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High Precision China Factory CNC Lathe Parts


The processing business scope includes CNC, CNC turning, turning and milling, general turning, wire cutting, grinding machines, three-axis machining, five-axis machine tools, precision walking machines, etc.

  • MOQ: 100PCS
  • Certificate: ISO
  • Service: Customized
  • Package: Plywood/Carton

Project Details


Product name CNC lathe parts
Machinable materials Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, brass, copper, stainless steel, ordinary steel, special steel, nylon, PTFE, PEEK and resin
Size According to customer demand
Tolerance +/- 0.005~+/- 0.001mm
Process CNC automatic turning/hardening/polishing/painting/electrophoretic coating
Surface treatment

Anodizing, wire drawing, polishing, sandblasting, blackening, electroplating, quenching, nitriding, etc.


Aerospace, military, petroleum accessories, drones, medical, financial machinery, optoelectronic technology

Delivery time 10-15 working days

Our service

CNC, CNC turning, turning and milling, general turning, wire cutting, grinder, three-axis machining, five-axis machine tools, precision walking machines, etc.

Cooperation process

  1. Customers provide drawings (format: CAD.PDF.STP) or samples. The following information on the map is clear and clear: processing volume, material, precision and tolerance, surface treatment and special requirements. Please send the drawings to the mailbox zb@zhongbang-dg.com.
  2. After the customer service receives the drawings and samples, they submit them to the technical department for serious evaluation. If there are any questions, they will communicate as soon as possible and wait for our reply and feedback on the quotation information.
  3. Quotation time: within 24 hours, except for special circumstances, we will reply to the customer after receiving the drawings or samples.
  4. Negotiate with the customer to confirm the content of the parts quotation and order items, and confirm the payment and payment security of the required parts. We promise to do our best to provide customers with the best processing plan. Price is not the only factor in our service. Quality, delivery and after-sales service are equally important.
  5. The customer service staff will pay attention to contact and promptly report the progress of the parts processing and the customer's packaging requirements during the delivery process.
  6. After the parts are processed, they are delivered to the quality department for comprehensive inspection and shipment.
  7. Arrange logistics and delivery matters, and reconfirm the information of the consignee or receiving company before delivery, and complete the payment at this time.
  8. After the parts are completed, the customer will promptly feedback and receive information. If you have any questions, please contact the sales staff and after-sales staff in time, we will deal with them as soon as possible, so that customers can rest assured and look forward to more opportunities for cooperation. Thank you.

Three warm tips

1. About delivery

  • Production date: Customers and business merchandisers will follow up the entire process. If the delivery date changes, please communicate and negotiate with the customer one day in advance.
  • Logistics delivery: Due to the heavy weight of mechanical products, the delivery method needs to be negotiated by both parties. I also hope that customers can understand and agree with the actual product of the workpiece.

2. About delivery fee

The freight is borne by the customer. The customer service and business record staff will report to the customer according to the actual transportation cost of the product in each country/region, and communicate clearly with the customer, reconfirm the information of the workpiece, the customer's receiving information, and the logistics packaging and transportation requirements, etc. After the customer receives the product, please confirm that the workpiece is not damaged or missing parts before signing. If you do not carefully check the receipt or the consignee causes product loss or omission or other problems, you will be responsible for the consequences, please pay attention.

3. About after-sales

After the customer receives the product, if the product does not meet the requirements, our company will first analyze where the problem is. If it is a processing error, our company will arrange a redo or a full refund as soon as possible. If the customer's drawing is wrong, if the sample is wrong and the product is scrapped, it will be discussed separately. I believe that any problem can be satisfactorily resolved through communication and negotiation until the customer is satisfied.

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