What is CNC machine parts description? Learn Central CNC machine Working

August 13, 2021

Central CNC machine is a machine common to process wood and metal material at high speed but still ensure accuracy. Instead of having to use a single machine, all machining functions are now integrated in a single CNC machining center. In this article you will learn all about CNC machine parts description.

CNC machine parts description

What is a central CNC machines today

In a word, the central cnc machine is a versatile machine with many features in the same product. It is a combination of features such as drilling – milling – engraving – cutting – boring – reaming – threading and CNC turning. Speaking of which, perhaps you have somewhat figured out what a CNC machining center is, right?

Types of central CNC machine parts

Central CNC machines are common woodworking machines, found in almost every furniture workshop. CNC centers are classified according to the understanding and calling of each person, each unit, each locality etc. In addition, you must be aware of CNC machine parts description .However, at our company CNC we divide CNC center machines into 3 main types including:


Ø Independent multi-process central CNC machine:

This is a 1-2-3-4 Spindle head machine, they have the ability to change tools automatically by lifting and lowering the cylinders to put the spindle head. up and down during work.

Ø CNC machine parts description for automatic tool change:

It is also possible to change the machining tool automatically, but this CNC machine is a bit more advanced. They only have 1 Spindle head, but there are >12 spare knives, whenever there is a command to use a knife, the Spindle head will immediately move automatically to the position to change that knife.

Ø Center CNC machine  parts for tool change, plus a 9-stitch cavity:

They are the most advanced line among machining centers, the machine is integrated with a vertical drill including 5+4 drill bits of different sizes, extremely convenient. The above is just a basic introduction of CNC machine parts description. To better understand each type of central CNC machine, you can contact the staff of professional CNC Company or make friends with admin Minh Hoang for advice!

The importance of CNC machine center

How much competitive advantage do you hold over your competitors? CNC machining centers will give you an extra competitive edge over your competition. Specifically, some advantages of central CNC machines include:

Ø Production speed:

Figures show that CNC machining centers have high production speeds that are superior to manual machines.

Ø Saving time:

Obviously, when the speed increases, the machining time will also be shortened, this we need not argue and must understand CNC machine parts description. There are many manufacturers of CNC machining centers with many different types and prices.

Ø Almost absolute precision:

With modern new technology, synchronous software and hardware, today’s machining centers are capable of almost absolute precision machining. in the range from 0.03 to 0.05mm only.

Ø Diversified prices:

CNC machining centers are the most affordable CNC machine products on the market today. From very high-priced European imported machines, stable quality Chinese domestic cnc machines, mid-range prices, to Taiwanese machines and even cheap goods rebuilt from cheap old CNC machines!

Why use plastic materials in CNC machine parts

The use of plastic materials, compared to other types of materials, involves a series of advantages, namely:

  • Economic saving;
  • High availability of types;
  • Moreover, Self-lubrication;
  • High durability over time;
  • In addition, Excellent machinability for machine tools;
  • Possibility of different types of colors;
  • Similarly, ossibility of formats with different dimensions;
  • Very light materials;

List of the most common plastic materials

Other than understanding the CNC machine parts description we have to focus on plastic material commonfor. Let’s see, now, which are the plastic materials most commonin the production processes:



  • Weight: 1.43 kg;
  • Moreover, Color: red, black, gray, ivory, transparent;
  • Temperature of use: -0 ° + 60 °.


  • High chemical resistance (acids, alkalis);
  • Similarly, Very rigid and flexible material;
  • Ease of processing;
  • Furthermore, Possibility of use for welding on parts;
  • Possibility of use in the mechanical sector.


  • High fragility to impacts;
  • Low resistance to temperatures.

Ø PET (crystalline thermoplastic polyester).


  • Weight: 1.30 kg;
  • Color: white, black;
  • Usage temperature: -20 ° + 115 °.


  • High mechanical resistance;
  • High wear resistance;
  • Good compressive strength (even at low temperatures);
  • Strong resistance;
  • Non-hygroscopic material;
  • Similarly, Material suitable for food sectors;
  • Low and constant coefficient of friction;


  • High fragility to impacts.

Ø PP (Polypropylene)


  • Weight: 0.92 kg;
  • Color: natural, gray;
  • Temperature of use: -0 ° + 100 °.


  • High chemical resistance;
  • High tensile strength;
  • Moreover, It has a low weight;
  • Easy to work with;
  • It can be common to weld on parts;
  • Good temperature resistance.
    CNC machine parts description 2021

The advantages of CNC machine parts

Foam materials can be produced such as sponge, filters and other CNC machine parts description that have the function of thermal and even acoustic insulation.  In addition, all these products are made of polyurethane, polyethylene and anti-condensation elastomer.

They are cheap materials and can be applied in a simple way, while for some types of products the adhesive version can also be used.

Filter materials, on the other hand, are light and temperature-resistant products, but above all they are non-toxic materials and for this reason they can be applied in the most varied industrial sectors.

Fields of application

Depending on the material chosen for the realization, the foam materials can have different applications. Let’s see some of them: Noise absorption: for environments with air compressors, generators, engine compartments, cabins, bins, gyms and machine tools;

Filtration and pre-filtration of air and water: for engine compartments, boilers and machinery in which there is fireproof material.

Conclusion: CNC machine parts description

In summary, it can be clearly seen that the CNC machine parts description will help us to significantly improve productivity and efficiency in woodworking. Not to mention, the CNC machining center is a machine that helps you save excess raw materials by inaccurate human calculations.

It is clear that the central CNC machine will help us to significantly improve productivity and efficiency in woodworking.