How to choose the best CNC precision machining company?

October 08, 2021

For the manufacture of metal parts of various configurations, a turret lathe is often common. CNC precision machining operations are turning, drilling, countersinking, and many others). Such devices, depending on the model. It comes with a standard design or supplemented with a CNC system.

General equipment characteristics of CNC precision machining

The machines of this group are mainly common to equip enterprises that manufacture their products in large and medium series. Workpieces processed on a turret lathe are rods, forgings, and castings are common.

CNC precision machining

There are many operations for which turret lathes are common: drilling and boring holes, turning the outer surface of a part, cutting external and internal threads, etc. It is advisable to use such machines in cases where the technological process involves changing working tools.

CNC precision machining design and tools strokes

To limit the tool stroke, (CNC precision machining) turret lathes come with special stops that turn off the longitudinal and transverse feed.

 Varieties of turret design; CNC precision machining

On the machines of this group, you can install special, combined, and conventional tools and processes with their help with lots of parts in one installation. Without performing preliminary measurements and passes, without adjusting the device settings each time.

Categories of turret lathes

Turret lathes from domestic manufacturers classify according to two main parameters.

  • By the type of workpieces to process, such devices come into models for bar or cartridge work.
  • According to the location of the axis in which the turret locates, the machines come into horizontal, vertical, and inclined.

Overview of lathes in CNC precision machining

CNC precision machining carries faceplates, three- or four-jaw chucks, driven by a manual or hydraulic drive. This makes it possible to process workpieces of significant dimensions.

CNC precision machining catalog listing

The catalog of this manufacturer; CNC precision machining  contains CNC machines for the following purposes:

  1. Firstly, universal type, designed for engraving and milling work
  2. Secondly, for processing wood and metal products
  3. Moreover, erosion-type piercing machines
  4. Above all, equipment for milling and turning group

The advanced software products, with the help of which the machines of this brand control, allow them to use their full potential.

Vertical milling with CNC MA655; CNC precision machining

CNC-equipped milling machines of the Rustan trademark are the main equipment of a universal type, with which you can perform a wide range of technological operations. The models of this CNC precision machining distinguish by the fact that when purchasing them.

You can use a variety of discount programs, as well as the possibility of warranty and post-warranty service.

The CNC milling machines produced under the Redwood trademark are truly unique. They are capable of machining parts in 2d and 3d format. Moreover, the implementation of the 3d technology assumes that, according to a given program.

The precision of CNC precision machining

The main principle of work of the specialists engaged in the production of milling equipment of the Kami trademark is the production of high-quality products. Also, with the help of machines of this brand, you can process not only metal but also parts made of stone, wood, plastic, and even glass.

We specialize in CNC precision machining tools for the aerospace and automotive industries. Furthermore, the programs that are common to control them involve minimal human intervention and greatly simplify the use of such equipment.

Milling machine from the German manufacturer Zenitech

The catalog of the famous manufacturer Zenitech is dominated by professional CNC milling equipment designed for processing metal and wood parts. In the modern market, CNC milling equipment of the Invest Adam trademark is widely common. The main advantages of the models, which are distinguished by their compactness and versatility, are:

  • First, high processing precision (CNC precision machining)
  • Second, efficiency and productivity
  • Control programs can be played repeatedly
  • Moreover, the design is highly reliable
  • Lastly, communication with the computer that controls the operation of the equipment is carried out through a regular USB port

Equipping CNC precision machining

To equip a home workshop and a large manufacturing enterprise, you can use a CNC milling machine manufactured by the German company BZT. The machines of this brand are famous due to high stability, reliability of fixing workpieces, accuracy. And the efficiency of processing. It is also convenient that the machines of this brand can operate on almost any software.

Parameters for CNC precision machining cost evaluation

The cost of a CNC milling machine is influenced by the following parameters

  • Firstly, the complexity of the equipment design for CNC precision machining and its types
  • Secondly, the type of production for which the equipment is intended
  • Moreover, country of origin and trademark
  • Lastly, the functionality of the machine

CNC precision machining design and its pricing

The simplest design is possessed by desktop CNC machines, which are much cheaper than more functional equipment. To save on the purchase of a milling machine, choose equipment from domestic manufacturers. On average, the cost of desktop CNC milling equipment is about $ 4,000.

Such a price can vary from several factors: the dimensions of the machine and the worktable, engine power, equipment weight, and its functionality. Moreover, the cost of equipment for a CNC vertical milling group ranges from $ 7,000 to $ 25,000. The price of a specific model of equipment depends on its power, the number of spindle revolutions, and processing accuracy for precision machining.

Domestic machine GF2171

Large-format CNC milling machines are the most expensive in their category, as they allow you to perform a wide range of technological operations. The high cost of such equipment pays off by the fact that it can be operated in a fairly intensive mode. Also, the list of operations that is easy to perform using equipment of this category is impressive:

CNC precision machining 2021

  1. Firstly, cutting blanks
  2. Secondly, milling of surfaces of various types
  3. Moreover, polishing operations
  4. In addition, drilling
  5. Above all, boring operations

How to choose the right milling machine?

Choosing a milling machine equipped with a CNC should not come on an advertising video, but according to the functionality of such equipment. One should have CNC precision machining technical characteristics knowledge. It is necessary to guide in these situations by the following criteria:

  • First, the type of machine that is important to perform certain tasks
  • Second, advantages and disadvantages of certain models
  • Moreover, the dimensions of the desktop
  • The presence of a T-shaped groove in the structure, which contributes to a more convenient fixing of the workpiece
  • In addition, the voltage required for the operation of the CNC machine
  • Also, functionality
  • Category: desktop, mini or professional
  • Lastly, warranty obligations provided by the manufacturer