9 Ways CNC Machining Parts Manufacturers Can Make You Invincible

January 27, 2022

What is the most effective method of milling car wheels?

CNC machining parts manufacturers are the backbone of auto plastic manufacturing industry. When the car is in operation, the part often exposes to external factors. Therefore, they easily damage, making the car less aesthetically pleasing. At that time, machining part or milling car wheels is an effective solution to overcome this situation.


  • What is the milling of car wheels?
  • Causes of car wheels being scratched
  • Benefits of car part restoration
  • Why is machining part the optimal solution to restore car wheels?
  • How to mill restorative part by CNC technology
  • 1. Machining part – What is CNC milling of car wheels?
  • 2. How to mill car wheels with CNC technology

1. CNC machining parts manufacturers – What is the milling of car wheels?

Lazy milling – Car wheel milling is a method of using a CNC milling machine to abrade a thin layer of metal of the part. From there, the scratch layer will remove, forming a shiny car wheel and increasing aesthetics.

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2. Causes of car wheels being scratched

After using for a while, the car part will often scratch, dented, … Reduces the aesthetics as well as reduces the value of the car. Understanding the causes of this phenomenon will help you limit those cases.

  • The road system is not flat, there are many large and small holes and gravel on the road. CNC machining parts manufacturersmaking the wheels of the car often come into contact with them and lead to scratches and chipping.
  • Because the driver cannot control the vehicle completely. Or when at turns or busy roads will cause the car to collide with other cars. This affects not only the wheels of the car, but also other parts.
  • The process of parking and reversing the car has many positions that the driver cannot see, leading to scratches.

3. Benefits of car cnc machining part restoration

When the wheels are scratched or damaged, users often choose the CNC machining parts manufacturers to restore them instead of replacing a new one.

This method widely uses by many people because:

Cost savings tips

Wheels are made from soft alloys. So scratches are easy to happen. While their prices are very expensive. If you restore them instead of regularly replacing them, you will save a lot of money.

Increase aesthetics

A nice part will increase the value of the car. Some people who like cars also often change the wheels of their cars to increase their aesthetics.

4. Why is machining part the optimal solution to restore car wheels?

Car wheels are made from metal alloys. CNC machining parts manufacturers So, if you use spray painting or polishing method will not be optimal. Paint layers used for a few months will be unevenly peeled and unsightly.

Meanwhile, the machining part method can make the surface of the part shiny. Helps restore car wheels longer and deeper.

5.1. Machining part – What is CNC milling of car wheels?

Laser milling by CNC technology is to use CNC machining parts manufacturers and CNC automation technology to mill part. The advantage of this technology is to create smooth, high-precision products. At the same time, saving labor costs.

The codes are pre-programmed so that the milling process automate. As a result, the car wheels will restore quickly and of higher quality.

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5.2. How to mill car wheels with CNC technology

To restore a car wheel with a CNC milling machine, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Check the wheels
  • Including checking for scratches, their depth, wheel distortion, etc.
  • To export part recovery options
  • If the scratches of the part are deep, you need to contact CNC machining parts manufacturers. Then just start milling. This will fill that deep recess easily.
  • Conversely, if the part is slightly scratched, you just need to mill them.
  • Choose the milling method, you need to clean the part and make the background.
  • Design milling profiles of part for CNC machines. This requires highly skilled staff. Because each process of milling car wheels must be calculated carefully and accurately.
  • After preparing, we proceed to machining part.
  • Complete the milling process, the part will be painted with a glossy finish.
  • Finish and assemble the wheel to the wheel.

CNC machining parts manufacturers machines is increasingly popular

Car wheels are one of the CNC milling products, they very focus on investment because they increase the aesthetics and value of the car.  Not only bring good product quality, save costs but also have high aesthetics. Therefore, milling car wheels with CNC milling machines is increasingly popular.

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During the working process, the CNC machine will dirty or sticky with metal particles, dry oil, blockage, etc. Now what you need to do is clean the CNC machine. Helps the machine operate with higher productivity and product quality.

1. Benefits of periodic cleaning of CNC machines

CNC machines now widely use. Therefore, in order to improve the life of the machine as well as support the smooth and fast operation, you need to clean the CNC machine properly and periodically.

Some benefits of cleaning the machine properly include:

Increase machine life

CNC machining parts manufacturers machines in daily use will contaminate with metal chips, dirt and unnecessary lubricants. In the long run, it will damage the machine and reduce product quality. When cleaning the machine, you will reduce these things.

Ensure machine function

Regular cleaning of CNC machines will help you understand their operating status. Parts and equipment that do not work well will be promptly replaced. Helps the machine to function optimally. At the same time, it helps to save money when you do not have to repair or buy a new machine.

Ensuring safety for workers

The machine not working properly can lead to many dangers or accidents for the operator as well as the people around. When cleaning the CNC machining parts manufacturers machine, the rate of these accidents will be significantly reduced.