Which is the best aluminium cnc milling machining service?

November 18, 2021

Turning tools: factory and creative tooling

Aluminium cnc milling machining service for turning workTurning devices significantly expand the capabilities of the machine, and therefore the operator. The work becomes more productive, the quality – the higher the variety of processed parts – more.

Personally, my machine is a “complete stuffing”, which has a positive impact on the profitability of work and the level of professionalism. Also, Tooling elements are either factory-made or do-it-yourself. Below I post a description of several “unlicensed” devices, which, in my opinion, are of interest to the turner.

Homemade ” aluminium cnc milling machining service

I present to the attention of all those interested in their own development of turners, the elements of equipment for expanding the functionality of the machine (there is enough information on the Web about how exactly to make them):

a milling attachment for an ordinary household and even school machine. Furthermore, it will aluminium cnc milling machining service with such useful “skills” as processing various workpieces along the contour, milling planes, selecting grooves and grooves; tape ruler.

Aluminum cnc machining

a useful tool for turning work aluminum cnc milling machining service

It is another useful tool for turning work and allows you to machine tapered surfaces; device for fixing the drill on the support for aluminum cnc milling machining service.

Also, this is a drill holder with a tapered hole (its axis must coincide with the axis of the headstock spindle of the machine itself); Gear Cutting Turning Tool

modernized die, holder. It will improve the quality of the thread, eliminating the skewing of the tool;

device for simultaneous tapping and drilling. Provides the performance of two operations in one installation of the tool;

Accessories for aluminum cnc milling machining service

Accessories for essential lathes (factory production) are cutters, of which there are about two dozen types. When choosing taps, you should focus on such quality criteria as accuracy and strength. Threading dies come in different shapes and designs, and are made of high speed or tool steel. Drills are axial tools for machining holes.

The choice of aluminum cnc milling machining service determines by its materials, methods of fastening in the spindle, and functional purpose. For example, the choice of drill depends on the hardness of the workpiece and the hole diameter.

Recommendations for choosing a cnc milling machining: size, material, hardness

A high school student also knows what a cnc milling machining is. But how do you choose the right tool to ensure high-quality sanding?

When buying a circle, they are guided by such parameters as:

  • the size;
  • structure;
  • grain;
  • in addition, hardness;
  • material of manufacture.

What matters is the ligament, the imbalance of the circle.

Let’s start with the simplest thing – size. Personal preference doesn’t matter here. It is important to use a wheel with the maximum allowable diameter for good sanding.

What the cnc milling machining depends on such important factors:

  • machine tool;
  • forms;
  • tool dimensions;

The shape of the product is also determined by the parameters of the equipment.

As for the material, the circles are made of white, EH or EG aluminum cnc milling machining service, mono-corundum, silicon carbide. The concepts of “better” or “worse” are inappropriate here. Everything determines by the composition and properties of the part that is being machined.

Much more depends on the type of operation. For example, for roughing work, I recommend using a circle made of ordinary fused alumina. Silicon carbide is more suitable for machining cast iron parts.

Cutting tool hardness aluminum cnc milling machining service

The abrasive grains of the cnc milling machining wear out due to the high hardness of the metal. Waste grains remove faster from softer circles. However, my advice is simple: the harder the material you are processing, the softer the circle should be.

There are exceptions to any rule, so we grind stainless steel, heat-resistant metal, copper, lead and aluminum with a soft wheel.

Aluminum cnc machining 2021

I present to the attention of amateurs and beginners the following recommendations:

  1. Do not neglect to dress the wheel when sanding tough surfaces, even when the grains are not dull yet. Otherwise, the sanding waste will clog the pores of the tool and will have to be thrown away;
  2. Furthermore, use a softer wheel when the contact area between the part and the tool becomes large. This will facilitate the process of grain renewal;
  3. Moreover, Stop the choice on a hard wheel for roughing, rough grinding;
  4. In addition, feel free to use hard wheels when sanding uneven surfaces and softer tools for sanding smooth parts.

A flat surface can be horizontal or inclined (if the flat inclined area is small, it is called a bevel). It is processing on a milling machine is carried out using a cylindrical or end mill.

The sequence of aluminum cnc milling machining service work is as follows:

  • leash of the part under the cutter for easy contact;
  • retraction from under the tool and shutdown of the spindle;
  • setting the vertical or crossfeed to the processing depth;
  • turning on the spindle and manually moving the table with the part under the cutter before the start of contact;
  • switching on the longitudinal feed of the table.

So, we did everything right, when suddenly we get a defective part at the exit. Why such injustice? Let’s take a look and list some types of marriage and how to fix it.

Aluminium cnc milling machining service Causes, effects, conclusions

Inconsistency of the surface finish with the requirements or the discrepancy between the dimensions and the given drawings – each problem has its own solution. However, to get fewer things on the road to becoming a pro, let’s learn from the mistakes of others and heed the following guidelines.

  1. The surface of the part resembles a stormy sea, not an icy surface. To avoid waviness, simply reduce the feed.


From personal experience, I will say that it is more profitable to use soft circles. They are economical and do not need frequent revisions. However, it is important to know when to stop, since a circle that is too soft will quickly lose its shape and wear out.