How to use China CNC machine parts in mechanical field?

July 26, 2021

China CNC machine parts
The birth of CNC technology marked a major turning point in the revolution of mechanical manufacturing and today china CNC machine parts are still developing constantly to bring out the most perfect products.
This is also one of the foundations of later technologies, not only limited to the mechanical industry but also expanded to other fields such as: Health, agriculture, fine arts, smart.

CNC stands for Computer Number Control (Can be roughly translated as: Numerical control with the support of a computer), true to that meaning: The mechanical machining process comes entirely by numerical algorithms with the complete control of the computer to fulfill human requirements.

When there was no CNC, mechanical processing was completely common by mechanical machines

Mechanical processing was done entirely on mechanical machines such as mechanical turning, mechanical milling. Processing like this is very time consuming and the productivity of china CNC machine parts is not high. To operate these types of machines requires a machine with a mechanic. This means that the products produced will not be much, and the accuracy will not be high.

China CNC machine parts are improved and developed to produce CNC machines

After a period of improvement, CNC machines were born to overcome the shortcomings of mechanical machines, CNC technology is roughly take as a computer-controlled machining process. To use, what you need to do is to perform the machining process on the computer using CAM software. After process on the computer ends, the software will output the NC code of the machining process.
With computer control, china CNC machine parts can cut metal according to easy curves such as straight lines, even hollow inside the work piece, trimming precise pattern lines. Because it has program and controlled by a computer, the accuracy of CNC is said to be absolute, creating products that are cut very sharp and beautiful. However, the accuracy of a CNC machine is also dependent on a few factors.

2. What is CNC Turning?

General structure of CNC lathe
CNC lathes have the same structure as conventional lathes. For conventional lathes, when processing and cutting parts, the controller must monitor the position of the cutter, manipulate it in time to produce details that meet technical requirements. Accuracy and productivity depend on the operator’s skill level.

China CNC machine parts operate according to a program that has been programmed according to a strict rule in accordance with the technical process drafted and software installed in the machine. The working results of CNC machines do not depend on the skill of the operator. At this time, the machine operator mainly plays the role of monitoring and checking the operating functions of the machine.

Tool holder:

There are chain, ring, mushroom and flat inserts consecutively. Depending on the type and size, CNC machine tool stations have 8 to 16 tool positions. In large machining centers up to 3 tool stations can be common simultaneously. If more than 45xUdHPiFHQ7xbKh19G45saF1raB2ot5pag8p1Hnk4yrfXRJZskr8TMbFpVfC5tDk8eQQg63TqkW9gKhwagx6HePTaK2yXbcenters allow less than 100 and even more tools.

Chain knife:

1. The clamp is durable, less damaged and anti-corrosion.
2. Chains have support on both sides; works very stable.
3. Knife reverse mechanism adopts cam curve design which ensures smooth knife reverse movement.
4. Structure of the knife tray is solid. Helps change high-speed tools and heavy tools.
5. Knife tray movement adopts barrel cam design; Smooth, quiet and precise movement.

Mushroom knife:

1. Stable clamping strength and excellent contact with the tools, protecting the spindle and tool tray from inappropriate tool change.
2. The tool holder can be fixed or movable, driven by precision motor, precise tool change, smooth, quiet and precise movement.
3. The source of control of the tool tray can be servo motor and china CNC machine parts.
Basic features of CNC lathes

High automation features:

CNC lathes have high cutting productivity and minimize the extra time, due to the greatly enhanced degree of automation. Depending on the degree of automation, the CNC machine can perform many different movements at the same time. It can automatically change the tool, correct the tool error, automatically check the part size and thereby automatically adjust the relative position deviation.

High flexibility:

The program can be changed easily and quickly, adapting to different types of parts. This shortens the production lead time and preparation time, facilitates the automation of small batch production, and can quickly produce the programmed parts at any time. Therefore, there is no need to produce the china CNC machine parts, but just keep the program of that part.
CNC machines can process small and medium-sized parts, react flexibly when technological tasks change, and most importantly, machining programming is easy to do off-machine, in offices with support. Support of information technology through computer equipment, microprocessors, etc.
China CNC machine parts 2021

Task concentration feature:

most CNC machines can perform a large number of different operations without changing the mounting position of the part. From the ability to concentrate work, CNC machines have been developed into CNC machining centers.

What is a CNC lathe that one needs to spend more money to buy it than when investing in a traditional lathe?

Machining complex profiles: CNC machines are the only machines that can accurately and quickly machine parts with complex shapes such as three-dimensional surfaces.
Features of high economic and technical efficiency china CNC machine parts:
Improved tool life thanks to optimal cutting conditions. Save on cutting tools, jigs and other spare parts.
Reduce waste.
Save money on hiring labor because there is no need for professional skills but higher processing productivity.
Use the machining program again.
Reduce production time.
More machine uptime thanks to reduced downtime.
Reduced inspection time as CNC machines produce uniform quality parts.
CNCs can change quickly from one type of part to another with minimal preparation time.

Accurate features, high quality assurance:

Reduce damage comes by human error. At the same time, it also reduces the intensity of human attention when working. It is capable of mass precision machining with china CNC machine parts. The repeatability accuracy, which characterizes the degree of stability throughout the machining process, is the absolute superiority of CNC machines.
The CNC machine has a closed control system capable of processing precise details both in shape and size. These features facilitate interchangeability, reducing the possibility of material loss to a minimum.