The Development of ZHONG BANG

July 24, 2020

ZHANG BANG is a company that provides one-stop services, including prototype manufacturing, assembly, tooling and small batch manufacturing. Has more than 20 years of experience in CNC prototype manufacturing and processing.

The services we provide include automatic lathes, CNC lathes, cold heading processing, laser engraving and precision springs, stamping shrapnel, terminals, USB iron shells, turning nuts, studs, handles, sheet metal parts, welding, fan covers, spring shrapnel loose assembly, etc. Hardware fastener processing.

Business Management Policy

  • Make every effort to develop together enterprise and customers.
  • As the company develops, individuals must also develop.
  • Provide technical ability and management levels.
  • Contribute to the surrounding area.

Course of Action

  • Respect the individual and make every effort to achieve the company’s business goals.
  • Streamline organization, simplify management, and provide enterprise competitiveness with the fastest processing speed.
  • Seek truth from facts to grasp changes in the industry, while improving quality and ensuring delivery time.
  • Use thorough 6S management to ensure safety in the factory and maintain the environment in the factory.

Environmental Management Policy

Caring for environmental protection, full participation, energy saving, consumption reduction, noise control, pollution prevention, continuous improvement.

Site Management Policy

  • Quality must be confirmed in person.
  • The quality must be checked by yourself.
  • The quality of the present item must be confirmed in person before listening.

The Company’s Planning and Future Development Direction

  • Company Culture

Deepen the development of corporate culture. Corporate culture is the embodiment of the values shared by all employees of the company. Under the premise of people-oriented, it stimulates the vitality of employees, develops their motivation, improves the overall quality of employees, and promotes the overall development of the company.

  • Focus on Employee Cohesion

Guide employees to combine their personal ideals with the company’s development goals, and cultivate their collective sense of honor, so as to stimulate their high sense of responsibility and form a strong cohesion within the company.

  • Enhance Core Competitiveness

Enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise and coordinate the harmonious development of the enterprise. The competition of the enterprise comes from continuous learning and continuous knowledge update. The professional level and skills of employees will be greatly improved, and a competitive corporate culture will be created together to promote the further development of the company.

  • Strengthen Company System Construction

Strengthen responsibilities and detailed management, implement and improve the management level of various tasks, improve the corporate system and post norms, so that company management and employee behavior are rules-based, and advocate the improvement of incentive and restraint mechanisms under a common corporate culture, and through mechanism innovation, Improve work efficiency, and lay a solid foundation for the harmonious development of the enterprise.

ZHONG BANG is a reliable and honest partner. The company’s corporate culture and system affect all employees and encourage them to work diligently on their posts. If you have any CNC machining projects, you are welcome to call us or send an email to