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January 27, 2022

CNC milling parts manufacturer is a popular optional part on CNC machining machines. They have many types with different structures and features to serve many needs.

CNC 4th axis characteristics

When processing products with machines that use the 4th CNC axis, that axis must be fixed. But still make sure they can rotate firmly and accurately. The axis can be controlled rotational speed and rotation position by G-codes and other auxiliary codes.

Normally, when the shaft rotates, it is difficult to avoid eccentricity and vibration. This is the cause of errors in machining. So you need to have knowledge of these parts and they must be installed securely.

Details such as: cylindrical tapered rollers, ball bearings will often be used in 4-axis assemblies. These are also common components in lathe support shafts.

Design and structural types of CNC milling parts manufacturer

The CNC 4th axis is one of the CNC machine components They will have the following specific design and structure:

Geneva structure and other grading clusters

The Geneva mechanism of the CNC 4th axis will have less deflection. They are simple in construction, stable and very reliable.

Continuous graded clusters cannot be used in this mechanism because they move in a defined position. Therefore, CNC machines using continuous graduated assemblies cannot process 4 axes.

CNC Milling Parts Manufacturer

Turntable with ratchet wheel

This is an extremely common type of CNC 4th axis today. They are low cost, easy to buy, and come pre-assembled. Moreover, you can also easily mount the stepper motors from CNC milling parts manufacturer and use them.

There is a problem when using a turntable that is there is vibration when operating the machine. Because this segmentation cluster uses ratchet mechanism, vibration is easy to appear. Affect the accuracy and quality of the product.

They can be adjusted to reduce vibrations. However, it can cause wear and shorten the life of the bearings.

Structures using CNC milling parts belts

There are many types of milling machines that use belts for drive. You can also use the same CNC 4th axis mechanism.

At this time you do not need to use ball screws. As a result, the CNC milling parts manufacturer machining speed increases, reducing costs. However, you need to align the stepper motor or servomotor so that they do not get out of position when moving or the belt slips.

It is recommended to use the servo motor when using the belt mechanism. Because they can simply drive with a higher resolution than when using stepper motors. The movements will be calculated according to the rotation rate.

Harmonic Structure

This type of mechanism is suitable for grading because they have low vibration. You can put them into stepper motors or servos to form a simple CNC 4th axis.

Or you can buy CNC milling parts manufacturer on e-commerce platforms. However, you need to pay close attention to the gear ratios to be able to choose the right type.

Structure form of orange globoidal

This type of mechanism helps to limit vibrations and perform grading functions. The globoidal cam is used for 4-axis CNC milling machines in particular and high-speed 4-axis CNC machines in general.

The pins are ball bearings, which move with low friction and with high precision.

Brake is a braking mechanism, used to stop the shafts. With the grading mechanism, you can use pins or levers to brake according to the pre-punched holes.

Specifications of the most popular CNC milling parts manufacturer

Among the 6 types of CNC 4th axis, the ratchet turntable mechanism is most commonly used.

When choosing to buy this type of shaft mechanism, you need to choose one with the right specifications for your machine. Includes the following parameters:

Turning tables

  • Diameter of turntable
  • Maximum weight on turntable (with auxiliary support)
  • Maximum number of turntables (without auxiliary support)
  • Number of grooves T

CNC 4th Axis

  • Maximum rotation speed
  • Great torque
  • Huge runout
  • Reversal error
  • Center height
  • Belt transmission ratio
  • Braking force @ 100 psi/6.9 bar
  • Transmission ratio


  • Maximum rotation angle/step
  • Resolution
  • Accuracy (±)
  • Repeat Accuracy
  • Diameter of worm gear

General specifications

  • Requires current
  • Maximum temperature of working environment

Requires compressed air

Gas pressure max


  • Turning tables
  • Brushless control

CNC milling parts manufacturer with 6 different types of structures and separate functions to suit each user’s needs. CNC 4th axis is more and more popular because of its outstanding uses. When choosing to buy this type of shaft, you need to base on the specifications to buy the 4th CNC axis suitable for the machining machine.

CNC Milling Parts Manufacturer 2022

Classification according to motion conditions

Point to point mechanism

In this system, the workpiece moves in a defined position from one point to another. This helps the spindle work on the workpiece. This is the cheapest method.

Straight cutting mechanism

This cutter is parallel to one of the axes. This axis can be X, Y or Z and moves at a certain speed. They are suitable for making workpieces of rectangular shape.

Mechanism for creating contours

This is one of the most complex and expensive mechanisms by CNC milling parts manufacturer. Because they control two or more axes at the same time. In addition, the workpiece moves continuously. This allows the tool to work while the axes are in motion. Create 2d, 3d curved or angular surfaces.

Sort by control loop

Open loop

The controller gives instructions to the motor. However, the movement and direction accuracy is not high. But they can still create the desired shape. This type is usually cheaper than closed loop.

Closed loop

This method uses a variety of sensors, probes, and counters to accurately estimate the position of the table. In addition, they use a feedback unit to compare the workpiece position with the signal received from the controller. This is kind of complicated and expensive.

Classification of CNC milling parts manufacturer based on power source

This type uses AC and DC motors. They use electricity and wiring to run. So, they have complex systems.  They use hydraulic pump and wheel to operate. Given their relatively small size and high torque, they are generally suitable for fast response operations.

Compressed air 

This type uses hydraulic plate and pump. NC machining rarely uses this system. Because they are big and the torque is low.