Beginner Guide to Understand DIY CNC Parts: (CNC Milling 2021)

December 15, 2020

Manufacture of CNC Milling Machines

Modern factories of CNC milling machines produce a very extensive range of diy cnc parts. Manufacturers mainly in three countries:

  • China,
  • United States of America
  • Germany

The choice of a specific model often turns into a real quest, since you have to choose not from 5-6 brands, but from dozens of brands.

What niche does our country occupy in this industry of CNC machines? And are our products in any way competitive in the world market? And what explains openly weak positions? Therefore, we will discuss and answer these questions.


What are important factors in choosing diy cnc parts?

Industrial buyers determine the best option by evaluating several parameters and performance characteristics. Moreover, it includes the following:

  • Reliability
  • Specifications
  • Equipment
  • Ease of repair and service;
  • Modernization possibilities;
  • Price

Generally, from an economic point of view, cost is an important factor. For many, an extremely important and perhaps the main question, especially for start-up industries.

It requires analyzing dozens of parameters in order to determine the ratio of characteristics, quality and price that is comfortable for you.

Mini CNC milling machines for home

Having bought a similar mini CNC milling machine, a person gets the opportunity to create exclusive diy cnc parts. Moreover, it is to realize their creative potential. After a lapse, you are able to open your own profitable furniture production or start producing promotional items. Hence, you can do it by using the same equipment with which you started.

Working on mini-milling machines with programmed control is a fairly promising and profitable direction for developing your own business. Therefore, it is very important in modern conditions.


The main structural elements (regardless of the model) are:

  • milling cutter – a tool that directly processes materials
  • collet chuck – a device for holding the cutter
  • spindle – an element that transfers rotary motion to the cutter
  • set of motors – to move the portal with the placed spindle, in different planes
  • Gearboxes – an element that transfers torque to a gear. The latter moves along a helical rack and sets the portal in motion.
  • Guides – are used to move the portal in the horizontal plane

Generally, machine models can equip additional parts:

  • Coolant
  • a block that automatically changes the instrument (ATC)
  • rotary device
  • Subsequently, it completes by a vacuum work table for placing workpieces.
  • Possible variant of coordinate axes placement

The device has 3 linear axes. Moreover, it allows you to move the working tool in the transverse, longitudinal and vertical directions.

Generally, manufacturers supply miniature CNC milling machines with their own power supply.

As additional options, many models of machines from different manufacturers complete with additional equipment. Moreover, it includes a fourth axis. Hence, this allows for milling 3D-5D, volumetric scanner.

Where are similar cnc parts machines used?

The diy cnc parts in question are widely in demand:

  • for making various souvenirs
  • in the manufacture of furniture
  • processing of wooden parts
  • in various branches of mechanical engineering.


There are a large number of drawings and descriptions of homemade mini-CNC milling machines diy cnc parts in the public domain. But the apparent simplicity and cost savings, when choosing such a solution, is almost guaranteed to provide you with a low quality of work.

Similarly, it has short service life and very limited functionality. Therefore, you should pay attention to factory-made machines.

The market offers a wide range of imported products in this segment.
DIY CNC Parts factory

Miniature milling machine equipped with CNC

It is a very practical model; it comes by significant machining accuracy, simple operation, and low-cost maintenance.

Basically, the mechanism has the following capabilities:

  • makes 3D milling cutting
  • provides engraving
  • cuts materials

Designed to work with a wide range of materials.

Equipment characteristics

Generally, the size of the working field is 400 * 400 * 100 millimeters. The body is one-piece, which increases the stability of the model during operation.

Basically, the device weight is 100 kg. The speed at which the spindle can rotate is ≤2400 rpm. The maximum movement speed is 6000 mm / min.  For all basic characteristics, the machine is comparable to or surpasses the best analogues.

It completes with a spindle (N = 1.5 kW), in which the ER-11 collet chuck is fixed.

Cooling – water. There is a stepper motor to move the portal.

Furthermore, the possibility of tuning is very easy to provide.


Professionals recommend evaluating them according to parameters that have a significant impact on the convenience of their operation.

First of all, these are the types of components that are basic for the machine. Then the following are important:

  • available sizes of workpieces to proceeds;
  • Design features and build quality (manual assembly and milling is worse than automatic in this case);
  • Type and type of installed engine. Unlike stepper motors, servo motors provide improved product quality.
  • Software. It is imperative to clarify what software is loaded into the CNC unit, whether it is compatible with popular programs.

The main advantages of mini-machines for diy cnc parts are ease of operation, maintenance and start-up. Almost all of them operate on a standard single-phase 220/240 V.

There are many modular models for home use on the market. This allows a person to independently choose the optimal configuration for him, without overpaying for opportunities that he will not use.

When using this equipment for woodworking, it is enough to choose a model in performance

The equipment in question allows you to produce a wide range of products:

  • artistically processed overlays;
  • facades;
  • logos;
  • volumetric letters;
  • Other advertising or souvenir products.

DIY CNC engravers: types, characteristics, how to choose, where to buy

This is the name for machines come with a special tool for engraving various materials and products. To improve the quality of work and reduce the negative impact on the final result of the “human factor”, they come with a CNC unit – numerical control.


Engraving, one of the technologies that are in high demand on the market. Furthermore, they allow you to apply inscriptions, ornaments, images on the surface of various solid materials. For this, a special tool or machines is common with diy cnc parts.


Engraving work is possible manually and using a special machine park. In addition, the following methods of engraving are different.

  • Manual – the master uses a grader for work.
  • Mechanized, during which the material is not removed.

This group includes the following types of technologies:

  • Diamond, made by a steel engraver on CNC machines.

Similarly, it allows applying an image with a depth of 10 to 100 microns.

Furthermore, it also provides for drawing an image with dots. We can also apply by hand or on an engraving machine.


Engraving machines represent a group of equipment used to create images or inscriptions and make three-dimensional drawings.

The main elements of each machine, regardless of its type and design, are:

  • Frame;
  • Cutting elements
  • The portal that moves the cutting element.

All existing engraving diy cnc parts equipment is distinguished by:

  • structural reliability;
  • type of cutting elements;
  • functional;
  • cost

Both imported and domestic engraving devices are widely used in world.

The main classification is considered to be the division of the mentioned equipment according to the type of impact on the processed materials.