How to buy reliable CNC machine automotive parts online?

August 13, 2021

Buying CNC machine automotive parts online provides numerous advantages. The main one is to be able to carry out an extensive price research. In addition, when purchasing products in e-commerce, you avoid travel expenses.

CNC machine automotive parts

However, getting products online also poses risks. You don’t know how to ensure quality and safety at the time of purchase.

Check out, below, some tips on how to purchase automotive parts online. And learn how to avoid inconveniences at the time of purchase.

Check reputation before buying CNC machine automotive parts

As much as the company is registered on the IRS website, this does not mean that the products offered by it are of high quality.

Therefore, check the company’s reputation from the following aspects:

Market experience

Generally, the “About the company” tab shows the year of foundation of the enterprise.

If the company has been operating in the segment for years, this demonstrates that it has experience in the market.

Furthermore, if it has remained competitive for years, it is because it offers quality products and services.

Consumer evaluation of CNC machine automotive parts

Check the reviews of consumers who have already purchased CNC machine automotive parts.

Also, see what they say about the company on the website and social networks.

Evaluate the prices

Evaluating prices is not only to reduce costs, but also to analyze whether the value of a particular part is not far below normal.


The modern market for metal structures makes ever higher demands on the accuracy of joining CNC machine automotive parts. It is impossible to solve this problem without attracting modern innovative technologies. The technology of laser cutting on machine tools with numerical control is widely common.


Types of laser among CNC machine automotive parts

A distinction is made between solid state fiber optic among CNC machine automotive parts and gas CO2 emitters. Both generate high power density monochromatic coherent radiation. The main difference is in the degree of focus. The beam diameter of the fiber optic type is ten less than that of the gas type, due to the shorter radiation wavelength.

When cutting material with a thickness of more than 8 mm, a gas laser is preferable, which provides a better quality edge?

The solid-state emitter allows you to cut brass, silver, copper, which is not available for a CO2 cutter, moreover, it has a higher efficiency. Radiation is significantly less scattered in a fiber optic cable than in the sophisticated optics of a gas device.


The numerically controlled machine consists of many CNC machine automotive parts and the following units:

  • controller with a built-in control program
  • laser emitter, either fiber optic or gas
  • coordinate table for cutting
  • positioning system with drives
  • highways for supplying communications

How much thickness of cutter we require in CNC machine automotive parts?

By choosing the type and power of the emitter, it is possible to cut any metal with a thickness of up to 30 mm, with the exception of those that have a high reflectivity.

How high precision is easy to achieve in CNC machine automotive parts?

Particularly noteworthy is the positioning system, which allows you to change the speed of passage, the angle of inclination of the emitter, and regulates the movement of the table. High precision is ensured by a perfect control program and quality CNC machine automotive parts. Moreover, everything happens automatically, without operator intervention.


CNC machines have a number of competitive advantages, such as:

  • High performance
  • Even and smooth edge that does not need finishing
  • Lack of temperature deformations due to a small light spot and local heating
  • The possibility of full automation
  • The ability to process a wide range of materials

What are the disadvantages of laser cutting on CNC equipment?

The disadvantages include a decrease in productivity with a work piece thickness of more than 20 mm. Through-burns occur, the formation of uneven CNC machine automotive parts. All of them are come by incorrectly selected process parameters or equipment malfunction. Furthermore, correctly selected power of the emitter, speed of passage excludes such flaws.

How to maintain quality?

Successful business development depends on many factors, one of which is the production of quality products. Similarly, both the buyer and the manufacturer are interested in this. However, the question arises as to how to maintain quality and reduce costs while increasing productivity.

Modern technologies in the field of metal cutting have significantly changed the process of metal processing and production productivity.

Benefits of using CNC machine automotive parts

Optimization of the production process is relevant for enterprises of all sizes. Manufacturing products even in single copies using CNC machine automotive parts ensures high precision and quality of the final product. For large enterprises with large volumes of productivity, CNC machines are a necessary component.

The advantages of CNC machines

  • Productivity increase
  • Oballa with maximum precision, which improves the quality of the finished product
  • Optimization of attracting human resources
  • Reduced parts manufacturing cycle
  • Flexibility of the production system for parts of varying complexity and assortment
  • Plasma cutting versus other methods

What is plasma cutting?
CNC machine automotive parts 2021

Plasma cutting is a modern approach to cutting metal on an industrial scale. Among the significant differences between gas, laser, oxygen and plasma are:

Ø Versatility of processing

Processing of ferrous, non-ferrous metals except using CNC machine automotive parts and their alloys, the use of metal with defects and signs of oxidation, which is an obstacle to the use of gas and laser cutting.

Ø Production speed

Plasma cutting machines have a speed of 0.2 – 12 m / min, depending on the thickness range from 0.5 to 40 mm. In addition, with equal initial data, the speed for a fiber laser using oxygen is 2 times lower.

Ø Quality

High cutting accuracy +0.2 mm tolerances, minimal amount of scale and deformation, and the use of a plasma torch reduces the heat-affected zone and ensures the smoothness of the edge.

Mechanized Plasma Cutting Opportunities for Business Development

Plasma cutting of metal has a wide range of applications as of CNC machine automotive parts. The range of metal thickness can vary from thin (1-2 mm) to thick (over 35 mm). Moreover, one machine can be common to cut any metal, which reduces the need for additional equipment for its processing.

Cutting quality directly depends on the equipment. Hyperthermia systems are cutting edge in this area.

Summary: CNC machine automotive parts

They provide a smooth edge, minimal dross and deformation. In addition, the CNC plasma cutting machine facilitates operator control.  And for intense work in tough conditions, Hyperthermia offers a Power ax plasma system that allows the operator to select the most suitable tool for the job. The cutting of sheet metal in modern systems is provided by a program.