Importance of 3D Printing in Making CNC copper parts

July 21, 2021


There is no doubt that 3D printing came to revolutionize the manufacture of objects and materials as CNC copper parts. It previously depended on processes only through injection. As both technologies are still present in the market, some questions arise regarding the differences, characteristics and applications of each one.

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We know that successful completion of any project comes by good planning. But to plan efficiently we must know the rules of the game, in this case, the technical specifications of each manufacturing process. They work as a kind of limit as to what can or not easy to do. Other relevant factors that we must consider when planning are the investment cost to produce, the quantity of items.

Injection Specifics

Manufacturing through injection allows the creation of products with a variety of plastic materials and CNC copper parts. It ranges from the most malleable, such as plastic bags common to accommodate purchases in supermarkets. It goes to more rigid materials, such as the windshield of a car, for example.

To acquire a certain product via injection, it is necessary to develop a mold made with steel or aluminum and this stage of production can make the project quite expensive, especially if it is something that requires a lot of details, such as geometric compositions or types of complex textures, just to mention some.

Factors affecting cost

Furthermore, depending on how the mold has design, the final object may come out with burrs. Something that will require more time to reach the ideal finish. The correction is not made in the mold itself. If this is the case, the finalization can be done through other interventions such as sandpaper, files, among others. It will affect the cost and delivery time.


In general, any manufactured object must meet the minimum requirements. Therefore, in addition to meeting the requirements of the manufacturing process, it is important to know the requirements involved in the entire project.

Specifics of CNC copper parts

There is a common argument that CNC copper parts are a technology that replaces the previous ones, being an alternative to minimize costs. There is no need to produce the necessary tools for batch manufacturing. Another argument is the possibility of carrying out production with the same material and technical specifications as the injection.

3D production requires planning that involves the entire process, from idea conception to the final model. Each step needs an adoption to the manufacturing process. It is to enable cost reduction and the intended purpose of the object.

Role of CNC copper parts

It is not always possible to use the same material applied in the injection. It is important to check whether the adaptation to 3D printing will result in the same strength and applicability expected in relation to the CNC copper parts. Such considerations must be present both for the realization of a prototype and for a final use part.


Observing the above, it is noteworthy that, by eliminating the need for molds to manufacture the objects, the 3D option brings more possibilities. It is to develop projects with greater geometric complexities and other details. These do not affect the price of the final product, lowering the total cost .

What is the importance of qualified professionals?

Although 3D printer cannot replace anything, it is possible to find many solutions from this technology. Hence the importance of having qualified and trained professionals with a broad knowledge base. It is to accurately inform all the details involved in the manufacturing process.

As for the term and quantity of items, depending on the material, it may be more advantageous to manufacture in 3D a quantity of less than 500 pieces CNC copper parts. The planning stage must include all these details.

General Notes for Common Applicability

Initially, we emphasize that one manufacturing option does not replace another. Both can be common for the production of industrial or domestic parts. Some examples are: disposables in general, decorative objects, materials for professional use, among others. Given the characteristics of injection and 3D printing, it is possible to positively impact the overall design and execution. See the points below:

Need to have the prototype with the same material as the product:

We saw earlier that not all CNC copper parts common in injection can be common in 3D. We have also seen that it is possible to check in advance whether another material can have the same desired applicability in the project. If so, it is an efficient way to avoid the costs of making a prototype via injection, which would require the investment in a mold;

The same measurements as in the project for assembly and testing:

With 3D it is possible to adapt the dimensions, the finish and the final material as faithfully as possible to the project’s expectations;
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Perfect functioning for the test presentation:

Another advantage of 3D is being able to carry out corrections via computer programming (digital model) to achieve a result that really works and with lower initial costs;

Facilitate new prototyping processes without margins of error:

The same observation as in the previous item is valid, especially in cases where there is little availability of resources or when there is a budget limitation established for this stage of the project using CNC copper parts.

Highest possible precision in the 3D prototype:

By facilitating the correction and testing process, the level of precision in the prototype is highly feasible. Such observations are necessary because sometimes a prototype comes in 3D for a different manufacturing process, which could be injection.

The fidelity to what we expect will depend on the adaptation of the technology to the project. In this case, the two options can dialogue to reach the expected result in terms of price and quality.


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