China cnc machining part: 4 Best milling Machines 2021

January 16, 2021

What are the most common CNC milling methods

CNC milling is a special kind of machining process. It helps China cnc machining partto control and rotate the multipoint cutting tools that gradually remove extra material from the workpiece. Hence, it helps to produce custom-designed parts and products.

The milling parts manufacturers are successively producing objects by using a huge range of materials. For example, they produce several objects and a variety of custom-designed products by using plastic, metal, wood, and glass.

In this guide, you will learn what is the process of CNC milling? Furthermore, what are the types of milling?

What is the CNC milling machine?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control milling. A CNC milling machine is a unique machine that is extremely useful to produce industrial as well as commercial products. All major industries like,

  • Medical;
  • Aerospace;
  • Electronic, and many more

are increasingly getting benefits from CNC milling machines.

Moreover, China cnc machining part are serving all the major industries as their products are necessary for all these industries. This special machine moves and monitors with the help of numerical computer control instead of human hands.

Furthermore, its machining process is similar to the process of drilling and cutting components with extraordinary precision. This process has become an extremely popular industrial solution. In fact, it can produce almost all sizes and shapes of all types of materials.
China cnc machining part

Types of milling machines that China cnc machining part use

Milling machines are actually helpful in removing metal pieces via a rotating cutter. The rotation of the cutter happens at a very high speed that helps to cut through the metal more effectively.

Milling machines are more effective in comparison to the following metal removal machines such as,

  • Planner;
  • Sharpener;
  • lathe machines.

Moreover, with the help of milling machines, China cnc machining part can perform high accuracy operations. In fact, milling machines come in several different types, for example

  1. Knee and Column Type;
  2. Fixed Bed Type or Manufacturing Type;


Knee and Column Type:

These are actually the most popular and useful types of milling machines. This machine has a vertical column attached to the bed that contains all the special gear drives. Further, this gear drives help to rotate the knee and saddle.

The knee in a knee-type machine is all responsible for providing

  • Up
  • Down
  • and vertical movements to the workpieces that are in the base of these machines.

There is a saddle that is attached in the upper region of the knee. Moreover, this saddle has the ability to move in a transverse direction. There are further 3 kinds of knee and column machines that China cnc machining part use for different purposes.

Fixed Bed or Manufacturing Type:

As the name suggests, this machine has a special rigid bed attached to the machine. Its saddle and knee have already been arranged, you have not a choice to arrange them. Basically, this kind of machine has a movable spindle head.

Further, this spindle head-mounted with the spindle of the milling machine. This special kind of machine can conduct special cutting operations by moving in vertical and horizontal directions.

Planer Type Milling Machine:

The China cnc machining part also call these machines “Plano millers”. Further, the planer type milling machine can perform heavy-duty tasks. Moreover, these are massive in size. These types of machines consist of spindle heads. And they are adjustable in vertical and transverse directions.

This type of machine has a special planner. Moreover, this is similar to the planning machine. The cross rails that this type of machine has can raise and lower the cutters. The heads and saddles of these machines support and maintain by rigid uprights.

The main difference between a planner and a Plano miller is the movement of the table. In the Plano miller, the table moves to give the feed. While in a planer, the speed of cutting increases via the movement of the table.

Special Type:

Basically, these are very unusual milling machines that China cnc machining part use. Moreover, these machines can perform special tasks that other ordinal machines never can perform.

These special types of machines conclude a unique spindle. This special spindle helps to rotate the cutter. Further, this cutter has a provision for moving the tool or workpiece in different directions. We are describing some very special kind of milling machines that are very helpful and common.

These are,

  • Rotary Table Milling Machine
  • Tracer Controlled Milling Machine
  • Drum Milling Machine, etc.

What is the process of CNC milling?

Actually, the process of CNC milling is a very special and subtractive form of manufacturing. Moreover, in this method, China cnc machining partremove the extra material from the workpiece.

Hence, by using the CNC milling process, they get the final shape of the design. Furthermore, this special process starts with a 3D model or a computer-aided design (CAD) of the final part. For getting the final shape, the dimensional data has been given to computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software.

This special software understands these special instructions that are in a special language. Additionally, the CNC milling machine reads these generated CAM instructions properly. Further, this machine leads a series of precise machine movements along several different axes and paths.

What are the most common CNC milling methods?

Here we are describing to you the 4 most common CNC milling methods which China cnc machining part use. These are;

  1. Plain milling;
  2. Angular milling;
  3. Face milling;
  4. Form milling.
Plain milling:

This method is also popular as the name of surface milling. Moreover, this process makes use of a special cutting tool. This tool helps to remove the extra material along the surface of the workpiece.

In addition, in this method, the rotation axis is always parallel to the targeted workpiece.

Angular milling:

In this milling method, manufacturers use the cutting tool’s rotary axis at an angle to the surface of the workpiece. It helps to produce angular cuts that have been specified by the design, for example, dovetails or grooves.

Face milling:

In face milling, China cnc machining part use a rotational axis that is perpendicular to the surface of the material. Moreover, the grinding or cutting tool faces down that is against the workpiece surface to remove material.

Form milling:

In this milling method, manufacturers make non-flat cuts. For example, curves, contours, and radii. Furthermore, every type of curve needs a particular cutting tool to create a perfect form of cut.

China cnc machining part 2021


CNC milling is extremely beneficial as it can cut a huge range of materials and create precision designed products. Moreover, it is highly advantageous in comparison to old and conventional methods as it is much faster and reliable.

CNC milling parts manufacturers can produce products and parts by using the following materials. Like it can produce the products of

  • Metals,
  • Exotic and precious metals
  • And plastics.

Today all industries whether they need complex or simple products are using the CNC milling process and machines. It doesn’t matter which material you use because the CNC milling machines are highly advantageous in all materials.