6 Best Types of CNC 3d printer parts Machining

July 26, 2021


Get CNC machining, CNC cutting, CNC metal lathe, stainless steel with cheap price, prestige and quality of CNC 3d printer parts are now very important ingredients in various industries. The machines that work well in CNC machining are widely common products that greatly help the production and development of many industries.

CNC 3d printer parts

CNC machines make the automation process much faster and more convenient, such as: fewer operators, even no longer having to intervene in the machine’s operation. To help you understand more about the types of machines, CNC 3d printer parts common in CNC machining, our following article will provide you with relevant information for you to know. Be sure to keep an eye on our next post!

What is CNC machining?

  • CNC machine tools CNC stands for Computerized Numerically Controlled – computer-controlled machine tools.
  • Machining by new technological methods, basically, CNC machines are becoming the trend of the mechanical engineering industry. Similarly, you can come across CNC machines anywhere, even in factories with large scale smallest tissue.
  • The operating principle of CNC machine tools is usually the same, but a CNC machine can perform many times more diverse and accurate than manual control machines.

Types of machines common in CNC machining

Currently, there are many types of CNC machines common in manufacturing and CNC 3d printer parts manufacturing. We would like to list some very popular CNC machining machines that you know such as:

  • Vertical Spindle CNC Machine
  • CNC Drilling Machine
  • Moreover, CNC machine with horizontal spindle
  • Similarly, CNC Hole Drilling Machine
  • CNC Milling Machine
  • Ina addition, Lathe, CNC thread

Advantages of CNC machines

  • High automation ability: CNC machining can perform many different movements at the same time, can automatically correct the error of the cutter, automatically check the CNC 3d printer partsand automatically correct the deviation. relative position between the cutter and the part.
  • CNC machines have high flexibility in programming, saving time in machine adjustment, achieving high economy in processing all kinds of small products.
  • High precision and quality assurance: CNC machining reduces subjective human errors. Capable of precision machining a wide range of parts, that repeatability is characteristic of the degree of stability throughout the machining process.
  • High cutting speed, is easy to process. Thanks to the sturdy mechanical construction of the machine, modern cutting materials such as hard metals or oxide ceramics can be better common.

Disadvantages of CNC machines

  • The cost to make CNC machines and CNC 3d printer partsis much higher
  • Maintenance and repair costs are also higher than other machines
  • More difficult to operate and change operator

Technical features of CNC machines 

To work with a CNC machine you need to know how the machine is built. Only then will you understand the capabilities and limitations of the machine to maximize its power:

  • Spindle maximum rotation speed v/min
  • Spindle has how many speed ranges and limits of each range
  • Main shaft motor power and feed axes
  • Maximum machining range in each direction
  • How many knives can the machine work with?
  • Is the belt structure square or ten on?
  • Fast running speed
  • Maximum cutting speed

The achievements of 3D printing technology

Health and education

3D printing technology is really useful in the production of biological models, especially models of human body parts. For anatomy, the models created from CNC 3d printer parts help the team of doctors to have a deeper understanding, thereby providing accurate treatment options.


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CNC 3d printer parts 2021


3D printing has also achieved certain achievements in the field of education, especially in subjects such as technology, science and engineering. With this modern technology, students can create, design and produce finished products right in the classroom. In addition, for teachers, 3D models are applied to help impart knowledge and teach more effectively.

How has it been applied in the world?

More and more schools are incorporating 3D printing into their curricula as a tool to better prepare children for the future. Maker spaces, equipped with CNC 3d printer parts, CNC machines, and other tools, became popular. Alternatively, 3D printers can be found in public libraries. Most universities have at least one (if not several) 3D printers for students to use for their own classes or projects.

3D printers not only allow students to be creative in completely new ways, but they also have a lot of potential for educational models. From frog dissection kits to creating tessellations, the free models available on the STL file repository can be common for education.

Architecture and construction

Humans have achieved success in constructing buildings using giant 3D printers and CNC 3d printer parts. This method helps to improve construction quality, shorten construction schedule, reduce labor costs, high flexibility and ensure construction safety for people.

3D printing clothes

This upgrade will change the face of fashion design worldwide. In the future, people can use scanners on the whole body, the printer will process the received data and create the most suitable clothes with completely accurate measurements. In particular, with future 3D printing technology, you can easily adjust and create clothing patterns according to your personal preferences.

 3D printing of airplanes

With the current situation, there is no 3D printer capable of creating a complete machine. Because, their most prominent function is to print each part or component separately. However, in the near future, 3D printing technology and CNC 3d printer parts will likely be common to produce drones. In particular, 3D printing of miniature aircraft will also bring many unexpected benefits to reconnaissance.

2.3/ 3D printing wood, bone, porcelain enamel

This is one of NASA’s most advanced research directions. More specifically, 3D printers can be common to make components of spaceships. In particular, humans have experimented with 3D printing special structures, capable of creating materials similar to wood, porcelain, silk, bone, etc. These are all the most important materials for creating spirits.