How to start mini cnc parts with lowest investment?

May 24, 2021

Why can a CNC machine business be profitable?

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Investments in mini cnc parts are usually considerable. But if you study what is in demand in the market, find your niche and probe the demand, the decision to start your business using a numerical control machine will quickly pay off and bring good profits.

What advantage a cnc machine provide?

A CNC milling machine as a business will allow you to work with a wide range of materials. That is, if the demand for wood products disappears, you can safely switch to working with metal and plastic. Therefore, with a competent organization and drawing up a good business plan, a novice entrepreneur will not be left without work.

In addition, the choice of a niche using mini cnc parts is also large enough to try to realize oneself in several directions and only then choose the most profitable one.

Why you need advertising in mini cnc parts business?

In addition to buying high-quality equipment, you should attend to a powerful advertising campaign in order to attract the attention of the first customers – to work with the mass media, post advertisements on the network and use other marketing techniques.

With a reasonable combination of promotion methods, you can achieve a high return on investment as soon as possible after starting a business.

What can be made with CNC machine for sale?

Milling machines open up a wide range of possibilities for the operator. They support a wide variety of technological operations and can replace several highly specialized devices. The simplest and most inexpensive models can cut various materials, while the accuracy is very high. Moreover, it guarantees high-quality production of elements in the same plane. Four-axis equipment is capable of working with volumetric objects.

How to get a cnc laser machine?

Earnings on a CNC laser machine via mini cnc parts can consist in the implementation of a full cycle of manufacturing any products, or in the production of individual parts for industrial customers. Considering the process of making money on more specific options, we can give an example of the manufacture of furniture products for individual orders.


These will be interesting design solutions with carved facades, chiseled elements and other non-standard details. In addition to working with wood – plywood, chipboard, MDF and other materials based on solid wood or shavings, such CNC laser machines for wood can process polymer and composite materials, metals, etc.

In general, CNC as a business can be:

  • cutting of materials of different hardness and origin;
  • engraving on souvenirs, personal belongings, advertising, corporate products;
  • production from scratch of souvenir goods, unusual products, accessories for the image and interior;
  • production of billboards and advertising signs;
  • Similarly, production of designer furniture, children’s toys and educational games, packaging material, etc.

How to earn from mini cnc parts?

There are many ideas for additional income on CNC machines, the main thing is to correctly calculate the niche and determine the target audience, develop an advertising campaign to attract clients and partners, and determine the sales market.

In addition, working with such a technique is rightfully considered creative, and, therefore, the performer and organizer should like it. Only then will it bring not only good money, but also pleasure from the process.

Before making a purchase that will not be so cheap, it is worth understanding which CNC machine to choose? First of all, you need to decide on the scale of work, you are buying for home use or for production. Further, the features of the equipment are considered by type and action.

Basic types  of mini cnc machines

Choosing a CNC machine begins with understanding its purpose. High-speed models are available, milling and engraving, engravers, narrow-profile machines, portable. Each variety is capable of performing some tasks with varying degrees of difficulty. The first option is capable of cutting mini cnc parts, processing wood and paper figures.

They can recycle any material, creating parts with high precision. Engravers work with sheets, designed for 2D and 4D modeling. If you only need to use one material, then you choose a narrow profile machine.

How to choose a cnc machine?

How to choose a CNC machine according to its working technique? Like a drilling machine, vertical milling rotates the tool in the direction of gravity. A simple router will have three axes in which the tool moves vertically. These machines are common in many machine shops. They are economical, not difficult to program, but at the same time have a variety of capabilities.

mini cnc parts 2021

Horizental milling device

Horizontal milling devices perform the same basic function as vertical ones – removing material from a part. This model is more expensive than the one described above, but is better suited for production processing.

There are also multi-axis types, where each axis is an additional motor. Going beyond three-axis views greatly expands the capabilities of mini cnc parts. Best practice is to match the complexity of the part and the machine. It makes no sense to make a simple workpiece with a small tolerance on a 5-axis.

The costs will be higher than productivity, which will not have a positive effect on the final work. Which CNC machine to buy for your production is now clearer? It remains to consider the technical characteristics of the models and their cost.

Mini cnc parts Development features

How to choose a CNC machine so as not to miscalculate? It is not always necessary to pay attention to the most expensive professional equipment. If it is enough for you to buy a hand-held apparatus or a portable one, then do not try to look for something complicated. You will spend more money on a machine that will not perform all its functions.

The costs of mini cnc parts will not be justified. The same should be observed for manufacturing companies that choose a car in the economy segment. It is important to consider that the machine will work a lot and for a long time, performing complex tasks, processing various materials. There is no room for savings.

Mini cnc parts characteristics in terms of the number of axles.

  • Easy installation and programming of the machine. Cost effective. It makes it possible to make complex parts.
  • Extended capabilities of the three-axis machine. Requires more complex settings. Needs high level software.
  • More than four. Maximum efficiency for workpieces of all materials.

Which CNC machine is better to buy?

Modern models are ready to offer advanced features. There is: a contour chip system, there is a smoke removal, a laser scanner, coolant. Almost all machines operate under a voltage of 220-380 Volts, and the frequency is 50 Hertz. If we consider an improved version, then it contains two power branches. One of them goes to the surge protector and stabilizer.

By choosing a gantry machine, you get a more versatile and flexible mini cnc parts design. There is a large processing area here, in contrast to devices with a fixed portal.

Final Words

The cost of the machine depends on several factors. The manufacturer, the complexity of the design, and the functionality are important here. It is best to buy equipment from suppliers that cooperate with the manufacturer. They will provide not only a better price than intermediaries, but also a guarantee.