DIY CNC Parts India — Best DIY Router Kits

March 16, 2021

DIY CNC Parts India: 4 DIY CNC Kits to Make Your Own CNC Machine.

Making your CNC routers using DIY CNC parts India is not just a cool hobby. But building a CNC machine yourself is an affordable way of bringing a fully functional CNC machine into your workshop and increasing its productivity.

CNC machine has lots of benefits. But most enthusiasts stay deprived of them because of the price that fully-assembled CNC machines come at. In this case, some people go for used CNC machines, but there’s no guarantee of their durability.

While building a CNC machine from scratch is a daunting task. From sourcing the right parts to putting them all together, it can be time and cost-intensive. Hence, we have put together a list of DIY CNC kits that can help you create your CNC machine easily.

DIY CNC Parts India

DIY CNC Parts India: Role in Construction of a CNC Machine

DIY CNC Parts India plays a vital role in the construction and running of the CNC machine. Whether you are sourcing all the CNC parts yourself. Or you are investing in a CNC kit, you will need good quality CNC parts to end up with a well-performing machine.

DIY CNC parts are the bits and pieces that come together to form a fully functional CNC machine. From a small screw down to the entire frame. All the large and small parts that constitute a CNC machine find themselves listed below DIY CNC parts.

Apart from ensuring the rigidity, repeatability, and overall performance of the machine. DIY CNC parts India also contributes to making the CNC machine construction project more affordable. While maintaining the integrity of the parts and the machine.

Best DIY Router Kits

To reap the benefits of CNC machining on a budget, many enthusiastic CNC machinists take on the daunting task of constructing the entire CNC machine themselves. But, doing so, they not only end up spending more than the necessary amount. But also waste a lot of their time as well.

DIY CNC Parts India

DIY CNC router kits are an easy (but still challenging enough to be interesting) way of letting CNC enthusiasts get a taste of creating their machines. While not being drained by sourcing materials and then putting them together, with no help whatsoever.

Because Router kits are slowly gaining more popularity. Here are our top picks for DIY CNC router kits. These kits will have your CNC machine up and running in no time.

1.      Carbide 3D Shapeoko

The Carbide 3D shapeoko CNC kit is a favorite among CNC enthusiasts. Being priced slightly higher at $1320. This CNC machine kit can create CNC machined parts out of wood, plastic, and even Aluminum. Moreover, with a little extra precautionary measure, it may let you cut carbon fiber, PCBs, and steel as well.

With a frame and motion system made out of customizing extruded aluminum, it features reinforced durability and extra strength. Moreover, the powdered-steel coating on its parts gives them added durability.

Its frame occupies a foot area of 28.5x24x16 inches (W x L x H). And it offers a cutting area of 16×16 inches.

This machine comes with a 12.5 horsepower spindle along with NEMA-rated motors that power its drive and control system.

Carbide’s Shapeoko CNC machine kit is the most comprehensive CNC kit that you can get your hands on. Moreover, it features excellent customizability. And using high-quality parts from suppliers like Zhongbang Hardware and plastic Co., you can increase its features to fit your unique requirements.

Apart from all the parts that constitute the machine. The Carbide CNC kit ships with all the tools that you may need to assemble the machine. Along with Carbide’s trademark CNC software it enables you to build and run your machine with no extra help.

2.      V1 Engineering Lowrider 2

The lowrider to itself comprises 3D printed parts and leans on the more affordable side of the CNC router kits with its $256 price tag. Using this CNC machine kit, your entire project can be completed for under $500. Talk about CNC machining on a budget!

On hearing about its 3D printed parts, people assume this machine would not prove to be too rigid and sturdy. However, proving all of these assumptions wrong, the Lowrider provides optimum strength, rigidity, and durability with fewer parts and affordable prices.

The best feature that the Lowrider 2 sports is probably its unlimited Y-axis allowability. This machine recommends an X-axis not exceeding 4-feet. However, when it comes to Y-axis, it can be as long as you like.

It is important to note that when you buy the Lowrider CNC kit, you will have to buy some of the DIY CNC parts India yourself. Like the spindle, guides, and other 3D printed parts.

3.      Build your own CNC Bluechick Version 4.2

Build your own CNC’s DIY CNC kits enjoy some popularity among the DIYers community because of their smart and sturdy CNC machines. But the Bluechick version 4.2 offers a lot of improvements from the previous versions of CNC kits from the manufacturer.

The Bluechick v4.2 CNC kit, with its frame and all the hardware and mechanical components, comes for $1599. The price makes it a bit more expensive compared to other options that we have discussed here.

This kit leads to a machine that is designed for small machining projects as its work area only expands to 12 inches on the X-axis, 36 inches on the Y-axis, and 3 inches on the Z-axis.

The frame of the machine comprises medium density overlay plywood and offers excellent rigidity and sturdiness. You can use it to machine customized wood and plastic parts and being table-mounted, you can place it anywhere in your workshop.

Apart from its neat design, this machine also promises to keep your workshop dust-free with its special surround-bristles dust catching mechanism.

4.      SainSmart Genmitsu 3018 Pro

If you are not very experienced at making CNC machines, then SainSmart’s Genmitsu 3018 Pro is just for you.

It is a complete DIY CNC kit coming with its spindles and stepper motors. Moreover, its unbelievably low price of $269.99 makes it a suitable option for DIYers on a budget.

Ranking as one of the best small, desktop CNC machines, it has a 300x180x45 mm working area. The Genmitsu 3018 Pro takes only a few hours to build, given that you can follow the directions nicely and have some DIYing experience.

The sturdy and compact machine that this kit promise is capable of engraving all sorts of materials including wood, plastic, and aluminum. Moreover, with SainSmart’s excellent customer support, you are not on your own when building a CNC machine with this CNC kit.

To add to its features, the Genmitsu 3018 CNC machine is controlled by the latest CNC controllers and ships with a DIY CNC kit, an extension rod, plate clamps, and 10 extra CNC router tools.


DIY CNC parts India along with DIY CNC kits can help you realize your dream of building your CNC machine and starting your CNC machining workshop in no time.

There are a huge variety of DIY CNC kits that offer to build machines with great rigidity, repeatability, and performance. Some of these kits are complete while others require you to buy extra CNC router parts yourself.

If you are looking for a desktop CNC machine, and you have a huge budget, then buying a Build your own CNC Bluechick v4.2 might be a good option. But if you are on a budget, you can consider SainSmart’s Genmitsu 2018 pro or the lowrider 2. And in case you need added DIY CNC parts for your CNC kit, be sure to check out the high-quality, high-precision CNC parts at Zhongbang’s website.

DIY CNC Parts India