5 benefits of Cnc machine service: Professional Tips

December 10, 2021

Whether you are new to Cnc machine service machining or have been manufacturing with cnc for a long time, it is important that you are always aware of the benefits of cnc cutting.

Take a few minutes to learn about some of the advantages of cnc machining technology over traditional cutting methods. One of the biggest advantages is the inherent heat-free cutting quality of the cnc.

This allows the materials to be cut to not burn, melt or crack as they would with other cutting methods. Some thermal processes cause surface hardening, warping and harmful gas emissions. In contrast, cnc machining materials do not experience thermal stress, eliminating such undesirable results.

Cnc machine service

Advantages of Cnc machine service

Cold cutting – no heat artificial zone, no hardening Omni directional cutting – ability to cut in any direction

  • Hole most materials easily without starting with a primer hole
  • Cuts almost any material
  • Minimum workpiece fixation requirements
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Reduce dust and harmful gases
  • No material loading – cutting does not generate material deformation stresses
  • Flexible machine integration
  • Material saving (small cutting circuit width)
  • Much faster than conventional cutting methods.

Another great advantages of Cnc machine service

Another great advantage of Cnc machine service is that cnc machining can not only cut metal and steel, but it can also cut fiber reinforced materials, reflective materials (stainless steel cnc machining, jet cutting). aluminum water, glass. Cut uneven surfaces and stack layers of different materials.

Since mechanical processes take place at the microscopic level, the content and surface finish of the material are not important factors.

Types of Cnc machine service

Two types of Cnc machine service methods exist, pure water jet cutting and abrasive use. The difference is that pure water jet cutting is common to cut soft materials like foam or paper by using only water flow for cutting. Whereas, for abrasive cnc, abrasive particles are added to the water stream.

Granular abrasives accelerate the power of the cutting current, allowing easy cutting of hard materials such as metals or ceramics.

5 Cnc machine service benefits outline

  1. Unlimited cutting material

Cnc machine service is flexible applicable, cutting almost any material; composites, plastics, metals, glass, stone, ceramics and rubber. With the addition of granular abrasives, cnc cutters can make quality cuts on materials up to 200 mm thick.

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  1. Heat Unaffected Cutting Area (HAZ)

A major advantage of cnc machining is that there is no heat affected zone (HAZ) due to its cold cutting method. Cold cutting not only allows clean cuts, but also greatly increases operator safety by eliminating risks of burns.

3. No material deformation

Through cold cutting, heat exposure is easy to bypass, which is especially important for materials such as metals, resulting in smooth cuts without distortion in the material. This results in a smooth and burr-free cut like gas or plasma cutting.

  1. No need for additional finishing after cutting

The high cut quality immediately guarantees an accurate result, avoiding an additional cut surface finish. This greatly increases the cutting process and saves time, increasing overall efficiency.

Cnc machine service 2021

5. No hazardous waste

The growing importance of environmentally friendly processes in industries is becoming more apparent. A significant advantage of Cnc machine service is that it does not produce any hazardous waste in the form of fumes and gases, unlike other cutting technologies.

However, CNC machining makes many of the complex processes involved in acrylic machining simple. In addition, CNC machining is preferring for acrylic materials because it works faster and the input parameters is easy to made to suit a wide range of needs.

Cnc machine service PMMA. plastic

Relying on conventional machining processes to cut an acrylic sheet into favorite shapes is a complex procedure. For example, acrylic is fragile and any excess force apply to it can causing it to break into many unintended pieces.

Meanwhile, CNC machining offers a unique advantage of being able to obtain the intended shapes and dimensions of the acrylic material based on the input parameters fed into the Cnc machine service.

Cnc machine service Work efficiently

In addition, the machining process takes place with great precision and the meaning here is that there is minimal waste of the acrylic material involved. Lamps for optics and automobiles often have complex shapes, and may also require very minimal tolerance parameters for optimum performance.

CNC machining introduces very small errors, and with acrylic materials it is possible to produce the favorite material to all the exact specifications set.

  • Note on Cnc machine servicegas for acrylic resin PMMA
  • Plastic processing tips
  • When milling plastics, several criteria must be considered for achieving top results in the final product.

These very important points to note include:

  1. Clamp

The clamp is tight as possible to get a distortion-free result. But not too tight like with metal

  1. The cutting tool must be extremely sharp

The finer the plastic, the more difficult it is to process the material. In addition, the machine-grinded cutting flute helps to evacuate hot plastic chips cleanly and reliably to avoid clogging.

Reasonable selection of cutting tools

The tool bar of the rotary hole has a large protrusion and poor rigidity, which is easy to vibrate. Under the action of radial force, it is easy to give way to the cutting tool, which affects the accuracy of the hole.

Therefore, the tool stiffness is high as much as possible when Cnc machine service parts of long and thin parts. At the same time, for easy chip discharge, the chip breaker or the chip roller groove easy to open opposite the turning tool and the chip discharge direction is easy to controll at an appropriate edge angle.


Thin-walled parts machined by Cnc machine service lathes are common in mechanical engineering. But because of the poor hardness, it is difficult to guarantee the quality due to the large deformation caused by the cutting force, cutting heat and other factors.

By applying appropriate clamping method, applying reasonable support system and advanced processing method, choosing the right tool angle and cutting parameters, the machining quality requirements of thin-walled parts is easy to get.