Why the demand of okuma cnc replacement parts is increasing?

May 24, 2021

okuma cnc replacement parts
The demand for customized okuma cnc replacement parts continues to grow and has become one of the most common parts manufactured in different CNC machining equipment. Millions of identically manufactured cars enable enthusiasts to adjust and customize their car parts to increase the car’s personality. Usually, these automobile parts are combined to improve the aesthetics and performance of the automobile.

The reason you may be reading this article right now is that you may be considering using or manufacturing custom car parts, right? We will take you through the basic knowledge required to process custom CNC parts.

The main purpose of custom car parts

Custom auto parts are not only used to beautify your car. In addition, okuma cnc replacement parts are also used in many other applications. Here are some use cases:

Enhance your car’s personality

This adds to your personality as the owner. You can add custom mechanical shift knobs, custom rims, bumpers, etc. according to your preferences.

Performance improvement

One of the use cases for custom CNC machining of automotive parts is car tuning or functional modification. This involves changing stock parts to custom parts, such as intake manifolds, crankshafts, camshafts, engine cylinders and pistons, and suspensions. In the racing industry, these parts must be customized to make the engine surpass its best performance and gain an advantage over other competitors.

After-sales parts

Sometimes it is faster to process car parts for replacement than to buy parts from a supplier. In addition, CNC machining is one of the most reliable solutions for manufacturing spare parts, which may be out of date and therefore cannot be sold on the market.

Why choose custom CNC machining auto parts?

Okuma cnc replacement parts is one of the most mature methods for customizing auto parts because of its scalability and the ability to produce parts quickly, accurately and accurately.

Precision parts

The characteristic dimensions of many automotive parts that are explicitly used for car modification have very strict and controllable tolerances. This is to ensure that the components behave as expected. In order to meet this specific requirement for customized auto parts, CNC machining must be used.

During processing, you can always control the nominal size of the part to a maximum of +/-0005″. In addition, you can use different processing techniques to meet any surface finish requirements.

Okuma cnc replacement parts Rapid manufacturing

Compared with other metal manufacturing methods, the advantage of custom CNC machining is that parts can be processed quickly. This is because machining parts do not require molds and other fixtures. As long as you have prepared the design and CNC program, you can speed up the production of parts according to the required time.

Scalable production

When manufacturing through CNC machining, you can easily scale production volumes from low to high, and vice versa. The CNC process is highly repeatable, which is why it is still reasonable to process both large and small batches.


For this exact reason, CNC manufacturing is very suitable for prototype manufacturing, custom part manufacturing and even mass production of parts.

Common custom CNC machining auto parts

  1. Interior design components/dashboard aesthetics

Adding some complex okuma cnc replacement parts to the steering wheel or gear lever significantly increases the elegance of the car interior. You can see examples of machined parts, including custom shapes, buttons, knobs, etc.

2. Engine block assembly

One of the custom car parts that are usually processed includes some important parts in the internal combustion engine of an automobile. Examples of parts are cylinders, pistons, engine blocks and intake manifolds. These key components require a highly precise manufacturing process like CNC machining.

3. Gear

Gears used in the automotive industry are usually manufactured and refined by CNC because of their vital functions. Like other components, precision, precision and high strength are the top priorities of gears.

4. Roulette

The machined roulette adds different levels of overall elegance to the car. This is why many car enthusiasts like to add it to the upgrade. Usually, these wheel components manufacture through CNC milling processes to achieve contours or shapes.

5. Camshaft

These parts are usually machine to maintain their structural integrity and precision. The camshaft is one of the most critical parts in a car, it will greatly affect the fuel combustion efficiency and efficiency.

Choose to cooperate with okuma cnc replacement parts to produce customized auto parts

As the automotive processing parts market grows, so do contract manufacturers. With all the manufacturers there, how would you choose the right partner for you?

1. Reasonable pricing

Choose okuma cnc replacement parts manufacturer who reasonably quotes your parts based on the processes and materials required to produce the parts. Please note that the quotation may be too expensive or too good to realize. Choose the contract manufacturer that can get the most value from your price.

2. Build processing capacity

The capabilities of a processing facility may include its ability to produce parts and the availability of different processing processes. This is very important when you are looking for a partner for custom car parts to ensure that your parts will be manufactured according to the requirements you set for them.

Key benefits of the 5 axes

There are many advantages in making 5-axis CNC parts, one of which is that this machining offers you many more opportunities and fewer design constraints, allowing you to create innovative parts or designs that you would not otherwise be able to do.

It doesn’t matter what the prototype is or how big it may be because you can still make it with the 5 axes saving time and money. Some other notable benefits you can expect to get include:

  • Individual in-process setups that reduce the risk of human alignment errors. With just one positioning your pieces complete in a single step.
    okuma cnc replacement parts 2021

3. Manufacturing process efficiency

How the process flows will be synonymous with the quality of the parts it produces. In addition to customizing the quality of car parts, the same is true for delivering parts on time. Efficient processes mean faster turnaround time from request to production.

4. Engineering support

You should look for an okuma cnc replacement parts company that can successfully produce custom car parts with you. Whether it is to provide engineering and design services, or to provide after-sales support.