How to use CNC Router Parts Plasma for perfect cnc part?

January 27, 2022

Tables from CNC router parts plasma commonly uses today in many different fields. With 2 types of magnetic tables with many unique features and applications to serve many different needs.

What is a table from a CNC router machine?

Table from CNC router machine is one of the most popular CNC machine tables today. This is a magnetic clamping device that uses a permanent magnet, an electromagnet, or a permanent magnetic material to generate a magnetic force. Can clamp the workpiece to position machining without power supply, Turn on reverse current, demagnetize and can unload the workpiece.

Compared with traditional clamps, the CNC magnetic table eliminates screw tools, rollers and other fixings. In addition, the table has a magnetic force of up to 25kg/cm2. Strong suction force, can mass machine quickly, suitable for CNC technology.

CNC Router Parts Plasma

Types of tables from popular CNC router parts plasma today

Permanent Magnetic Table

A type of magnetic table that uses permanent magnets to support clamping workpieces on CNC router machines. Adopts electronic control system to control the magnetic attraction of each piece of permanent magnet individually.

The magnetization and demagnetization time ranges from 3-12 seconds. After finishing the process, there is no need to supply power continuously in order to ensure the magnetic attraction even when the temperature changes. This makes maintenance easy and economical.

Electric magnetic table

When machining on a CNC router machine, because the milling force requires much greater force than the grinding force, the table from the milling machine requires a larger clamping force.

Therefore, the magnetic CNC router parts plasma table electrically control. Allows you to control the magnetic force for easy and stable part clamping. Thereby ensuring safety when processing.

Advantages of table from CNC router machine

Tables from CNC router machines are uses more and more popularly in Vietnam because they have many advantages, bringing many benefits to users:

Strong magnetic force, high precision machining

The magnetic table has a maximum suction force of 13-16kg/cm², about 2 times that of a conventional magnetic suction machine. This helps to firmly fix the workpiece, ensuring detail accuracy.

In addition, because the machining process does not require a power source, the magnetic table does not deform due to heat, ensuring high-precision products.

Safety, energy saving CNC router parts plasma

When finished using, when using electricity, the magnetic table only takes 1-2 wires to convert the magnetization or demagnetization process. Then They can work without using any energy. Thus, creating a safe, strong and effective force that is both economical and environmentally friendly.

CNC Router Parts Plasma 2022

Cost savings, no maintenance costs

In the process of clamping and sucking the workpiece, the electromagnetic permanent magnet is fixed. During operation, due to the phenomenon of magnetic flux leakage, the surface of the object placed on the magnetic table also has a magnetic force. Other surfaces do not affect.

However, this does not affect the work piece. Because the magnetic CNC router parts plasma has an electromechanical demagnetization device inside. Therefore, the part and the machined materials do not need regular maintenance.

CNC router parts plasma is Easy to use

The advantage of the magnetic table is that it fixes, clamping the workpiece is very convenient, it does not require complicated and labor-intensive operations.

At the same time, because the suction force is only at the bottom of the part, the part does not need to clamp the clamp plate. This helps to avoid clamping force causing deformation and scratching of the work piece. In addition, the magnetic table can automatically adjust itself according to the work piece.

Application of table from CNC router parts plasma in mechanics

Tables from CNC router machines have many uses in manufacturing in general and mechanics in particular. Among them can be mentioned are:

  • Suitable for medium-sized machining and rough workpiece milling, small workpiece drilling and fine cutting.
  • The thickness of the workpiece must be more than 10mm, clamp the workpiece in contact with the large magnetic surface.
  • More workpiece clamping styles can do with magnetic pin and slide block. Such as pentagonal machining, drilling, tapping, slotting milling, etc. In addition, the workpiece surface can also work from clamps.

Table specifications from CNC router machine

When choosing a magnetic CNC router parts plasma table, you need to consider the following specifications to choose the right type:

  • Pole size.
  • Force acting on each pole.
  • Pole number.
  • Movement indicator.


Situations where a table from a CNC router machine should be uses

In order to bring high productivity and ensure product accuracy when machining by CNC router machines. You need to consider choosing a magnetic table in the following use cases:

  • Because the magnetic table clamps, fix the object firmly, easy to use. Therefore, the magnetic table should be uses for processing goods in large quantities.
  • The magnetic table is suitable for machining a surface. Because in the process of using the table, a part of the object is hidden by the table. Therefore, the magnetic CNC router parts plasmatable should not be uses for all-surface machined objects.
  • Magnetic table can be uses for processing thin objects. Because the magnetic table creates a suction force to help fix the object firmly without using clamps. This helps the object to avoid warping and distortion.

With many outstanding advantages and can be applied to many different types of workpieces, magnetic tables are increasingly being uses.

Product molding process by pressure mold

First, a metal mold containing molten metal is placed above a sealed furnace. A riser, made of heat-resistant material, is led to the bottom of the mold to feed the molten metal.

Then low pressure air is introduced into the furnace. This causes the molten metal to rise up the tube and into the mold cavity, deep into the details. After the CNC router parts plasma metal solidifies, there is gas pressure released. The molten metal in the riser then returns to the furnace. After cooling, the mold is opened and the product is finished.

Advantages and disadvantages of pressure mold


  • Save more costs when processing large quantities of products.
  • Can process batch, large quantity.
  • Cast with tight dimensional control and good surface finish.
  • The casting has thin walls so the weight is lighter.
  • Fast time, high productivity.

When choosing to buy a CNC router machine, you need to consult the seller whether the machine can integrate the magnetic table or not, which are the types. In order to increase the flexibility of the machine as well as bring the highest machining efficiency when using the table from a CNC router parts plasma.