Top 3 Wood cnc Machining you Must Try in 2021

November 18, 2021

Criteria for Choosing Basic Wood Carving CNC Machine

In the furniture manufacturing industry, we cannot lack the wood carving cnc machine. wood cnc machining is a machine that engraves patterns on wood, helps increase productivity, shortens order completion time, saves labor costs, and improves work efficiency x 3.

You are looking to buy a wood carving cnc machine but haven’t yet. Know how to choose a wood carving cnc machine, the criteria for choosing a quality woodcarving cnc machine, please refer to this article.

choosing to buy a cheap wood cnc machining

Many people are subjective when choosing to buy a cheap, cheap cnc wood carving machine, they think that every wood carving cnc machine is the same, all products can be chiseled and have a warranty. Others buy more expensive, modern, high-capacity machines, the higher the efficiency.

The reality is not so, on the market today, there are many small units that provide cheap wood cnc machining, but the quality has not been tested, and the after-sales service is poor.

Many sources import quality cnc machines, but they are weak in terms of instructions for use, and the warranty period is delayed due to geographical distances. If you do not understand these issues well, you will have many difficulties in the process of using the machine.

Choosing a wood cnc machining is very important

From there, the criteria for choosing a wood carving cnc machine are very important, directly deciding the work efficiency.

Some criteria for choosing a basic wood carving cnc machine.

To buy an effective woodworking cnc machine, you need to make sure to adhere to some basic criteria as follows.

  1. Learn the specifications of the wood cnc machining.

– Mechanical structure with firm rigidity, high precision will bring high stability to the machine, affecting 60% of product quality.

Control system and motor control affect 40% of product quality.

You should choose wood carving cnc machines that use AC servo control motors to bring high accuracy, accurate movement. The control system uses CA100 or V8 card to make the process of using the machine stable and fast.

Many lines of wood cnc machining such as Dong Phuong cnc machine have intelligent machine fault reporting, automatic oil pumping system, convenient lighting system

Choose the right wood cnc machining.

To choose a suitable and effective cnc wood carving machine, you need to base on your purposes and needs.

If you specialize in chiseling products such as tables and chairs, beds, cabinets, doors. Also, you should choose to invest in a 4-head, 6-head 3D CNC machine with medium size.

If you specialize in small export chisels, local altars, etc., then you should choose to invest in machines with many large stroke punches.

If you specialize in chiseling wooden statues, neoclassical chair legs, dragon pillars, altars, etc., you should choose to invest in a line of high-class wood cnc machining.

Choose a reputable supplier for purchasing wood cnc machining.

On the market, there are many different brands of wood carving cnc machines, so to choose the right cnc machine products, you should choose reputable brands, trusted by many consumers, choosing, consulting services. Dedicated advice, long-term warranty helps you feel secure during use.

Before 2015, the concept of wood CNC machines was still very new in Europe. But up to now, it has become extremely popular and is an indispensable machine for fine art furniture manufacturers, export furniture and advertising companies.

Currently on the market there are many types of CNC machines suitable for each different customer.

The 3 most popular wood cnc machining

  1. 3D Wood Carving CNC Machine

3D wood carving CNC machine is the most popular woodworking CNC machine on the market today. Because most of the fine art wood products in Europe have a lot of 3D carving details, investing in a wood cnc machining is extremely necessary.

Therefore, when appearing in the European market, wood carving CNC machines have changed the whole industry of fine art furniture production.

present, wooden handicraft products processed by CNC machines account for 90% of wooden furniture products on the market, enough to see the popularity of the machine.

Wood cnc Machining 2021

Basic 3D wood carving machine configuration

Working journey

  • Width ( x ): 900, 1550, 1750, 2150 and 3200 ( mm )
  • Length ( y ): 1500, 1700 and 2500 ( mm )
  • In addition, Height (z): 250, 350 (mm)
  • Number of engraving heads: 2 – 24
  • Furthermore, Spindle capacity: 1.5KW, 2.2KW, 3.2KW
  • Controller: V5, V8, CA100
  • Motor: X, Z Servo. Y Step

Single head wood cnc machining specialized in 2D cutting

1325 CNC machine – 1 head specializing in 2D cutting is an indispensable. Also, CNC machine for industrial wood furniture manufacturing and advertising units. The machine is responsible for 2D cutting of the most popular industrial materials such as: MDF, Alu, Mica, Fomec, stainless steel and some soft aluminum.

The wood cnc machining has a cost varies. Although the CNC machine has the lowest price. But with the specialized function of 2D cutting, it still brings very high economic efficiency to the owner.

Because it mainly serves 2D cutting work, the configuration of the 1325-1 advertising cutting CNC machine has many differences compared to the 3D wood carving CNC machine.

Basic configuration of 1325 CNC machine – 1 ad cutting

  1. Working journey
  2. Width ( x ): 1250 ( mm )
  3. Length ( y ): 2500 ( mm )
  4. Height (z): 150 (mm)
  5. Number of cutter heads: 01
  6. Spindle capacity: 3.2KW, 4.5KW, 5.5KW
  7. Controller: V5
  8. Motor: X, Z, Y Step
  9. Guide system: X, Y cross rack.

Note: Currently on the market, only the 1325-1 machine of Dong Phuong automation company is a Z-axis improvement using vitme instead of a diagonal rack like other low-cost machine suppliers.

4 axis CNC machine chisel and engrave large diameter statue

In terms of function and configuration, it must be said that the 4-axis CNC machine for carving statues is significantly superior to the two wood cnc machining above.

The machine can do the job of a 3D sculpting CNC machine. If it is upgraded with a table top. But because it is a special CNC machine that specializes in carving and carving circular products such as statues, dragon pillars, stair pillars and products with difficult contours.


In general, the criteria for choosing a wood carving cnc machine are many, largely based on the purpose of your work and investment capital. Choosing a good, suitable wood cnc machining will bring high efficiency, and reduce asset depreciation costs significantly.