CNC Lathe

A CNC lathe is a machine-type device operating using a numerical control system. This unit allows the manufacture of various products of high precision. Thanks to the CNC system, the device can operate in automatic or semi-automatic mode. This minimizes operator intervention in the machining of parts.

Purpose CNC lathes are modern versions of standard machine tools equipped with a number of additional functions, one of which is the presence of a CNC system. Such devices are designed for turning metal workpieces, but they can also be used for working with other materials. Thanks to this, lathes have become versatile tools used in various fields. The main area of application is in the factory and at home.

Using CNC machines:

  • External and internal turning of parts is performed;
  • Cone-shaped elements are made, or having other complex shapes;
  • Longitudinal processing of the workpiece is performed;
  • Roughing and finishing are performed;
  • The length of the parts is regulated;
  • Grooves, recesses, holes are machined;
  • Both inch and metric threads are cut.

This machine is able to cope with a task of almost any level of complexity. Therefore, the area of application of CNC machines for turning work is in enterprises engaged in the serial production of parts. Also, the use of lathes is noted in frequent production in small businesses.

The current existing technology can optimize production, improve product quality and improve the functions of CNC equipment
It has become more technologically advanced, and new advantages have emerged in its use:

Improved processing speed. Only the operator is required to start the machine without manual reconfiguration. The machine replaces cutting tools by itself. Therefore, several actions are combined. Everything is completed in one cycle, which greatly affects the growth of growth.

In the past, work speed was affected by many factors, including employee experience. CNC equipment spends the same amount of time on the metal processing of the same parts, which is convenient when planning mass production.

Precision metal processing. Correctly written programs can obtain the same product repeatedly. The precision is so high that it does not exceed micrometers. The human influence on the metal processing process is completely excluded.

The ability to manufacture complex parts. CNC machines are good at handling almost any complex details. Therefore, the equipment is used in advanced aircraft production and the automotive industry. An example is the manufacture of products with complex symmetry. For manual production, this is an extremely difficult task, but for CNC machine tools, it is not the case.
Layoffs. Maintenance of automated equipment requires a small number of professional workers. The workshop requires 2 to 4 people because of their high working speed-they can serve multiple machines in 12 to 15 minutes.

The ability to build automatic conveyor belts. If multiple CNC machine tools for metal processing are combined into one production line, the production can be fully automated.

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