What causes cnc machining to hit the knife

February 24, 2021

Relative to various types of CNC lathes and CNC machining centers, machine tools have high finishing efficiency, good specifications and reliability, and low physical labor for employees, which is conducive to intelligent safety management. However, due to improper handling of actual operations or incorrect programming, etc., it is easy to cause CNC machining tools or tool holders to hit steel parts or CNC lathes, and lightly will damage CNC machining tools and finished parts, and the more serious ones will Destroy the parts of CNC machining center, reduce the precision of CNC lathe production and processing, and cause personal accidents. Therefore, from the perspective of maintaining precision, the CNC machining center is never allowed to collide with the CNC machining center or steel parts in the application of the CNC machining center. The root cause of the collision knife is sorted out and analyzed below.

Because the cnc machining center is locked by software, during the simulation of production and processing, when the self-start button is pressed down on the simulation page, it is impossible to visually see whether the cnc processing is locked. There is often no tool setting during simulation. If the cnc machining center is not locked, it is very easy to hit the tool again. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the CNC machining center is locked or not in the operation interface before simulating finishing. Forget to turn off the dry run switch during finishing. Because in the program simulation simulation, in order to arrange a reasonable time, the dry running power switch is often turned on.

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Dry run means that all motion axes of the CNC lathe operate at the speed of G00. If the power switch is not turned off during the production and processing, the cnc machining center ignores the given tool feed rate and operates at the G00 rate, resulting in safety accidents of hitting and hitting the machine. There is no return to the machine coordinate system after the dry run simulation. The machine tool is locked during the calibration procedure, and the cnc machining tool depends on the simulation operation of the steel finishing (absolute and relative coordinates are changing), the coordinates at this time and the actual specific position If it does not meet the requirements, return to the machine tool coordinate system to ensure that the 0 point coordinates of the mechanical equipment are the same as the absolute and relative coordinates. If no problems are encountered after the check procedure, the finishing operation procedure is carried out, which will cause the impact of the CNC tool.

CNC machining center The cnc machine tool is a high-precision CNC lathe. Anti-collision is very necessary. The operator is required to cultivate the good habit of being serious and careful, and operate the machine in an appropriate way to reduce the problem of machine tool collision. With the development and growth of technology applications, advanced technology applications such as CNC tool damage inspection, machine tool anti-collision monitoring, and machine tool adaptive production and processing during processing often appear, which can maintain cnc machine tools scientifically and reasonably.

CNC machining center hitting the knife has the following reasons:
1. The specific position of the spindle bearing change tool radius compensation is incorrect or deviated.
2. The spindle bearing orientation is incorrect.
3. The claw of the cnc processing tailstock mechanical arm is not normally opened.
4. The abnormal export of the fourth axis data signal causes the tool application program to be disordered.
5. The application program is messy caused by electromagnetic interference of other machine tools.