How to choose the best CNC prototype machining?

October 08, 2021

A drilling and milling machine, on which both a milling cutter and a drill are common as a working tool, belongs to universal devices. It is common for CNC prototype machining. Due to this, such machines are popular in various fields of activity.

CNC prototype machining

Drilling and milling machines can efficiently and accurately process parts with curved surfaces, regular and irregular shapes. Accurately calibrate, form holes, cut threads in them, make grooves with a smooth inner surface. In addition, drilling and milling machines are successfully common for processing spline and tongue-and-groove elements.

CNC prototype machining and Modern manufacturing

Modern manufacturers engaged in the production of such machines offer a wide variety of their modifications. Models of drilling and milling machines come with CNC systems are high-tech. Such models, in addition to high accuracy and maximum productivity, are also convenient. The influence of the human factor reduces when processing them.

CNC prototype machining that is easy to install on a flat metal surface using a magnetic base is very popular. The sole allows you to fix the machine not only on the surface of a metal worktable but also directly on the workpiece.

Device and functionality; CNC prototype machining

Any milling and drilling machine, regardless of its modification, has a distinctive feature – a special spindle fixed on a movable support. The design of such a machine also contains a reliable bed and a working table. This provides the convenience of fixing the workpiece and its processing. The working table of a drilling and milling machine is a massive volumetric structure.

Individual models of this group of CNC prototype machining is easy to equip with a magnetic base. This allows them to fix in different planes. Such machines come in the form of compact portable devices; they quickly come directly on those metal surfaces.

CNC prototype machining; Drilling and milling

Drilling and milling machines can perform almost all types of drilling and milling operations, they can handle various types of workpieces. Such high functionality is provided by the high speed of rotation of the spindle with the tool.

Equipping machines in CNC prototype machining

Equipping machines of this category with CNC systems can significantly simplify the process of equipment control, as well as improve the quality of CNC prototype machining. The CNC drilling and milling machine can perform machining in three planes. Which makes it possible to use it to produce complex configuration products.

Products exactly correspond to a drawing or prototype. Simple retrofitting of such a machine with movable carriages, clamps, and grooves allows it to be common for processing studs and grooves of complex configuration. Very often machines of this category are common for grinding the edges of parts of various configurations.

Milling and drilling equipment in CNC prototype machining

Milling and drilling equipment combines in its design two types of machines at once – drilling and milling. At the same time, the functionality and working potential of such devices are much higher than that of a single highly specialized machine. Thanks to this, the machines of the milling and drilling group are today common not only in industrial enterprises.

CNC prototype machining 2021


Moreover, they are also come with many home workshops and garages. Moreover, in the arsenal of many home craftsmen, you can find a desktop drilling and milling machine come with CNC prototype machining. Such equipment, possessing huge capabilities, has a compact size and is easy to install even in a small workshop or garage.

General characteristics of CNC prototype machining

Drilling and milling equipment (both manually operate and come with a CNC system) distinguishes not only by high functionality but is also reliable and safe in operation. The versatility and capabilities of such a machine provides both by its design features. Similarly, it is easy to process using various tools.

So, in the spindle of a drilling-milling machine, you can install cutters, drills, taps, reamers, countersinks, and other tools. Processing of CNC prototype machining comes with metal or other material on such a device is done by rotation. And the translational movement of the working tool fixed in the spindle.

Role of CNC in CNC prototype machining

An electric motor is responsible for the rotation, transmitting it through a system of drive mechanisms. In drilling and milling machines, which are come with a CNC system, all operating modes are set by special commands transmitted to the controls.

It is very important to consider modern machining methods for better and long-lasting results.

Console boring and milling machine from DEKA

When carrying out drilling and milling work, the workpiece and all the components of the equipment perceive significant loads. So, the machine must have very high rigidity. If you neglect this requirement, then you can not only fail to obtain the required quality and accuracy of the finished product.

But also face the fact that the CNC prototype machining will move from side to side during processing. Modern manufacturers engaged in the production of drilling and milling machines carefully develop their design to provide it with high rigidity.

Why is high efficiency important for CNC?

Convenience and high efficiency of work on such equipment are also ensured by the fact that the tool is in its spindle head. It replaces very quickly, without any complex manipulations. At the same time, the reliability of the fastening of the tool is at a high level.

How to choose a drilling and milling machine?

Several important parameters we should consider when choosing a particular model of drilling and milling machine. Of course, first, you should evaluate the dimensions of the equipment itself, as well as the dimensions of its working table. The functionality of CNC prototype machining largely comes by such parameters.

It is not at all necessary to choose an expensive model if you are going to use the machine rarely, from time to time. The big advantage of low-cost equipment is that the operating and maintenance costs are low. Industrial-class machines have high power, functionality. And accordingly, a high level of energy consumption.