7 most common china CNC lathe parts to read about in 2021

January 17, 2021

What are the components of a CNC machine?

Nowadays, CNC machines are increasingly serving China as well as the manufacturing industry from all over the world. Basically, CNC machines are the most advanced form of machines to create several objects. Further, china CNC lathe parts are extremely versatile and of high precision quality.

You can see the use of CNC machines in almost all types of industries. Moreover, there is hardly any facet of manufacturing that is not getting benefits from CNC machines.

This guide will truly help you to understand the CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines and their types. Moreover, what are the tools for CNC machines? And who is the father of CNC machines?

So, let’s start!

What are the types of machine tools?

Basically, a machine tool is a special machine that helps to handle the machining metal. Furthermore, they also can handle several other rigid materials generally by,

  • cutting
  • boring
  • shearing
  • grinding

and many other forms of deformation.

Moreover, these china CNC lathe parts further make use of various types of tool that performs cutting and shaping. In fact, all machine tools have some means of constraining the workpiece. They provide a special guided movement to the parts of the machine.

china CNC lathe parts

Furthermore, several other types of machine tools are,

  1. Broaching machine;
  2. Gear shaper;
  3. Drill press;
  4. Hobbing machine;
  5. Lathe;
  6. Hone;
  7. Milling machine;
  8. Screw machines;
  9. 5 axis bridge saws
  10. Thibaut 5 axis saw

What are the 7 basic types of machine tools: china CNC lathe parts?

There are hundreds of varieties of metal machine tools that range from small to big sizes. Moreover, in modern industries, these small metal machines are useful to work and control huge production machines.

Actually, these huge production machines have several hundred tons of weight and they are helpful in mass production. Basically, they keep all the basic features of their 19th- and early 20th-century ancestors.

Moreover, these 7 basic types of machine tools are,

  • turning machines (lathes and boring mills)
  • planners and shapers
  • drilling machines,
  • milling machines
  • grinding machines
  • power saws
  • and presses.

What are CNC machines? china CNC lathe parts

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. These machines take digitized data, a CAM program, and a computer has been used to,

  • control
  • automate
  • as well as monitor all the movements of a machine.

Furthermore, CNC machines may be,

  • milling machine,
  • lathe
  • welder
  • router
  • grinder
  • waterjet or laser cutter
  • robot
  • sheet metal stamping machine and several other kinds of machines.

Additionally, china CNC lathe parts machining is a metal fabrication method in which machines use written code to control all the manufacturing processes. This code actually controls all and everything from the movement of the cutting head to spindle speed, RPMs, etc.

Who is the father of CNC machines?

In fact, John T. Parsons has all credit to create the very first numerical control system or CNC machine.

In the 1940s, when he was working as a machinist at his father’s company, he started to work on innovative machines. Moreover, he began to work on new ways to construct helicopter rotors for the emerging aerospace industry.

What are the types of CNC?

There are several types of CNC machines. But we have tried to classify them into the following categories according to their different methods.

Types of machined parts (functions):

According to the types of machined parts or functions, CNC machines may be classified into five types,

  1. CNC milling machines,
  2. CNC lathes
  • And CNC drilling machines,
  1. CNC plasma cutters
  2. CNC grinders.
Type of motion:

When we classify them by motion, these china CNC lathe parts machines are;

  1. point to point systems
  2. contouring systems.
Total number of Axis:

When we classify them by the number of axes, CNC machines generally have five groups:

  1. 2-axis machines
  2. 2.5-axis machines
  • 3-axis machines
  1. 4-axis machines
  2. and 5-axis machines.

Where china CNC lathe parts are used?

All of us, who are involved in manufacturing industries, know that CNC machines have become an essential need in all industries. Further, we are describing some of the many industries that use CNC machines. Hence, these are:

Industries for Fabricating Metals:

Basically, CNC machines are necessary to use for several different machining operations such as,

  • shearing,
  • flame or plasma cutting
  • laser cutting
  • punching
  • forming
  • welding and many more.

Industries for removing metal:

china CNC lathe parts 2021

These machines are extremely useful in industries where removing metal from the raw material is necessary to give the final shapes. For example, in automotive industries to create

  • gears
  • shafts and several other parts.

Furthermore, you can also use these china CNC lathe parts to perform all the turning operations like,

  • boring
  • facing
  • turning
  • grooving as well as threading on your CNC turning centers.

What are the tools for CNC machines?

In fact, CNC machines are extremely versatile pieces of equipment. Moreover, they are greatly useful to use in a wide range of cutting tools. Additionally, there are a lot of tools for every operation from end mills to thread mills.

Further, these tools allow the CNC machines to do a huge variety of special cuts and incisions in a workpiece. We have brought some most common and most widely used cutting tools in CNC machines.

Actually, we have tried to bring some most important cutting tools that are really important. But instead of these cutting tools, there are several more types that are helpful in CNC machines. Hence, the 10 most common types of cutting tools are:

  1. Roughing end mill
  2. End mill
  3. Fly cutter
  4. Face mill
  5. Thread mill
  6. Hollow mill
  7. Drill bit
  8. Reamer
  9. Side-and-face cutter
  10. Gear cutter

What are the components of a CNC machine?

Generally, numerical control is a special technique that controls several functions of a machine tool by an input. Moreover, CNC is a special microprocessor-based system, the heart and the brain of any CNC machine.

Here are the 6 most important china CNC lathe parts of any CNC system for you to understand deeply. These are:

  • Input devices
  • The central processing unit (CPU)
  • Machine control panel
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Servo-control unit
  • Display unit

What are CNC tools?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) also known as Numerical control. Further, CNC is generally an automated control of machining tools for example,

  • drills
  • lathes
  • mills
  • and 3D printers with the help of a computer.

What is a CNC lathe?

In fact, china CNC lathe parts are a very special Computer-Controlled piece of machinery. Basically, a lathe is one of the great versatile machine tools in the modern industry. Modern industrials are increasingly using these tools to do unique machining operations.

In addition, this is an extremely precise and high-efficiency automatic machine tool. This special tool allows performing some basic machining operations like, turning and drilling.

These tools have been designed to use all modern processes. This machine tool has a vast range of processing performance. It can easily process,

  • linear cylinders
  • slant cylinders

As well as many other complex workpieces like,

  • threads
  • slots
  • worms, etc.

Further, a CNC lathe can play an ideal economic effect in the mass production of several complex parts.

What are the main china CNC lathe parts?

We have brought the main parts of the CNC lathe for you. Each part has its own special function and is greatly important in any CNC lathe machine. These are:

  • Headstock
  • Tailstock
  • Bed
  • Carriage
  • Lead Screw
  • Feed Rod
  • Chip Pan
  • Hand Wheel.


Today, CNC machines and china CNC lathe parts are most widely used in modern industries to create ideal shaped products. Moreover, these are highly beneficial to remove the extra material from the final workpiece.

Hence, by using these modern machining tools, you can easily get the products of the desired shapes and sizes.