What is CNC Parts machine? (A Step by step CNC Fabrication Guide 2021)

December 11, 2020

An Introduction to CNC Machining

CNC parts

In this fast paced world, we are moving towards the automation from the manual processes. That is why, to replace the manually working drilling machines, we manufactured the CNC parts machines.

The CNC machine stands for computer numerically controlled machine. They provide high efficiency and low time consumption. Moreover, they don’t use much labor to operate the function.

In addition, CNC parts don’t heat up as that of the manual machines. Therefore, we don’t have to put water on its parts as a coolant. The CNC machine works on a CNC program which we feed to it before operating the machine. Let us move the details of the CNC machine.

How do we define a cnc machine?

Generally, CNC machine is an electronic machine that has a control from computer and functions according to the CNC program. It stands for computer numerically controlled machine.

There are two types of programs for the CNC machines.

  1. CAD
  2. CAM

. CAD is assisting in the process understanding the machine designs and the tools.

CAM stands for computer aided manufacturing. CAM is helpful in the process of manufacturing of the machines and their parts. Both of these functions are computer aided and automatized.

What are the major Types of CNC machines?

We can divide cnc machines into various categories as follows:.

CNC Best laser cutting machine

This unique machine uses laser for the cutting process. The program is fed to the machine on which it runs. The technique of laser cutting is used in the machine. The machine provides the efficient cutting of sheets with the elegant surface finishing.

The CNC parts of this machine have very efficient working. These can fabricate a complex and complicated design easily. We just have to feed the code on the machine. The cost of the machine is considerably high. The only issue is that the repair of the parts of this machine is difficult. The reason is that CNC parts of this machine are not easily available in the market.

CNC Parts lathe machine

CNC lathe machine is an advanced type of the CNC machines. It is widely used in now days. The reason behind their excessive use is the accuracy and fast functioning of the machine. Like other CNC machines, it also works according to the computer given program. As we feed the program to the machine, it starts working very accurately with a high speed.

This CNC machine provides a preplanned program functioning. This function of the machine is time saving. Once the program is present in the machine, it can work without changing the code in next operation. It provides the ease of the operation next time once the initial set up is installed.

The CNC parts of this machine are very efficient. They produce the components with high dimensional accuracy.

CNC Parts milling machine

The milling machines are famous for its function of metal removal. The substance under operation passes through a multipoint cutter that is rotating in nature. The milling machine is highly efficient for the production of gears, bores and work piece slots.

CNC router parts kit

The similar function is performed by CNC milling machine under the programming from computer. Once the program feeds to the CNC parts of this machine, a semi-skilled person can operate them. They also produce the components with high dimensional accuracy.

CNC router machine

The CNC router machine works similar to the milling and lathe machines. The difference is that this CNC machine works manually as compared to the other machines. Specifically, the carpenter works operate manually.

You can draw the sketch manually and execute it in the machine. The musical instruments, signboards and furniture are some carvings and sketch that need the manual working. This machine also provides the efficient finishing of the surface.

CNC parts plasma cutting machine

This is a modern high tech cutting machine which cuts the electrically conducting materials. It uses the hot het made of plasma.

On the other hand, CNC plasma cutting machine performs the same function with the help of computer control. The function of the CNC parts of this machine are very similar to those of CNC laser cutting machine. The main difference is that the laser cutting machine utilizes the laser cutting. While the CNC plasma cutting machine uses plasma instead of laser.

The plasma is cheaper as compared to the laser. Moreover, it is portable. In this way, the CNC plasma cutting machine provides the same function at the lower costs.

Let us dive into the details of these parts of a CNC machine.


The bed of the CNC machine is a hardened and compact part. The reason behind the compactness of the bed is that the tool turret runs over the CNC bed. Moreover, the type of the CNC machine does not affect the functioning of this CNC part.


Headstock is the main and fundamental part of the CNC machine. It is the part where you place the object or the metal for the purpose of the cutting operation. As the function of cutting is incomplete without the spindle. A spindle is attached to this part. A rotating motor drives the spindle.


Tail stock is the supporting part of the CNC machine. The function of this part is to hold the work piece in its position. This CNC part prevents the disturbance and errors in the structure by placing the object on the right position.

Tailstock quill

Tailstock quill is the component that assists the tailstock of the CNC machine to fix the work piece between the centers. It adds to the function of tailstock and determines the fix position of work piece.

Footswitch or pedal

The footswitch or the pedal is the important CNC part. The function of this part is to help in the opening and closing of the chunk of the machine. The function of the pedal is same as that of the tailstock quill. It can also move in the forward and backward direction.

Chunk: CNC Parts

Chunk is the part of the CNC machine which is attached to the spindle of the machine. While main spindle is the part where we attach the work piece for the operation.

Control panel

Control panel is one of the fundamental and important CNC parts. The function of the control panel is to store the program for the operation of the machine.


We feed all the instructions and program code in the control panel. The operation on the work piece will be according to the program in the control panel. This is why, it is also called the brain of the CNC machine.

Tool turret

Tool turret is the location of the tool. We mount the tool on the tool turret. Tool turret is an important CNC part that has a function of the matching of the work piece. There are many types of the tool turrets.

These types of the tool turrets are on the base of the shapes of the tool turrets. The other base for the classification of the tool turrets is the number of tools that we mount on the tool turrets.