What is the price of cnc processing

February 24, 2021

I wonder if you are curious about the production principle of parts? Judging from the current industry statistics, the vast majority of parts and components on the market are produced by cnc processing. With the continuous advancement of technology, the precision of CNC machining parts is getting higher and higher. At this time, many customers may ask, what is the price of cnc processing? Is cnc processing expensive? In fact, the price of cnc processing is not fixed. The cost of cnc processing is determined by many factors. Next, Wofu Hardware will introduce you to the determinants of cnc processing prices in detail.

Cnc processing price: The standard algorithm is working hours * wages per working hour + fixed expenses that should be apportioned, such as depreciation expenses. The general cnc processing fee is 40-50 yuan per hour. The machine is about 1 meter, ordinary Lijia machine. Where there are few machine tools, the price is slightly increased by more than 10 yuan. The cnc processing quotation should be comprehensively considered according to the size, material, shape, precision and quantity of the processed workpiece. The larger the workpiece, the longer the processing time and the higher the quotation. The greater the difference in height of the workpiece processed by cnc, the more difficult the processing, the higher the quotation. The higher the material hardness, the higher the price. The shape is complicated, the higher the price. The higher the accuracy, the higher the quotation.

Analysis of cnc processing costs.

1. First, look at your drawings and technical requirements. As we all know, the higher the cnc processing technology requirements, the higher the corresponding processing costs.
2. The materials in each area are man-made, and the prices in some places are very different, so this is also the reason for the different quotations of cnc processing.
3. The cnc processing part is to calculate the profit based on the material processing cost. The cost depends on the process. The price of different processing equipment is of course different. According to the calculation of the working time (start time, grinding time, etc.), there are calculations based on the operation ( Such as how many folding boards are folded, how much is ordinary drilling, etc.).
4. Of course, if the cnc processing is a single piece, even if it is a small piece, the material is not retail. It is necessary to calculate the price of your entire board. For example: you said 0.3, the manufacturer is not commonly used, if you only have one or two, if you only buy the material once to buy a board (such as 1220 * 2440), then your material cost will be consumed.
5. If the parts and components are available from the CNC processing plant, of course there is no problem. If the processing plant itself has some processes that need to be outsourced, the price will rise accordingly. If you are already a foreign company, it is equivalent to two outsourcing companies. So find a cnc processing factory to find the right one, find what they can do, and do the best.

Specific cnc processing price calculation:

Cnc processing fee: The standard algorithm refers to the fixed cost of working hours per hour, such as depreciation. The processing cost of CNC machine tools is generally 40-50 yuan per hour. This machine is about 1 meter, ordinary vertical machine. The price of machines in a few places rose slightly, by more than 10 yuan. Of course, the price will vary according to the processing capacity of the machine.