A DIY guide to the CNC router parts kit: (CNC Router Components 20201)

December 10, 2020

Practical Gide to Use CNC Router Components

CNC router parts kit

A computer numerical control (CNC) router is a cutting machine that is delegating controls to the computer. It cuts the different materials with high accuracy. The materials can be wood, plastics and glass. It can also cut different metals such as steel, aluminum and composites. The CNC router uses a spindle to cut the materials. This router is used to cut the substances. This article will provide you with the complete and concise details about CNC router parts kit.

It will make an ease for you to select a better design of CNC router with the best knowledge. You are going to have knowledge of some technical parts of the CNC router.

CNC router parts kit Frame

The frame is an important part that helps the machine in rigidity and support. It assists the machine to fix against the forces of cutting. The larger models us a large stand having legs. While the smaller models can fix on a bench easily.

The composition of the frame of a machine includes mostly aluminum. In the other cases, other metals like steel plates and wood increase the support to the frame. The rigidity of the frames increases by using different methods like filling of granite and steel weldments.


A CNC router table is an important component of the CNC router parts kit. The composition of the table varies. It uses different materials to add in it. In the formation of the T-slots, aluminum extrusions have a basic and significant role.

The table may have other expandable materials like MDF. When the material forming the table is expandable it can be replaced in the hours of need. This type of material in the table is called spoil board or a waste board.


In the general cases, the router tables are bare. But they can contain a number of elements attached to it. These include the T-slots, a vacuum table and in the most cases a hole grid.

The engineers do not use wood on the top of the machine table. The reason is that wood has the ability to swell in the presence of the moisture. If the swelling of the wood occurs, it causes the accuracy issues.

That is why, we use other metals like aluminum, phenolic or steel on the top side of the table. However, it can contain a wooden spoil board above the tough metal table.

CNC router parts kit Spindle

Now comes the most important component of CNC router parts kit. Without any doubt, the spindle is the heart of a router machine. It works very efficiently and cognitively in order to control working of the machine. In this way, we can say that it controls the performance and functioning of the machine.

The CNC router machine uses a router at the lower end of the machine. This router is a spindle. This spindle has very significant role in the cutting purposes. In the most cases, the spindles are set for the function of automatic tool changer (ATC). These spindles are present on the up side of the heap.

CNC router parts kit Ways

The most significant thing in the CNC router parts kit is presence of axis. There are three axis present in the router machine. The axis has two important and significant parts. These two parts of the axis are sliding ways and a drive system. They help to motorize the axis. All this occurs through the control of computer.


The sliding ways utilized in the router system are of the various types. Mostly three types of ways are present in the router machines. One of them is the depicts as V-Groove. They use the ball bearings and wheels. There is a groove between the bearings and the wheel.

This groove has a V shape. The Wheels are for the purpose to ride on the edge of some kind of object. It could ride on the edge of a rail or a piece of iron. The groove between the wheels and the bearings is not necessarily V shaped.

It can be cup shaped or circular in shape. In the case of cup or circular shape, the wheel will ride the round end of the rail.

The V-groove is the cheapest type of the ways of the CNC router parts kit. Along with being cheapest, it has most of the chances of the inaccuracy. It has many limitations. It is vulnerable to the backlash and errors. Thus, it requires the changes and adjustment after the definite interval for the proper functioning.

V-Groove is important for shafts

Another important type of the ways of the axis is round shafts. They are quite better than the V-groove. They also use the ball bearings in the composition and construction.

If you are looking for the highest and best performance, then linear slides are helpful. Furthermore, they have the highest performance among the three ways of the axis. They are in the form of the prismatic shape. They use the trucks that ride on the ball bearings.

Axis drive

The axis drive is the component of CNC router parts kit that is designed for the purpose of the conversion of motion. It converts the rotary motion to the linear motion. The rotary motion may be of a motor or something else.


This rotary motion converts to the linear motion in order to drive the axis. In short, the axis drive rectifies the motor motion into the axis motion.

The CNC routers have several types of axis drive systems. Mostly three are used in common. These three are belt drive, rack and pinion and ball screw. The belt drive is cheapest among them and shows the low performance. On the other hand, Ball screw has the highest performance. The rack and pinion is intermediate. It functions medially and has performance in between the other two.

The process of the selection of the axis drive system is a cognitive process.

There are certain factors that should be kept in mind before the selection of the axis drive of a CNC router parts kit.|

CNC router parts kit suppliers

Important factors to choose CNC router parts kit

  • First thing is the conversion of the torque of the motor. It converts to rpm at the high speed. The torque conversion of the motor should come to notice at the peak value of torque.
  • The loss of motion during the performance is a common problem of the drive system of a router machine. It causes the reduction in the accuracy of the process and other problems as well. Therefore, be sure that the loss of motion or backlash is not present.
  • Wherever you go, to select the drive system of any type, first thing comes as the cost. Therefore, it is advisable to you to be aware of the cost of the different axis drive system.
  • Sometimes we ignore the minor issues that can lead to the prominent problems. Such as the whipping of the ball screw drive system in the case of long axis.

CNC Controller

CNC controller is the electrical component of the CNC router parts kit that has the purpose of the connection and communication. The most important and cognitive function of the CNC controller is the execution of g-code programming.

In this way, it sends the important signals and messages to the machines. These signals are the control of the motion of the machine to properly cut the objects.