend more money on a machine that will not perform all its functions. The costs will not be justified. The same should be observed for manufacturing companies that choose a car in the economy segment.

It is important to take into account that the machine will work a lot and for a long time, performing complex tasks, processing various materials. There is no room for savings.

Equipment characteristics by the number of axles

  • Three. Easy installation and machine programming. Cost effective. Provides the ability to make complex parts.
  • Four. Advanced three-axis machine capabilities. Requires more complex settings. Needs high level software.
  • More than four. Maximum efficiency for workpieces of all materials.cnc router parts 2021

Which CNC machine is better to buy?

Modern models are ready to offer advanced features. There is: a contour chip system, there is a smoke removal, a laser scanner, coolant. In fact, almost all machines operate at 220-380 Volts, and the frequency is 50 Hertz. But if we consider an improved version, then it contains two power branches. One of them goes to the surge protector and stabilizer.

By choosing a gantry machine, you gain a more versatile and flexible design. Moreover, there is a large processing area here, in contrast to devices with a fixed portal.

The cost of the cnc router parts machine depends on several factors. The manufacturer, the complexity of the design, and the functionality are important here. So, it is best to buy equipment from suppliers that cooperate with the manufacturer. Because they will provide not only a better price than intermediaries, but also a guarantee.