Which cnc parts online machine to buy by examining the main types?

December 15, 2020

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the double head CO2 laser CNC machine?

What kind of beast is this, who needs it, what are the use cases? We deal with it together with the cnc parts online.

Device functioning technology of cnc parts online

The use of CO2 laser cutting machines has become an integral part of many areas of life. Such a structure is installed and actively used not only in industrial enterprises, but also in garages, houses, workshops. Laser cutting is used to work with almost any surface:

  • from plywood;
  • wooden;
  • textile;
  • leather;
  • paper;
  • various types of plastic;
  • metal and other materials.

Products made with the sought-after laser technology are everywhere and are accepted everywhere. These are jewelry crafts, souvenirs, tools, details and much more.

cnc parts online

This processing method is based on the thermal effect of a laser beam on the material surface being processed. The beam is generated in a laser tube into which a mixture of gases is pumped. The main one, of which is CO2 gas, which gave the name to the tube itself, technology and equipment.

After exiting the tube, the beam is delivered through a system of mirrors to a focusing lens mounted in the laser head. Using the cnc parts online, we set the power of the output beam and the speed of movement of the laser head. Depending on these parameters, we get either material cutting or engraving.

Main advantages of cnc parts online laser machines

In the overwhelming number of laser machines, one laser head is installed with which we perform cutting and engraving, and, accordingly, one laser tube of a certain power. The maximum thickness of the cut material depends on the power of the tube.

Hence, the more power, the greater the thickness of the cut material, the quality of engraving also changes, the more powerful the tube, the larger the contact patch and the less detailed the engraving.

So what is the advantage of a machine with two working heads over a machine with one?

The main advantage of cnc parts online is excellent performance.

Two laser heads per unit of time will produce exactly twice the output of one. This is true for both cutting and engraving. The working area is divided into two parts: right and left. Depending on the size of the working field, it can be, for example, 1300mm, then the working field of each laser head will be 650mm or 1600mm, then the working field will be 800mm. The processing area from us to us remains unchanged.


If you have a need to use the entire working area of the machine, then this is also possible. You can move one of the laser heads to the side and turn off the laser tube.

Variability and safety net with cnc parts

You can use laser tubes of the same power, or different ones. In this case, as already mentioned, an increase in productivity is achieved. In addition, the laser tube or the laser tube power supply can fail at the most inopportune moment. While we are waiting for the components to be replaced, the equipment is at a standstill, the deadlines are running out, the customer is unhappy.

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In the cnc parts online machine with two heads and laser tubes, we can continue to work, but more slowly, but while we are waiting for components to be replaced, we will complete the order and give them to the client.

Laser tubes of different powers can be used. For example, one laser tube 130W, we use it for cutting materials, for example, plywood, leather, and the second 50W for fine engraving.

cnc parts online Price

Both laser heads and laser tubes are installed in the same machine body if it were a single laser head and laser tube model. Both laser heads are mounted on the same portal, both are driven by the same motor, and both are controlled by the same controller.

Even laser tubes can be cooled from the same chiller. For example, the CW-5200 chiller model can have either two inlets or four, respectively, for one and two pipes. Therefore, depending on the model of the laser machine and the power of the laser tubes, there is a slight increase in the cost of equipment, most often; it fits into 10-15% of the price of a model with one head.

This equipment does not take up more space in comparison with the option of using two laser machines, therefore, you cannot overpay for the rental of premises, and use unoccupied meters for a warehouse and other needs.

How to choose a CNC milling machine?

CNC milling is one of the most common processes in the production of complex cnc parts online. There are other manufacturing methods such as laser or plasma cutting. They are also able to grind, cut, grind, but in comparison with CNC, they are inferior.

The devices are equipped with machine tools, a large tool magazine, turrets, etc. These components expand the capabilities of the machine, making it versatile and in demand. If you are faced with a dilemma of which milling machine to choose, then it’s time to familiarize yourself with their main characteristics and types.

Milling machines: types

The world market is ready to offer a range of installations, each of which has its own characteristics. In principle, the basics remain unchanged, the differences are in some device modifications. Which milling machine is better? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question, given that each buyer chooses the machine that is suitable for specific purposes.

You can find out which milling machine to buy by examining the main types:

  1. Horizontal milling. The work table resembles a console that makes longitudinal vertical and lateral movements in relation to the spindle shaft. It is in a horizontal position, so parts are attached to it for further processing.
  2. Vertical milling, also called cantilever. Their fundamental difference from the above is in the location of the axis. She is in an upright position. The machine is designed for making only small parts.
  3. Versatile designs are equipped with a rotary table and a spindle head. These nuances significantly expand the potential of the equipment.
  4. Consoleless. The peculiarity of cnc parts online is that the table moves along a trajectory resembling a cross. The spindle runs vertically. You do not need a console to secure the part. This is where a solid foundation comes into play.
  5. Longitudinal. They consist of a table that moves longitudinally relative to the axis. At this moment, the spindle works in the vertical and lateral directions.
  6. Copy milling machines read the parameters from the sample and process the workpiece.

All units are capable of processing different materials: plexiglass, plastic, metal, wood. The latter names are more popular in production.

Specifications of cnc parts online

The choice of a CNC milling machine should also come from its power. If you are going to work with wood, then you are asking another question, which is the best wood router? The 600-750 W model is suitable for working with soft to medium hard wood.

The choice of a milling machine for metal and hardwood should focus on equipment with a figure of 1500 watts. Sheet plywood will be processed by a 750-800 W unit.

Needless to say, which milling machine to buy for cnc parts online? Of course, its productive power should be greater than the above indicators. Usually it is from 3000 watts.