CNC machining mechanical 5 Top Advantages You Must Know

November 18, 2021

Introduction of cnc machining mechanical

The method of cnc machining mechanical products has been around for a long time with many lines of cnc machining that are diverse in machine configuration and capacity. This series of machines has significantly improved the productivity as well as the quality of finished products compared to the traditional manual method.

Let’s look at 5 outstanding advantages of cnc machining mechanical… – CNC machines are being highly appreciated by customers for their machine quality and service. after sales!

5 advantages of Dong Phuong CNC professional machine

CNC professional machine technology has many outstanding advantages compared to traditional manual professional methods. That is also the reason that more and more customers choose this machine for their professional work even though their price is not low.

CNC machining mechanical

Product quality is uniform

Carving lines created on metal surface by windcam cnc machining mechanical, are of good quality and achieve high aesthetics. Therefore, the accuracy in the engraving process is almost absolute.

Depending on the needs of each customer, choose the number of different chisels.

cnc machining mechanical Fast processing speed

If we compare it with human-powered metal carving, the professional cnc machine clearly provides a capacity with a processing speed many times faster. Satisfy all bulk orders.

Engine is always stable, durable operation

As a direct cnc machining mechanical manufacturer we always focus on cnc machining mechanical quality and warranty service for customers.

cnc machining mechanical Diverse product models

An advantage that cannot be ignored when using 3d metal chisels and relief chisels is the ability to process a variety of product designs. Ensure sharpness, aesthetics as well as absolute accuracy.

Dong Phuong always supports customers on thoughtful design issues. Regularly updated on website:

Save labor cost, production cost

Production and labor costs are also a concern of business owners. For multi-function professional chisels, customers can rest assured that it does not take a lot of labor and accompanying costs.

A turner is a metal jeweler, since very often he must work on complex parts of all possible thicknesses. Here you cannot do without milling cnc machining mechanical and knowledge of all types of milling work.

cnc machining mechanical Milling a part

  • The surface anything: flat, threaded, or serrated. Milling today is extremely popular due to its high efficiency, so every novice turner should master its basic techniques.
  • So, we list the main types of this type of metalworking:
  • horizontal and vertical type (according to the location of the working surface);
  • operations with passing and counter rotation of the cutter;
  • end works (processing of undercuts, wells, grooves, windows);
  • shaped milling of profiles;

face processing of overall surfaces.

Using all the above types of work on milling cnc machining mechanical, you can quickly and efficiently process casting molds and decorative elements, parts and instrument cases, door and cabinet numbers, letters for different plates. Also, the ability to produce clichés, badges, badges, and make advertising products will not be superfluous.

Milling recommendations

It is clear which method of milling is common when common.

Now let me share some recommendations regarding the milling process itself: Universal processing of a part on a cnc machining mechanical

for face milling, avoid machining planes with intersecting holes and slots. The cutting process will be intermittent, which will disrupt the work of the cutting edges. It is better to make the hole later or, in extreme cases, halve the feed amount.

CNC machining mechanical 2021

cnc machining mechanical workpiece must be continuous.

if the work is going on with a large surface, the contact of the cutting tool with the workpiece must be continuous;

the radius of machining of the corner sections of the cutter must be larger than the radius of the cutter. This will help avoid vibrations;

when thin-walled pockets need to be cnc machining mechanical, down-cut milling is necessary. This will help to select the metal gradually and not “pick” the wall.

Type of milling work on metal

As for the shaped type of milling work on metal, then on a conventional machine it can be done only in the case of a curved profile of the workpiece in one section. When a part has a curved profile in two sections (transverse and longitudinal), then its processing is possible only on special equipment.

Steel workpieces often it is easy to divide into pieces. It is done by hand using a hacksaw or scissors. When special equipment is required, cnc machining mechanical are common. Depending on how exactly you are going to cut the part, the appropriate device is selected. The process of cutting the workpiece on the LPS

What cutting units for machining are the turner’s loyal assistants today?

You will need a classic grinder (angle grinder) to work with high-quality rolled metal of small diameters. With its help, you can make circles, corners, fittings. Many parts cannot cut, but dross and oxides at the cut are minimal.

A circular saw is indispensable when cutting at an angle. it is  a lot of waste, there are depth restrictions, but the cut will be accurate and of high quality.

cnc machining mechanical Heat treatment equipment

Metal cutting is hot. In this case, for cutting the material, installations for plasma, laser, oxygen, air-arc cutting, as well as autogens are common. The main criterion for the quality of the cut is its cleanliness. Equipment such as a grinder, oxygen and air-arc cutting cnc machining mechanical cannot ensure proper cleanliness, therefore they are common for preparatory work.

One of the innovative cutting methods is waterjet cutting, it is easy to carry out on gantry and cantilever devices. It is sustainable, efficient, accurate and safe. Most often, the equipment is common in the aerospace and automotive industries, although, in fact, it is universal.

Plasma cutting process of metal workpiece

The principle of operation of such cnc machining mechanical is simple: a stream of water is mixed with the smallest abrasive in a special mixing chamber and flies out of the tube at a speed three times the speed of sound.

Laser cutting is indispensable wherever perfect cutting quality combined with high productivity require. These machines are based on fiber, solid-state and gas lasers. They work in continuous or pulsed mode.

It is necessary to make a part of a complex shape

When it is necessary to make a part of a complex shape or an element from a brittle or very hard metal, wire EDM cnc machining mechanical come to the rescue.

The guillotine is quite efficient and productive, but it only allows cutting parts of a simple configuration.

If you are fortunate enough to be a numerically controlled machine operator, you have the opportunity to create complex three-dimensional products, that is, practice 3D milling. Typically, such devices are common in advertising, industry, instrument making.


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