Titanium CNC parts: What are the ideal CNC machining techniques?

January 19, 2021

Why titanium is popular material in machines?

The metal of titanium is highly durable. So, it is ideal to use for engineering applications. Also, titanium CNC parts are extremely light, strong, and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, these are almost 40% lighter in comparison to steel but greatly sturdy as high-strength steel.

The titanium metal also has the highest regard in the world of CNC machining. Titanium and several of its alloys are very popular to use in biomedical and aerospace applications. In this guide, we will discuss the advantages of using titanium parts in several industries.

Moreover, you will also learn why titanium is so difficult and popular to machining.

What are CNC machines?

We can define a CNC machine as a machine that is controlled by a computer. In fact, CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control. The CNC machines work with the help of pre-programmed software.

Moreover, in CNC machines, we can control the whole movement of production equipment. Nowadays CNC machines are playing a critical role in the rapidly developing world of the latest manufacturing industry. Moreover, these machines are also highly useful for manufacturing ideal titanium CNC parts.

What are the 5 common types of CNC machines?

The manufacturers classify the CNC machines into the following 8 types. All of these machines are extremely helpful for different purposes. So, these 8 types are:

  1. CNC laser cutting machine
  2. CNC Milling Machine
  3. Moreover, CNC Lathe Machine
  4. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
  5. CNC router Machine
  6. 5- axis machine
  7. 3-D Printer
  8. Pick and Place Machine.

How much does it cost to CNC machine a part?

The cost of machining a part depends on their conditions. Moreover, to make parts by using CNC machines can be divided by the number of parts you are manufacturing. Such as, you can design a part with a composite material and a setup cost of $100 and machining cost of $1.

Moreover, it will total cost you $101 per part. But if you have decided to make 100 of them then these parts will just cost $2 each.

Can you CNC titanium? Titanium CNC parts

Manufacturers in modern industries have found that titanium is a perfect metal to work in CNC machines. In fact, customers of several industries have discovered that titanium CNC parts are ideal to use in several products.

The question which often comes to the readers is that, is CNC machine can perfectly cut titanium. So, the answer is yes. Actually, you can easily CNC titanium and design useful titanium CNC parts for several industries.

Basically, titanium is hard metal but it is not much stronger in comparison to steel. Moreover, platinum has great strength than steel. The metal of titanium can hold up to 3,300° F while steel can only control 2,700° F of temperature.

What are characteristics of titanium material?

In fact, both of the materials are hard in pliability but the titanium material is ideal to flex repeatedly in CNC conditions. Further, platinum is ideally lighter in comparison to steel or any other material. But the titanium material is generally a pricy metal than several other materials.

This metal is much safer and greatly efficient for several important industries. Although, it is quite costly all its ideal features make it perfect to cut and design using a CNC machine.

What are the ideal CNC machining techniques for titanium CNC parts?

Manufacturers in different industries use different CNC machining techniques for titanium CNC parts. All of these techniques are useful and have unique advantages to design different parts. These are:

  • Precision Machining
  • CNC Turning & Milling horizontal mill,
  • And CNC lathe,
  • CNC mill,
  • CNC turning center, etc.

Moreover, all the above CNC techniques are capable of carrying out different executions, for example,

  • parting
  • grooving
  • drilling
  • and knurling, etc.

Why is titanium so popular with machines?

In several past years, manufacturers were increasingly preferred to use aluminum alloy in the aerospace industry. But nowadays they seem to prefer the titanium material in comparison to any other metal. Moreover, titanium is also highly beneficial to use in the biomedical industry.

There are many good reasons for its popularity. Since titanium has

  • excellent fatigue performance,
  • high strength.

Further, they are lightweight and high resistant to aggressive environments as well as remain free of degeneration and rust. While comparing to several other materials and metals, titanium CNC parts last longer.

Moreover, these parts are also popular for their better performance and ideal results.

Why is titanium so difficult to machine?

Although titanium has lots of advantages as well as it is high-performance metal. But despite all these, it is also quite hard to machine.

Basically, Titanium alloy has a low Young’s modulus. So, this fact causes chatter and spring back during CNC machining. Hence, this fact can generate poor surface quality in the final products. So, manufacturers have to pay great care during machining the titanium materials.

What are the advantages of titanium CNC parts?

Titanium materials have countless benefits in comparison to many other metals. Moreover, titanium CNC parts are also famous for their,

  • high durability
  • and lightweight.

Basically, this metal is the ninth most sufficient element in Earth’s crust. You can find a small amount of titanium metal in nearly every rock. Titanium material is environment friendly as it is 100 % recyclable.


Furthermore, manufacturers can easily bind titanium with,

  • aluminum
  • iron
  • nickel and several other metals.

All of the above metals help to develop many high-performance titanium alloys.

Additionally, they are also better corrosion-resistant against water and salt. In fact, they have a high melting point as well as highly ductile. So, all these features make them ideal for countless applications and industries.

Here are some more common characteristics of titanium CNC parts. Such as they are,

  1. Non-toxic
  2. Strong
  3. Non-magnetic
  4. Oxide resistance
  5. High strength-to-weight ratio
  6. High energy absorption
  7. Low adhesion
  8. Erosion resistance
  9. Burns at high temperatures
  10. Limited condensation.

What are popular industries for titanium CNC parts

As we have already described that titanium metal has countless benefits. Moreover, it is ideal for those applications that need lightweight, anti-corrosion, resilient, and temperature-resistant materials. So, you can see its beneficial uses in,

  • tennis rackets
  • surgical tools
  • jewelry
  • scissors
  • goalie masks
  • bicycle frames
  • smartphones and many more.

Titanium CNC parts are also used in spacecraft and aircraft manufacturing industries as titanium is 60 percent heavier than aluminum. Titanium alloys are non-magnetic, so it is ideal to use in magnetic resonance imaging machines. The medical industry uses titanium parts in

  • Drug pumps
  • Bone growth stimulators
  • Neurostimulation Devices
  • Battery components
  • Left Ventricular Assist Devices and so on.

Why titanium CNC parts are ideal in harsh environments applications?

Titanium material can strongly withstand extreme conditions. Hence, because of its ideal survivability, it is best to use in those industries that have to operate even in harsh environments.

Titanium is also an ideal choice to use in those industries that need high strength without the weight or size. So, titanium CNC parts are perfect solutions to use in,

  • Power generation
  • Petrochemicals
  • Marine
  • Oil and gas
  • Water treatment
  • Electronics
  • Architectural
  • Aerospace
  • Construction


It is a fact that titanium parts are widely used in modern industries. But you have to select the perfect manufacturers for creating your titanium parts. As titanium needs high work hardening tendency and stickiness.

So, always get the services of the best manufacturing companies. Since only good manufacturers can create perfect parts after turning and drilling. Moreover, only expert engineers can carefully examine the unique properties of titanium and can create titanium CNC parts for you.