What different designing tools we can use for CNC flip part?

July 21, 2021

Which CNC should I use in joinery?

CNC flip part

CNC flip part is one of the oldest crafts in the world, and thanks to it is possible to include wood in architectural and decoration projects. We consider it to make location more charming. We can work on with great precision and creativity by carpenters. The main function of this professional is to transform wood into furniture, or other products.

With more and more people valuing wood, the carpentry profession stands out more and more. After all, in addition to the aforementioned creativity and precision, you also need patience. You need to know how to draw. Moreover, you need to understand perspective and, of course, having the right equipment. In other words, being a complete professional can help you a lot in leveraging your business.

Extreme CNC Router: CNC flip part

This machine is suitable for small, medium and large companies. This is because, in addition to being cost-effective, it also has a work area capable of covering entire materials, such as MDF sheet. Remember that it is ideal due to CNC flip part for companies. They have medium demand, and operate with extreme precision and quality.

CNC Solid Router

Solid is a machine with medium production capacity, having a robust structure and differentiated design. In addition, the mechanics and electronics of the equipment ensure total precision and high performance.

The technology offers practicality and safety in its operation. All of this is essential for anyone who wants to open joinery, as it increases productivity and maintains product quality.

There is even the option of installing a double or even triple head in order to increase and simplify the entire production. Similarly, this machine supports materials such as MDF, MDP, Balsa Wood, and Rigid Wood.

CNC Vision Router

This machine having CNC flip part appeared with the main objective of promoting versatility to the carpenter. It is robust and fully prepared to serve this increasingly growing market. Similarly, it has the option of installing interchangeable dual motors. And it also includes a device for machining vertical doors and slots for locks. It has the ideal technology and precision to meet various woodwork cutting operations.

Solid Black Edition

This version is highly important for jobs that require greater speed, quality and precision. That’s because it ensures great finish on 2D and 3D machining allowing continuous jobs to perform for long periods. This model is a reference in state-of-the-art technology, as it has a vacuum table and also allows for an upgrade with a multiple drilling head. Card image cap

Vision Black Edition

This model has CNC flip part is ideal for carpentry work, as it promotes speed, precision and quality in the cut. Unlike the previous version, this version has a displacement speed of 30m per minute, in addition to covering a working area of ​​2800x1850x200mm. It’s important to remember that it also has a centrifugal vacuum table as standard and is also upgradeable.

Nesting Evolution Center

If you are going to open your joinery and already have good demand, Nesting Evolution is the ideal machine. That’s because it developed precisely to operate in high performance and fluidity. Thus it provides infinite possibilities for operation and automation in cutting and drilling processes. We consider this complete equipment and are able to simplify different production needs.


With CNC flip part, it promotes excellence and standardization in processes. In other words, you don’t need to worry about cabinet doors being the same size, as it will produce all the pieces with the same measurements. Finally, it is important to remember that this machine has integration with most of the software platforms on the market while meeting the safety standards.

Where are CNC Routers used?

The CNC Router is computer-control equipment that uses special software in order to drive a mechanical system having CNC flip part. Through this configuration it is much easier to achieve accuracy and precision, which are greater when we compare to what a human operator could do alone. This machine is widely common in work with wood, plastic, rubber, foam etc.

What is CNC router?

As we talked about, the CNC router is a machine control by computer instead of operating manually. That is, through it is possible to increase the production capacity, since highly complex products are easy to make in a short period of time. Furthermore, it also comes by its repeatability. Moreover, it produces equal parts with high quality.

Segments that are used

See below the main uses of CNC router machines:


CNC router machines can be common for the production of custom furniture as well as special decoration projects. The most suitable machines due to CNC flip part for this type of use are:

  • The Extreme CNC Router
  • Solid CNC Router
  • Vision CNC Router
  • Solid CNC Router Black Edition
  • Vision CNC Route
  • Black Edition and Nesting Evolution Center.
    CNC flip part 2021


In civil construction, the equipment is common for cutting materials such as wood and ACM, which require a larger cutting area. Therefore, the ideal options here are Router CNC Solid and Router CNC Vision.


It is also possible to use these machines in laboratory environments, individual projects and for smaller productions. It is worth remembering that this type of segment links to handicrafts of any kind and also to projects with CNC flip part, exclusive cuts and machining. Here, the ideal is to bet on Router CNC Compact Pro or Router CNC Extreme.

Visual communication

The equipment is common to cut both light and heavier materials, and the most common in visual communication are ACM, expand PVC and acrylic. For this niche, we recommend the CNC Compact Pro Router, CNC Router Extreme, CNC Solid Router and CNC Vision router.


It is also possible to produce small, medium and large volume molds, being widely common in the field of automotive parts, among other niches. The best options are CNC Compact Pro Router, CNC Vision Router and Machining Centers.

In several segments we indicate the same CNC flip part that’s because, as we’ve already talked about and we’ll go deeper into it further, CNC router machines provide greater flexibility to your business and you can use them in different market niches.