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ZHONG BANG is the best CNC machining manufacturer, providing customers with fair prices and high-quality services. To get any quotation for CNC machining, you can send CNC design files or CNC gerber files to

The CNC machining services we provide include Automatic lathes, CNC lathes, cold heading processing, laser engraving and precision springs, stamping shrapnel, terminals, USB iron shells, turning nuts, studs, handles, sheet metal parts, welding, fan covers, spring shrapnel loose assembly, etc. Hardware fastener processing.

Widely used in automotive, equipment, medical, security, computer, consumer, communications, industrial control, power electronics and lighting applications, etc.

Regarding the best machining manufacturer, we are not only fair in price, but also punctual and excellent in quality.

The quantity is very flexible and can provide prototypes and mass production. Regardless of the size of your order, we will continue to provide you with technical support and services. Very professional and experienced technicians use advanced equipment to provide customers with high-quality products. Before producing any samples, our professional engineering team will carefully evaluate whether all your product design documents are suitable for manufacturing and whether there are engineering problems, and strive to solve the design problems for you to ensure that the perfect product in your mind is produced.

Our goal is to make customers satisfied. Efforts to help customers provide sales services and expand the market. Use product quality and price to help customers occupy the market. If you have any CNC machining projects and want to cooperate, please send an email to


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